Friday, September 24, 2010

It's hard for me to comprehend that I've not been keeping up with blogging on a daily basis.. it's such a great diary of our lives.
Fall is here.. it was chilly enough for a jacket this morning, but now it's 86* with expected 88* for the day.. tomorrow the high is to be 65*.. !!! Fall is here... did I mention that?
Though we wanted to cut back the AC, today it's on and set at 76*- hope that will take the 'edge' off the house.

Monday, September 20, 2010


“O worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.”
This is the only beauty which he cares for in our public services, and it is one for which no other can compensate.
Beauty of architecture and apparel he does not regard;
moral and spiritual beauty is that in which his soul delighteth. Worship must not be rendered to God in a slovenly, sinful, superficial manner;
we must be reverent, sincere, earnest, and pure in heart both in our prayers and praises.
Purity is the white linen of the Lord's choristers, righteousness is the comely garment of his priests, holiness is the royal apparel of his servitors.
“Fear before him, all the earth.” “Tremble” is the word in the original, and it expresses the profoundest awe, just as the word “worship” does, which would be more accurately translated by “bow down.”
Even the bodily frame would be moved to trembling and prostration if men were thoroughly conscious of the power and glory of Jehovah.
Men of the world ridiculed “the Quakers” for trembling when under the power of the Holy Spirit;
had they been able to discern the majesty of the Eternal they would have quaked also.
There is a sacred trembling which is quite consistent with joy, the heart may even quiver with an awful excess of delight.
The sight of the King in his beauty caused no alarm to John in Patmos, and yet it made him fall at his feet as dead.
Oh, to behold him and worship him with prostrate awe and sacred fear!
From The Treasury of David, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, exposition of Psalm 96:9

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy Anniversary Vulhops !

The sentiment is sincere.. I do want you to have a GREAT day.
For myself, it's a great day because I am alive and kicking and able to walk, drive, or do that which I desire just because I do. I'm a bit fearful of what is to come after the first of next year when all the new tax laws come into effect and we all lose big time no matter.. even we who live next to poverty will be even more impoverished.. do you ever wonder if it will really happen or where it all will end?
Asthma and allergies are my biggest problem at the moment, but even these aren't as bad as a few years ago when I had one asthma attack after another and lost my voice every time I walked outdoors. UGH. It's hot here and summer is coming to a close rapidly. Winter will be upon us before you know it, though it's my least favorite season of the year.. it'll give me some allergy relief. I noticed a couple weeks ago how our temperatures have been fluctuating- cool nights and mornings with hot days.. dropping leaves each time the wind blows.. and trees not so green as July.. colors starting to appear. Tent caterpillers are on trees and my biological clock has tripped the 'fall mode' as I begin also having GI upsets which is common in the spring and fall. I can't eat those tomatoes that I grew.. sad.
The tomatoes are blighted anyway. I've collected a number of the larger ones to ripen indoors before the virus gets to them. So far.... so good.
Today is the Vulhops anniversary.. WOW! time sure flies, eh? Happy Anniversary Keith and JJ... I love you both.

In a couple of weeks we shall be making a trip to see the Valentines. We are planning our own birthday celebration since we couldn't get there for the July birthdays.. That makes us behind on gifts.. and including the August birthdays.. well, that will be taken care of on Labor day when we have a picnic together to celebrate the last of summer. We haven't cooked out much this year.. but perhaps next year we will be able to do that more often.
Our new deck will be on after Labor Day.. more space for a big table.. smiling here.
Off to supper..