Monday, June 08, 2015

My 2 little guys



Wings of Peace honor Jim Blair

Wendell's brother Jim was gravely ill.. we made a trip to North Carolina
to see him and Marylou..

JJ and Mimi

Brothers.. Jim and Wendell

Wonder who the new baby will look like?

Zombecks are expecting a baby in July... just a few weeks to go.
I wonder who this little guy will look like?  I have no pictures of John, 
but some of Amanda ...

June 2015 Bonfire time at the Vulhops


visiting Valentines


Eli and Joyce


Joyce and Grumpy cat

Paul and the boys did some repairs while we were there

"The Digger".. still in use

Under Dad's watchful eye

Joyce did some driving

Paul kept a watchful eye here as well

2015 Isaac Eagle Scout

We made a trip with Paul and kids to witness the ceremony for 
Isaac when he became an Eagle Scout .. May 30,2015.

Eli.. our up and coming Eagle Scout one day

Very proud parents.. Wendy and Cory with Isaac

What could be better than to have your cousins Paul and Daniel
there to celebrate