Thursday, December 31, 2009

Snow.. less than an inch

I carefully checked the weather last night.. everywhere I looked, we were told we would have a dusting to less than one inch of snow this morning..
Right! Does this look like <1" to you? New dartboard needed desperately.

Annabelle visited

I had bought this cheerleading outfit for Gayle and found it in a box- I'd forgotten about it. I let Annabelle try it on, and she was sooooo thrilled!!

Rah Rah! Sis Boom Bah!!

Gimme an A !

We had tea in our fancy china cups later

miscellaneous pictures

As I was packing to make the move, Carlow found a shoe box on the bed.. I heard all the crackling noises of him adjusting the tissue paper within, and then turned around to see him all tucked inside the box..

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes.. Boxes on top of boxes and down the hallway


It's winter in WPA.. I should be happy, and generally speaking, I am. It's that problem of DRIVING in the snow and on the ice that makes me batty.
I tried getting out to work on Tuesday and with the ice and sliding all around, my back went into spasm. It took 2 days to settle it down. This morning was office day and I was determined to be there no matter what the weather.
When I got up at 5am, the snow was coming down hard. There was an inch on the deck, and I made coffee. After my shower, I checked again- about 3" out there now. I was dressed, so I went out, grabbed the snow shovel and shoveled off the deck. I looked like a snowman myself when I finally came back indoors. It's not really cold out, but the snowflakes are huge and coming down so fast.
I figured at 6:30am I'd better get my car out of the driveway or I may not be able to later. There was about 4" atop the car, and I struggled to get it all cleaned off. Finally, I put 'er in gear and went right out the driveway without spinning a tire. The road crew hadn't been through yet. There was a LOT of snow on the back roads. I carefully picked my way in 2nd gear.
I didn't slide or slip this time like I did on Tuesday. I eased out onto Rt 8 at the light, and started out. I had a feeling this was gonna be a bad trip, and I was correct. I should have just pulled off at Country Kitchen and gone back home, but instead, I took on McBride Hill. 2nd gear all the way down. I get worried when the cars ahead of me have their brake lights on- why don't they try a lower gear, then you don't have to brake so much?
I could see ahead that there was a tractor trailer in my lane going up the other side. With about 15 cars behind me all moved over to the passing lane, I was trapped. I pulled off at the old Plank Rd and waited till they all got by and then pulled out into the passing lane in 1st gear and all the way to the top of Armco Hill. Hairy? Oh, yeah!
At the 7 -11, I pulled off and decided there was no way I was going to try the big steep Armco Hill.. so I called my boss. She said.."Oh.. you don't have any patients today anyway".. I wanted to cry. All my labor and fears, and stresses made me cry. I turned around and prayed all the way home, trusting my Lord would get me back home safely. He did. 2nd gear all the way, I finally pulled into the driveway. Charlie was here tending the chickens. He picked up my snow shovel and cleaned off the deck- about 2" worth.
The weather report said we'd have under an inch of snow this morning, then rain. We shall see. Like I said, it's not that cold , so I could believe we could have that rain.
Wendell is in need of his big liquid oxygen tank to be filled, but we won't be going anywhere now anyway, so it can wait till after the new year.

The good news is that even though it's been a stressful morning to this point, my back is fine- no spasms. I'm just bothered that I did all this for nothing.
Oh well.. baby, it's warm inside..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My aching back

Our new home is sweet. It's just what we love.. homey and warm and pleasant. The week before the move I started having back problems.. spasms and the S-I joint out of place. Ugh!
Pain and more pain.. pain pills, patches, heat and cold.. nothing relieved it much.
I suspect moving boxes, though not heavy by any means, was at the base of it all.
This weekend was pretty nasty, and though I rested most of Sunday and Monday (I didn't unpack much of anything), it still gave me enough pain for the medication. Today was my office day. I was sore, but I could walk and move a little better than the previous two days. So I ventured out this morning early, cleared the 2-3" of snow off the car and made it successfully up the driveway. I thought I had it made, but when I turned onto 3 Degree Road, the car did a mini donut with a truck behind me and a car coming from the direction I needed to turn.. I tensed up, naturally , and made it through without hitting anyone. Roads were ICY! Wendell put studded snow tires on, so I wasn't fearful of the drive to that point. At the stop sign at the fire hall, the car had a mind of it's own and tried to slide right through with more traffic coming. I really tensed up then, and decided to pull off into the fire hall parking area. At least the truck behind me wouldn't rear-end me. It's a wonder he didn't- he was so close behind me. My legs didn't want to move at that point and I had intense pain in my back again. :( I turned around and went back home and called the office manager to tell her I wouldn't be in.
I layed down for several hours. I got up just before 1pm.. very sore. Hard to even sit up on the edge of the bed. I've tried heat and a little bit of ice too- it's just gonna have to rest for another day or so.
I'm up and on my feet now, but have to lay down frequently.

Our move was smooth. Everyone helped and in one day, the majority of our belongings were transferred to 'the house next door'. Literally, we have moved next door. There are still many boxes to be unpacked, but these are not in the kitchen area, nor the living room. For a while, we had boxes lining our hallway. These are broken down and bagged for the next burning day.
I have a gas range. I've never had one before. I love this kind of cooking. Nothing more than low low flame for anything so far. Our furnace is gas too. It's a dryer heat than we are used to, but I think I'll like it.

Our furnishings are meager, but we have everything we need for comfort. Wendell and I have decided to make one more purchase- that of 2 pole lamps for the living room. It is so dark in there when the sun goes down. I wish it had a ceiling light.

Wendell and I have worked at getting the dryer hooked up so we could wash clothes here. Last night we got it done.. and it hummed like a sewing machine- till I put a load of wet clothes in it and it sounded like someone put a load of tin cans in it and turned it on. Crash! Bang! Clank! Bump! Thump! Well, you get the picture. Ah..well.. I think there is a new dryer in our future.. maybe.

Today I got online and changed our address with the post office and driver's licenses. The DLs are free, the post office charges $1 to change the addy- rip off!
I called the bank and made the changes for our new checks too. Let's see.. our insurances, and car registration.. all done. Hope I haven't missed anyone.. Maybe I better check in with the personnel office at the hospital so they have our correct addy.

I still need my printer. I may go for it tomorrow. Can't do much with the back so inflamed. Best not to try picking anything up with any weight.

*** When we moved in here, we had a king sized bed. JJ and Keith put it together for us, and the only sheets I could locate at that point were the satin ones I'd bought on sale months before.
Had to laugh as we stood there watching the top sheet and the comforter slide slowly to the floor right before our eyes. I found the cotton sheets and they remade the bed for us. At least the covers stay on the bed now.. hahaha..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

We have arrived

It's been a little stressful, but we have finally arrived at our new home, half unpacked, boxes full and empty (lining our hallway), warm, comfy, and taking on each problem as it comes.. I've learned a lot, but mostly that our problems getting moved are not uncommon to anyone who has made a move to another home.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time to move..

Well........ not quite.. but on Friday we begin the task of moving to our new home. It's so exciting.. I wish it were tonite, but things have worked out perfectly with Paul and Amy and the kids as well as JJ and Keith being totally available to help. Wendell and I are thrilled, and I believe Charlie is also pleased with his new home.
So much to do.. time is crunching in.. but we shall be content, thank the Lord for his blessings on our family.. the awesome provisions.. and trust He'll see us through..

No Foto Friday this week, but will catch up tomorrow with pictures.
As I think about this, I may not have my computer hooked up right away.. but I'll fill everyone in on the big move when it is.

New phone number and address.. I'll send out an email soon and the Imm Newsletter asap.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

house update

Well, we need another electrical inspection.. and our house number out at the road. Hopefully we will make the big move by Friday. I work Thursday all day, so I don't see us moving then.. I'll be pretty tired.
In the mean time, though I'm disappointed, I'm still optimistic and looking to the future! God is good.. His time is always the best time.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I have to admit, this time the weather prevaricator... er.. prognosticator .. was correct.. We have ice. I stepped out on the porch this morning to see what the weather was doing when my foot slipped out and I realized the ice was coated all over the porch. Ugh. So... we shall stay inside until this anomaly passes.. the latest forecast says around noon all the ice should be gone and rain will be all that is left. In fact, it's raining right now, but the porch still has a nasty glaze.. patience is needed here.

Update new house etc..

Christmas is getting closer and closer.. we have most everything done as far as what gifts we'll be giving this year..
The update on the house is .. looking good for this week. Though the weatherman says freezing rain/icy this morning and we likely won't try driving in it.. the rest of the week isn't too bad. God always provides what we need, and we need a frozen (or close to it) ground to move our belongings to our new home.
Monday-39* and cloudy..
Tuesday 40* and showers. This could be a troublesome day, but maybe not.
Tuesday the inspector is to come to check the trailer one more time before giving us the permit to occupy the home. It's also a full work day for me.
Wednesday calls for 29* and snow showers.. this could be our best moving day. Thursday they are calling for 32* and partly cloudy.. and the rest of the week is similar. Sounds like a 'go'.

I have again noted today that although we hear so much about the "bad" economy, I couldn't get even near to any part of KMart today when I tried to stop to just window shop at the Christmas trees. In fact, I've NEVER seen it so crowded. The closest parking space was the whole way across the lot up by the street.. trust me, a long walk for me. One might have thought they were giving away their stock, there were so many cars all over. This seems to be the case all over.. so... where's the bad economy? hmmmmm

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Foto Friday.. "eyes"

Oh, boy! My favorite day of the week.. the day we share our photos on Rebecca's blog.. Renaissance.. Join us next time, eh? It's not time consuming.. but it is a lot of fun.. This week we were looking at "EYES".. these are my entries:

"Two bright eye-lights winkin' and blinkin'
Ain't no finer rig I'm a thinkin'"..

These doves sat and looked right at me today..
I love their eyes, though I coundn't get close to them.. sigh...

My tired eye..

We went out to dinner this past week.. hehehe

If you want to grow potatoes, you MUST plant an 'eye'

Hubby's eye.. blue..
I wondered if I could see his cataract,
but really, not

house update-decks are on

This is our front entrance. It is a small deck and just right for us as we will nearly always use the back entrance..

This is the back entrance..
and the beautiful deck they finished this afternoon.

I noticed I wasn't the only one taking pictures of this carpentry.. One of the workers took pictures before hopping in his truck and driving away. It's a beautiful and roomy deck.

Pray for the inspector to arrive tomorrow that we can move in .. !!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New house update..

It's slow going here..but God is giving us the patience we need till that final step into our new home. He is an awesome God for sure!
I didn't take pictures today even though there was the possibility of doing so. Weather was miserable most of the day.. wet cameras just don't make it. Tonite it is going to be 23* and WINDY!.. I say WINDY!!!!!!

Most of the new back porch is constructed.. at least the floor of it. I think the front door has a little porch too.. not sure- things are happening.

Wendell and I did some shopping today.. I got 2 new pairs of shoes for work. Now I need some dress shoes that fit me better.
Parking was a little scarce today, but we did use the handicapped spaces wherever we went. Crowds were a little heavy, but considering the weather situation, not bad.

More later...

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pearl Harbor Day

Let us never forget Pearl Harbor Day and those of our military who were killed that day.. Dec 7..
What has happened to our leaders since then?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Raleigh Ringers

Last evening the Vulhops treated us to our annual Christmas gift- an outing to Pittsburgh, dinner and a show. We look forward to this every year. Last year we went to Heinz Hall to hear the Messiah. The year before we went to Soldiers & Sailors Hall to hear the Raleigh Ringers.. and last night we went to hear them again. More than just 'bell ringers'.. they do awesome and magnificent things with their hundreds of bells.. all kinds of bells.

This is the greeting board in the front of S&S auditorium.. the Gettysburg Address is etched in the wall behind.. this place is so full of history.

Before the show started.. bells of all sizes across the stage

They always do a "rock" song.. and dress the part. I have to say, the whole crowd got into it and the place was rockin'

Thanks Keith and JJ for the wonderful evening
and the great show and dinner...
(I'll try to make up that 70 cents...aacckk)

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Clothed in kindness

Reflecting Christ
"…you must clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience."
Colossians 3:12 NLT

Clothed in kindness
"A doctor once stepped into a taxicab and discovered an unusually friendly driver.…he asked the man why he was so cheerful.
"It all started," he said, "when I heard about a taxi driver who was so kind to a passenger that the man remembered him in his will, leaving him $65,000. I thought I would try it, and maybe somebody might leave me something. But after I tried it, I found it was so much fun being good that I decided I would do it for the fun of it, reward or no reward."
The world would certainly be a more cheerful place if we all had such good dispositions.
Imagine walking down the street and seeing nothing but smiling faces.…Life is not a bed of roses, and most people are too happy to let you know that.
That's what we tell ourselves when we want to appease our guilt on those dark and dreary days.
I'm not the only one who's had a bad day, we think.
People are just going to have to understand.
Maybe they do, but how does Jesus feel about it?
Kindness should flow out of the life of a Christian.
The world has an excuse to be angry, but we don't.
Redeemed people should act like they're happy to be redeemed.
This is what separates believers from those who haven't discovered the goodness of Christ.
We have a reason to rejoice.
We have a standard to uphold.
We have a Savior to pattern our life after.

from Embracing Eternity by Tim LaHaye, Jerry B. Jenkins and Frank M. Martin (Tyndale) p 86

A bit of cheese with the whine?

Okay.. it's that time of year when I get a bit whiny about the weather. I actually sat in front of the tv at 6pm last night and watched the news. When I got up 30 min later, I was irate. They use these trailers to lead in stories.. "next up... so and so did whatever".. I watched 5 of these with great interest and it was NEVER next up.. in fact , I never saw the story because I left the room in disgust. Oh.. here's another little irritation.. the weather.
I can deal with the snow and cold we have today.. it's 29* and flurries. BUT..
the one time I sat down to watch the weather report with all their fancy dancy expensive prognostication equipment.. they were dead wrong. So much for the local weather on the tv. They need a new dart board.
I watched as they explained we would not have ANY snow, and the temperature would hover over 36 at night.. Right! Did I mention it was actually 28* overnight? and that it's snowing?
Weather prognosticator? Nay... weather prevaricator is more like it.

Well.. on to better things. Tonite Wendell and I are being treated to a show at Soldiers and Sailors in Pgh. It's the Raleigh Ringers. We attended one of their shows a couple years ago, and loved them. They perform music using bells.. all kinds and sizes.. and it's magnificent how they make them sing!
Perhaps some pictures later..

Friday, December 04, 2009

New house skirting

Inching .... inching.... inching.... slowly, but surely... today the skirting went on around the bottom of our house.. Tomorrow perhaps the steps will be built to access front and back doors. Pray in that direction please.

All around the house is a sea of mud. We need to find someone soon to deliver a couple loads of gravel/stone to give us some way to get out or in.

The telephone was installed yesterday, but the line is not buried yet. We do have a phone number for anyone interested, but since we can't answer a phone that isn't there yet, there's not much point.
We are going to talk to another guy on Monday about a water filter , so there is no water hooked up yet either.
And of course, there is that final inspection by the township that gives us an occupancy permit- without it, we can't live there at all.
Slow moving so it seems..


Okay.. I finally got a chance to take a picture of this week's topic: FEET . I don't think I did much of a job, but they belong to moving uncooperative chicken, so this is it.
Hey! Need more folks at Foto Friday.. hop on over to Renaissance and add your pictures.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

23 Days to Christmas

Here it is December.. it's a rainy but moderate temperature evening.. I miss the kids.
I have a family newsletter to get out, a house waiting for our arrival, work tomorrow, and appointments everywhere.. my plate is getting mighty full..
I'm tired.. did the laundry at the laundromat again.. hoping this is the last time I HAVE to do that.

Trying to be patient in all things.. I need a lot of support.. help.. prayerful help.

Things I need to complain about.. it's dark when I go to work, and when I leave, it's still dark.. does it even get light during the day? I think my S.A.D. is getting started again.. I know it won't last this year with the new house and all.. but I can feel it creeping up on me.

So much for which to be thankful..