Monday, November 26, 2012

Cookie baking day 2012

 Today was cookie baking day.  Joyce, JJ, and I joined Amanda at her home and made dozens of delicious (I think) cookies..

 This is Carlow.. He is solid black- not sure what that splotch is on him, but shortly thereafter my camera ran out of battery  ..
 This is Cricket.  She is one layed back kitty..

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

 The turkey weighed 40#.  Charlie raised 14 of them, some died as they are difficult to raise.. but this one was the one he chose.  The Z's had to purchase an extra large roasting pan to bake the big bird and even so, the legs hit the end of the oven.  9 hours of baking produced a gigantic piece of meat that fed everyone and leftovers were substantial. 

 JJ did the carving in the roaster, and Paul did the slicing once the meat was off the bird.
 I made veggie trays- 2 of them.. rolls.. and cranberry salad.. mashed carrots.. and I forgot the broccoli.  :(  There was more food than we needed anyway.  The cole slaw from Amy was super de duper!

 The Vulhops made a HUGE bowl of stuffing, and green bean casserole- it was delicious!  The Z's also had a honey baked ham for which I am thankful in that I can't digest turkey.
 Uncle John sat beside Joyce.  He said he'd make sure she behaved herself, but then she reminded him that she had just completed a martial arts course and could protect herself..   John behaved himself well afterward.

 Afternoon events were super fun.  Even Wendell got on the latest quad that Paul & company brought.. and I got the Pargo out too.  Yes, I rode the quad, though it has way too much power even in 1st gear. 
 Joyce brought Apples to Apples... and we played for hours!- Keith, Annabelle, and David here..
 Annabelle, David, and Joyce here.. I love this game.. it's so fun.  I learned that when Annabelle or David played , they have their own rules.  For instance, if the word was "tragedy", you were sure to win if you played a card listed as 'pink' or 'princess' for Annabelle, and if you played a card listed as 'Ninja' or ' Indiana Jones', David would choose that one.. lol
 Daniel.. he was torn between playing Apples to Apples, riding the quad, or playing the Playstation.. decisions! decisions!

 More fun yet.. John got out his new pistol and anyone who wanted to try to shoot at the target was welcomed.. Paul is a pretty good aim.. so are his kids.
 David could hardly wait his turn.. he wanted to get his hands on the crossbow.  Something very new.
 Uncle John instructed each one how to hold the gun and how to shoot.. where to aim.. and also to 'take your time'.. good shooting!
 David took his turn, as did Paul 3 below..

 Joyce tried her hand at it.. all came close to the target, but it wasn't until the crossbow when they really shined..
 This was David's first attempt at shooting a crossbow.. WOW!  He did really well

 Then Joyce took a turn...Bullseye!
 All in all, it was a great day.. Thanks John and Amanda for your hospitality and the fun time!