Saturday, March 31, 2007


This is the day I've been waiting for.. my last day of gainful employment before vacation.. a whole week of it ! WooHoo!! Though the allergy problem persists, it's about a tenth less than last night. Sleeping was really hard and I didn't do much of it. So I'll be tired tonite..
And when I get home tonite.. Wendell says we are leaving and taking a nice long leisurely ride to NY to meet our newest grandson, Elijah.. and of course, see the others too.. Isaac, Esther and Gaylie. It's exciting to think about it..
I'm packed now and I think I'm ready.
Gotta get gas on my way home or on our way through Butler tonite.

I will be blogging as I'm able using Valentine's computer.. but I plan to be quite busy while I'm visiting..
Pray for us if you would please. I'll blog tomorrow if there is a chance.

Friday, March 30, 2007


Well, it's allergy season beginning.. I've got a good dose of it. Rats! Just when I was going to make my trip to NY.. I have to deal with sneezing, burning red swollen eyes..drippy too.. and the cough and nasal congestion..
Anyone else have allergies? I was fine till I went outside earlier today- and the guy where I was parked at the library was mowing grass. Oh, did it smell good.. but OH.. am I paying for it.
So I'm taking Dimetapp and Afrin nasal spray and just trying to breathe. UGH. I have no clue how to sleep with all this drippy and a C-PAP.. should be interesting.
Any ideas how to get through all this by Sabbath?


It's been exactly one year since I began this blog.. I decided to check out some statistics for my time spent with this online journal. It had been about a week before I put my ticker on the blog, but I've decided to go ahead and use what read on it this morning to make my calculations.

10,270 hits for the year
855.8 hits for the month
28.5 hits per day

In looking at these stats, I wonder to myself..Just how does one get .5 hits? Was that someone who opened my blog and changed their mind without reading it? And the .8 for the month? I can't explain that either.. maybe someone who almost read the blog?

Thursday, March 29, 2007


How do you honor your parents?

Listen, my child, to what your father teaches you. Don't neglect your mother's teaching. What you learn from them will crown you with grace and clothe you with honor.
Proverbs 1:8-9 NLT
Sensible children bring joy to their father; foolish children despise their mother.
Proverbs 15:20 NLT

Honor your parents

Once upon a time, there was a young family—a father, mother, and their young son.
Living with them was the father's dad. Grandpa was old and shaky and very feeble.
He dripped everything, especially when he ate.
He slobbered everything and made a terrible mess. It was embarrassing to the family, especially when company came over.
So they put the old man off to one side, away from the table.
They gave him an earthen bowl to eat out of. But he broke that.
In fact, he continued to slobber and make a mess.
Finally, his daughter-in-law spoke out harshly to him and moved him to a far corner of the room, far from the dinner table.
He was given a wooden trough to eat out of.
At mealtime he would look wistfully at the family, wishing that he could eat with them. But that was not to be.
One day the daughter-in-law found her son fiddling with some pieces of wood as he tried to put them together. She asked him what he was doing.
His answer: "I'm making a trough for you and Daddy that I can give you when I grow up." With these words, judgment was brought to the daughter-in-law, and she shared it with her husband.
They brought their dad back to the table. He didn't stop slobbering or shaking, but it didn't matter anymore. They were finally honoring their father.

adapted from 1001 Great Stories and Quotes by R. Kent Hughes, Tyndale House Publishers (1998), p 160


It's 35 degrees and cloudy this morning, but the promise of the weather prognosticator is for sunshine and nearly 60 degrees. We shall see. I'm not complaining.. no, not me... I'm lovin' it.
We had rain yesterday..little chance of precip.

Office today, though my anticipated time will not be starting infusions, but scheduling for the next 2 weeks and making sure the meds are all there for Kathy in my absence... and that the schedule won't be unbearable.
It can get that way. For example, this week we had 14 infusions to do.. no way we could both do them.. not enough room in the office to accommodate all those people. On days like that, I juggle the schedule and come in on Wednesday afternoon and work with the PA instead of the doctor. It works as long as I can move enough people around. I wanted to do 7 yesterday, but one didn't show.. so he'll come today making 8 patients..not too bad, but sort of a limit.

Tomorrow I'm off..and Wendell and I will be doing some running around for last minute items for our upcoming journey to see baby Elijah. Lots of things to remember.
I better get one of my infamous lists started.

I still have one hospital day this week- Saturday. Wendell may need the car, so he can take me to work if that is the case. He'll be doing that this morning too. It's nice to have someone to drop me off wherever I'm going.
Healthwise, he's been doing okay. My back seems to be settling some.. but I'm still going to the pain clinic in April. Yesterday my PCP ordered me Lidoderm patches .. they work great for sore backs.

My day is about to begin.. coffee is on.. Have a most wonderful day....Pray for us please..and for me also.
Pray for traveling mercy this coming weekend.. and next as we come home.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Belated birthday wishes go out to my family..
sorry for the delay..
and hope the days were special for each of you.

March 20: Rosie Kummer
March 22: Mike Riggleman
March 25: Nicole Pingley


Yesterday was a spectacular day.. 75 degrees and sunny ! I was limited only by my back which has been giving me distress for the past 2 weeks. I've been hoping it would just 'get better'.. but it looks like it's here for a while. I did make an appointment with the hospital's Pain Management Center- they assure me they can help. So many more choices these days. In the mean time, I'll be laying low, using pain patches, and Tylenol, of course.
I didn't go to work yesterday because of the pain, but will try to do so today.
Retirement can't arrive soon enough- 311 days to go! WOOHOO !!!
Though I didn't go into work, I was not idle all no.. I can't stand the thought of wasting a beautiful day laying around groaning about my aching back. So, though it took me most of the day, I managed to clean out one shelf of the linen closet and produced one trash bag of stuff we never use and never will. One of the things that made me laugh was a huge bag of 'brush rollers' for hair.. Now, I haven't used those since ...hmmmm.. maybe the late '70's?? Time to dump them. In the back of that shelf were bottles of half used shampoos, and all kinds of hair supplies - all half used and mostly dried out.. I dumped them too.. interesting shelf. It had boxes of meds that were long outdated.. I found one that expired in 2001 ! YIKE! .. dumped.
I changed the sheets on the bed last night too and have the comforters ready to be laundered. I'm so slow at these things.. but after 2 hours, I had it done. As I said, it is taking me 5 times as long to do simple tasks..but if I take my time, I can get some things accomplished.

We had baked chicken, mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and carrots for supper last night. I had a couple biscuits frozen.. I heated them up to complete the meal. Wendell said it was pretty good.. he's not a chicken fan.
He did the dishes without anyone suggesting it yesterday. Atta Boy Wendell !! It is hard for me to bend over the dishwasher to load/unload it. I had planned to wash them, but when I went to the kitchen, I was surprised to hear the machine humming away.

Today is to be in the low 70's again. The weatherman says it will rain. I'll be at work,so it won't much matter.

Have a super day.. pray for us.. for me please.

Yesterday I also realized that the new med I'm taking didn't cause me nausea.. HOORAY!! Maybe I can continue to take it after all. I think it'll be okay. My body seems to be more accepting of it.

Sunday, March 25, 2007


Today was the day Annabelle was baptised.
After the service, we took some pictures of the family..
Paul3, Amy with Annabelle, Paul2, Joyce, David and Daniel

Aunt JJ and Uncle Keith were there for this special day too !
Uncle John and Aunt Mandy were there, but I have no pictures to prove it..

A happy gramma

And Uncle Dieter seems pleased too..

David likes to hold Annabelle

Amy with Annabelle, David and Joyce

Grampa made faces..

Annabelle responded with big smiles


I just wanted to share his nursery photo with everyone..
it's finally posted.. I'm saving you the hassle of going to the site.

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Wendell and I went to a coffee seminar today. We learned about several coffee makers and how they brew.
My favorite was the one in the middle.. the carafe is insulated to keep the coffee at the right temperature for 5-8 hours. There is no element under the carafe. NICE! It's on sale at the moment. I can't afford it, but maybe my boss would spring for one in the office.
Nice job Keith.. moving right along...

Thursday, March 22, 2007


It's 61 degrees. It won't be that warm tomorrow.. more like in the high 40's.. that's March for ya. But spring is definitely here.. Lake Blair has filled and receded several times now. The daffodils are shooting up taller with their buds about to burst forth.. and there are buds on the trees where there will soon be green leaves. I have to remember we can have frost clear up till May 31st. It's spring. It's finally here.

One of the best parts of spring days is flying kites. I have purchased a number of these for the kids. Okay..okay.. for me. I can't help the fact that even if I'm a senior citizen, I still love flying kites- and so do the children. I have several Cinderellas and a few Spiderman and Superman.. and some really colorful ones with stripes and then one very patriotic one with stars and stripes and a big ol' eagle in the middle. Yep.. I'm ready.
I would have liked to have gone out today. (I keep forgetting that it's still Thursday, though it's 11PM)
Today was a beautiful windy day.. too windy though, and the rain came down too. I guess it wouldn't have been such a great day for kites.

I had such good plans for today. I got up super early, got myself ready, and went to the office. I had to cancel 2 of my afternoon patients, so I moved the 3rd one to morning.. I should have been home at 1pm. There are always glitches present when you least expect them and today was one of those days. The rep bought lunch and since I was done, I went to eat with everyone else. Then we had an inservice .. and I spent more time after with the rep just talking about problems I have had with my patients and their biologics. Nothing serious..just frustrations with schedules and dealing with insurance companies. The inservice was a good review of how the biologics work with patients with RA and associated auto immune disorders.
By the time I got out of the discussion, I still had my paperwork to do and plans for the next 3 weeks of office visits have to be in place before next Monday so that I can make a trip to NY the first week in April.
Then the clean up from the morning session.. and helping the office manager get set up for new authorizations for the next few weeks.. and talking to patients on the phone as I tried to finish up. There was so much going on..
I clocked out at about 4pm.. and got home a little after 4:30 after having to circumvent the sewer project in my township to get home. I suppose I'll be taking the 'long route' home for a few more months.

It was raining when I got home.. so much for my plans to spend the afternoon with the kids. Frustration and tiredness reigned. I'd had only 2 hours of sleep the night before and went strong all day till I got home finally and sat down with a much needed cup of coffee. Wendell so kindly went out for Long John Silverfish.. and we had that for supper. No, it's NOT on my diet, but I was too tired to care, and following 2-3 pieces of fish and a dollop of coleslaw, I headed for my bed.. and slept.

Friday I am gainfully employed at the hospital unless I get downsized. I don't think that will happen. Lately, I've been scheduled by myself, and it's been overwhelming. I do hope I'll have some help tonite. I put my name in for downsizing, but I doubt it will happen. Retirement will be so welcome.

Saturday I plan to go in the morning to be a part of the audience for Coffeemaster Keith as he does a Coffee Seminar at Starbucks in Cranberry. You should all come to one of those.. even if you don't like coffee.. he's a great instructor and you learn a lot about coffees and where they are grown.. not to mention what coffee tastes best with what delicacy he has chosen to go with it. I am definitely NOT a coffee snob and love my Folgers best of all.. but it's fun to taste other coffees and learn a little while I'm at it. And I love the taste- testing !
At the last seminar, he gave us samples of the coffees he discussed to take home with us. Fabulous!

Sabbath day is the day chosen for Annabelle's baptism. Another occasion for rejoicing. Annabelle was named for a cousin who was very much loved but has departed this life for one with our savior. I'm so pleased that our little Annabelle was named for such a wonderful Christian woman. I will look forward to telling her about her 'Aunt Annabelle' as she grows up. I'll have to make sure she has pictures of her- I have lots to share.

Wendell and I feel so overwhelmingly blessed with 9 beautiful grandchildren. Who would have even imagined that we'd have all these little ones ? I look forward to my retirement with the anticipation of spending many more hours with them all.

One more item.. Jane is now online, but unable to access various areas she once was able to visit freely. She can't get to her blog.. so you won't see updates for a while.. and I miss her on the AIM buddy list.. she can't seem to get on that either. I cringe at the thought of getting an new computer with Vista.. the firewalls are a bit much. If you can't go where you need to be, of what good is the fancy new program?

It's nearly midnite.. gotta get back to bed. Good night my blogger friends.. see you in the morning.


It is 53 degrees this morning at 5:30am. I'm so happy to have spring here finally. There is still snow out there on the ground, but it's all fast disappearing. Happy Day! I have kites ready for the kids and hope to have them here one day very soon. It will be their treat of the month.
Today is office day and I am up and ready to hit the shower. There is a bit of paperwork to be done before I go.. and then I'll be heading to town.
Not much sleep last night. I've made the increase in one of the medications I've been taking, and it likely is the culprit. I feel wide awake this morning, but with only 2 hours of sleep plus yesterday's hour of nap time.
With that in mind, I think I'll hit the shower.
Have a wonderful day.. pray for us.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It's a simply beautiful day in the neighborhood. I've had a busy busy day.
I now am the proud owner of a new pair of tires on the front of my car. Yippee! I wanted to get these before we made the trip to NY in April.
Wendell has been having difficulty with his cell phone.. so .. I went with him and we both got new ones for a very reasonable price. Yippee again. Now if I can just figure out how to use it.. hehehe
If that wasn't enough.. I broke down and bought myself new shoes..2 pairs.. one was half off the regular price. I feel like I am walking on air. I had no idea how bad my shoes were till I put these ones on. I have orthotics, so I had the clerk help me select and fit the shoes correctly. WOW! I left my old worn out smelly sneakers there in the trash can.
I decided the day was too nice to waste.. and have made one walk out to the end of the driveway and back. It's so refreshing.. I could just lay down and take a nap. Lovely.
Jane has her new computer now, but hasnt' been able to access her blog, so it'll be a little while more while she figures out how to get on.
Gotta get busy again here.. have a great day..

Monday, March 19, 2007


Just a couple things here before I hit the sack...
Check out Wendy's blog.. .. picture of baby Elijah and Wendy and Cory. Very very nice ! I have some to share too.. but not for a day or so.. cute.
I have a hard time keeping up with my DOWNSIZING blog.. It's the one where I am watching my weight ...
(watching it fluctuate up and down more often than not).. but I'm trying. My appetite is not as good as it was, and perhaps that's not a bad thing.. and the nausea settles a little more each day. I guess I'm getting adjusted to the new meds. It's been rough. I think I'm hungry and when I try to eat, the nausea hits and I can't even consider a bite..
but after the nausea subsides, I can eat a little.
I am tolerating the new dose of Vytorin.. the last one left me with such pain in my arms I couldn't sleep on either side for weeks.. but this dosage seems a bit more comfortable. I've also started taking CoQ 10.. it's an enzyme.
I did some reading about the effects of Cholesterol lowering medications and found that they also eliminates the vital CoQ 10 in the body along with the nasty cholesterol. So.. this may have been the reason for my aching arms.. I'm taking 100mg /day now and so far, so good. I've been taking fish oil too.. and the doctor started me off with a prescription strength one called Omacor. I don't take the 4/day as needed, but only one as they tend to give me indigestion. I burp the stuff for hours if I take more than one. My insurance doesn't cover the Omacor so I'll be just getting it OTC.. still good.
I need to start eating more berries and fruits along with cereals.. I am lax about this.. but they are such a good source of vitamins and fiber.
It's late.. 1:30am.....and I need some rest now.
More blogging in the morning...

Sunday, March 18, 2007



I just wanted to say that.. I'll bet I'm the one and only person who will greet you that way today. I noticed so many wearing their green yesterday. I didn't.. It wasn't in my wardrobe.. though I love to wear green about any day. It looks good with my red hair.
It's 29 degrees in Butler this morning.. we will get just over freezing today and up into the low 40s on Monday.

Jane got her new computer with Vista.. she's already having problems getting online, but it may not be the computer's fault.. could be the cable hookup she has.. so we'll all be patient and wait for the technician to work on it on Monday.. and hopefully she'll be back online soon.

Gainful employment awaits.. have a great day everyone.. Pray for us..

Saturday, March 17, 2007




The weather sure surprised a lot of us.. When I went to brush the snow off my car, I measured 4" of it on the hood. It was a bit of a chore getting it all cleaned off, but once off, I figured it would be good to go .. except the snow kept on coming down and by the time I got to work there was another full inch on my car again. The roads were horrendous and it was nightmarish driving home tonite. If it's not gone by morning, I'm not going to drive to work tomorrow. Just can't take the stress of it all.
Now.. about 2pm I called Cory's cell phone to see what was happening in their neck of the woods. I knew Wendy was going in for induction of labor at 10am.. When I called, they had just admitted her and were starting her IV.. and then they would run a little pitocin to get her moving, and then rupture membranes.. it all worked well.. I called around 6pm while I was at supper. .but no reply. At a little after 6:30pm, I had a call from them and Elijah had been born at 6:23. WOW! She said she had to push for 7 minutes. Double wow! A little later Cory sent me a cellphone photo of him. They are in the midst of the same storm we are experiencing, so the children were not able to see their new brother tonite. Tomorrow they will make the first trip.

I'm home now and it's late.. I need some sleep if I have to go out again tomorrow. I just hope things improve. The problem with weekend snow is that the road crews dont' work then.. only on school days. It gets really annoying when you have to work the weekend and nothing is done with roads.
It will be gone soon.

Friday, March 16, 2007


MARCH 16, 2007
9# 8oz..
22 " long


It would appear that the weatherman needs a new dartboard or else a new wind up toy to tell him what the weather will be in our area. I suppose it depends on a lot more factors than I would consider...
like whether or not I will have to drive in it today.
This morning I read an article from the liberal news media that said they took a poll of some sort.. they never tell you where the source was.. but it had to do with 'global warming and how people felt about it' generally.
Interestingly, the concensus was that the US has not had enough snow this year or enough winter. Now, I don't know who was polled, but I can guarantee you it was NOT ME, nor was it anyone in NY who are still digging themselves out after the blizzard..nor anyone in the midwest who has also been beaten with icy temps and buried in snow. I think the poll must have been taken in the farthest southern point of the US where it never goes below 88 degrees. It makes me laugh to think that the media can try to make the populace think that black is white.. it just ain't so, and I don't believe one word of that ridiculous poll. Polls are like statistics.. you can make them say what you want. I certainly hope my family is intelligent enough not to fall for all the dopey polls we hear about every day.
Anyone out there ever participated in a poll? How about a NON BIASED poll? That one is even harder.
Well, there is snow on the ground and it's coming down, but I doubt it'll stay.. It's only going to be about 28 today and I think we are pretty close to that now........ Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! Global warming? I doubt it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


It has been a frosty day today.. one that began with a pouring rain and quickly followed by spitting snow followed by just plain cold. It's 36 degrees right now and tomorrow will not get to 30 likely..

I got up super early this morning because of office duty.. it was a really good day there. I explained to all the staff how I was having a problem with nausea.. I get near food and get turned off right away.. must be the smell???
It's the new med I just started- and it's biggest side effect. It will take just a little time to get through that side effect and I should be okay. Hopefully not more than a week. I had breakfast this morning and just had some supper tonite at nearly 11Pm.. Oh, well. and in between???... nada.. just some fluids.

Hopefully we shall have some exciting announcements to make tomorrow. Wendy is progressing .. her Braxton Hicks contractions are actually helping her along..she's gone from 2cm-3cm in the past week. She never takes much time in labor.. I can't wait to hear that Elijah is here on the outside world.. how wonderful that will be.
Pray for them both. safe delivery and recovery too.


It's raining again this mornng. I'm hoping it will be short term rain so I can get some walking in today some time. It's 50 degrees and feels a little chilly with the rain. I guess the temp is to go downhill for a couple days and then pop back up later.. there is actually 'snow' in the forecast for this week.. Onion snow? Perhaps.
No matter.. it won't be the kind that creates havoc on highways.

Today is office day. I'm looking forward to it. I always get up around 4:30am on Thursdays in anticipation of my day in the office.

Not much happening here. Have a super duper day. Pray for us.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Oh, boy.. I had my yearly physical today.. the news was good and bad.. I hadn't been taking my Vytorin for cholesterol, and I should have known that it would skyrocket- it did. No matter what I eat, it will skyrocket with genetic cholesterol. I think that's why we have so much cardiovascular disease in my family.
Also the Triglycerides went for a rocket ride.. Sooooooooooo.. the plan...??
Cut back the Vytorin dosage that was causing me so much muscle soreness that I stopped taking it a few months back. .. Okay- I'll try the lower dose. I'll also become more careful about taking 3Grams of Fish Oil/day.. I got some samples of Omacor, but my insurance won't even acknowledge it exists. I guess Wal-Mart will get my business instead- not the Brand name, but the Fish Oil.
I have another med I'm starting called Strattera. I'm hoping my focus will improve with this. We shall see. I got a month's worth of samples to try because my insurance doesn't recognize this one either.. I need to know it works before I pay out of pocket for it.- it's $126/month. YIKE! It better work if I pay that much.

The good news is that all the rest of my labs were WNL (within normal limits). So, he has suggested some weight loss .. yeah.. and is urging me to do more walking.. yeah... I'm doing these things..
I had a great walk around the perimeter again today after the rain. So nice to check out all the buds on trees and the little green thingies poking their heads out of the ground.. it's green, that means SPRING !
I'm not up to 'power walking' just yet, but the time spent walking outside has lifted my spirits somewhat and gives me encouragement to keep on going with diet and exercise.

Gotta get moving toward my bed.. it's getting late and I have to arise early tomorrow..


More signs of spring.. rain. Yes, it's coming down gently.. lovely spring rain. I opened the window in my room last night to take in some of the wonderful spring air- spring has it's own smell...
It is 58 degrees at 8am today, and we should get well into the 60s today.. Signs of spring.

I'm not gainfully employed today, but I do have a doctor appointment. Yesterday morning I had my bloodwork done for my visit today. I'm hoping my labs are decent ... at least close to normal. I had him add thyroid labs to the list too. I wonder about being so tired all the time.. or perhaps it's just my weight that is the problem.
I was going to try to get a walk in today, but perhaps next time.. I took 3 yesterday.. around the perimeter.

Have a grand day everyone.. It's a beauty !

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


I took a walk today...this is what I discovered...
These buds are daffodils !!!! Yippee Yahoooo!! Spring has sprung!!!!!!!!!

These are day lilies that are just coming up through the ground..

You might not recognize these green leaves without the flowers, but they are crocuses.. and the leaves come first.. then the little delicate flowers.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Septic shock is a condition caused by an infection in the bloodstream (sepsis) in which blood pressure falls dangerously low and many organs malfunction because of inadequate blood flow.
There are several causes of shock, one of which is sepsis.
Septic shock occurs most often in newborns, people older than age 50, and people with a weakened immune system. People whose white blood cell counts are low (such as those who have AIDS or cancer or are receiving chemotherapy) and people who have a chronic disease (for example, diabetes or cirrhosis) are at greater risk of developing septic shock.
Septic shock is caused by cytokines (substances made by the immune system to fight an infection ) and by the toxins produced by some bacteria. These substances cause the blood vessels to widen (dilate), which results in a drop in blood pressure. Consequently, blood flow to vital organs—particularly the kidneys and brain—is reduced. This reduction in blood flow occurs despite the body's attempts to compensate by increasing both the heart rate and the volume of blood pumped. Eventually, the toxins and the increased work of pumping weaken the heart, resulting in a decreased output of blood and even poorer blood flow to vital organs. The walls of the blood vessels may leak, allowing fluid to escape from the bloodstream into tissues and causing swelling. Leakage and swelling can develop in the lungs, causing difficulty breathing (respiratory distress).
Symptoms and Diagnosis
Often, the first indications of septic shock are confusion and reduced mental alertness; these symptoms may be evident 24 or more hours before blood pressure drops. Other early symptoms may include a shaking chill; a rapid rise in temperature; warm, flushed skin; a rapid, pounding pulse; excessively rapid breathing; and blood pressure that rises and falls. Urinary output decreases. Tissues with poor blood flow release excess lactic acid into the bloodstream, causing the blood to become more acidic, which results in malfunction of many different organs. In later stages, the body temperature often falls below normal.
As septic shock worsens, several organs may fail. For example, the kidneys may fail, resulting in very low or no urine output and the accumulation of metabolic waste products (such as urea nitrogen) in the blood. The lungs may fail, resulting in breathing difficulties and a reduction in the level of oxygen in the blood. The heart may fail, resulting in fluid retention and swelling of tissues. Additionally, blood clots may form inside blood vessels.
To confirm the diagnosis of septic shock, a doctor may take and analyze blood samples. High or low levels of white blood cells, a decrease in the level of oxygen, a reduction in the number of platelets, excess lactic acid, and increased levels of metabolic waste products are all signs that a person may be in septic shock. A doctor may also use a fingertip sensor to monitor the level of oxygen in the blood. An electrocardiogram (ECG) may show irregularities in heart rhythm, indicating inadequate blood supply to the heart. Blood cultures are performed to identify the infecting organisms. Because there are other causes of shock besides sepsis, additional tests may be needed.
Treatment and Prognosis
As soon as symptoms of septic shock are apparent, the person must be admitted to an intensive care unit for treatment. Large amounts of fluid are given intravenously to increase the blood pressure. Drugs are given to increase blood flow to the brain, heart, and other organs. Extra oxygen is given. If the lungs fail, the person may need a mechanical ventilator to help breathing.
High doses of intravenous antibiotics are given as soon as blood samples have been taken for laboratory cultures. Until the laboratory identifies the infecting bacteria, two or more antibiotics are usually given together to increase the chances of killing the bacteria.
Any abscesses are drained, and any catheters that may have started the infection are removed. Surgery may be performed to remove any dead tissue, such as gangrenous tissue of the intestine. Despite all efforts, more than 25% of people with septic shock die.
(Merck Manual)


Good morning bloggers.. I woke up long before the alarm went off this morning. I noted that my cellular phone has the correct time registering, but the computer and my blog didn't.. so I made those corrections. We are now on Daylight Saving Time. This means we will be awaking to sunshine rather than the darkness of night.
We had rain all day yesterday, but the temperature actually made it to 55. Today we shall be a tad cooler at 45, but the rest of the week is promising near 60 degrees! Yes, welcome spring ! Thank the Lord for seasons. I think if we had one season all year long it would become monotonous.. but changing 4 times in a year is healthy.
(even if I don't particularly enjoy one of them).
Today is the Sabbath. I plan to be in church this morning. When I am retired, I shall be able to finally have better attendance. As it is, the hospital requires that all nursing employees work every other weekend. I work the evening shift, so I don't get home until midnight and that means I'm not in my cozy bed until at least 1am.. and that means little sleep till morning- and then to repeat the work schedule.. I have to sleep a little longer to be able to stay up till midnight the next night.. thus.... I miss church. There are other matters involved, but this is one of the primary reasons my attendance is not as good as it could be.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I tried going out for a walk... no good.. it is 55 degrees, but raining ... and the rain is cold ! What a wimp I am.
Well, I'll just wait for it to stop and then go for my walk.. maybe I can convince Wendell to go with me this time.
Have a super duper day bloggers !!
Spring is springing !!



Ah, SPRING !!! My favorite season of all. It's about here now.. the temperature at 9:30am is 51 and we'll get to 53 today for sure. The sun is shining brightly, and again, most of the snow is gone. It lingers where the sun doesn't hit- like at our front door, but it'll soon be gone too.

Friday, March 09, 2007


I got this email from my cousin Irene. Her mom is my Aunt MaryJane. With Irene's permission, I want to share the email with you:

I talked to Mom yesterday and she sounded great. The activities director made a special effort to talk her into joining a "volleyball" game involving balloons and fly swatters. She (Mom) participated and had a lot of fun. Now that's a word I hadn't heard her use in a long, long time!
Aunt Dorothy called me Monday to let me know how amazed she was when she called Mom on Sunday. She was so very glad to hear Mom sounding her normal self again. By the way, Aunt Dorothy is getting settled into her new condo and seems comfortable with the idea of having sold her house of soooo many years. The condo is on the second floor in a building without elevators (yikes! but she says she likes stairs!) and Cam's sister Jean and husband live downstairs. That's the best part because Jean takes her shopping and they really are a great help.
Back to Mom. Rose, the wounds care manager at Harmar Village, called me today to update me on Mom's situation. She had nothing but glowing reports of healing. She sounded truly amazed at the progress Mom has made in the past few weeks, stopping just short of calling it miraculous. So to those of you who have prayed over this, THANK YOU. Please don't stop. She said the wounds have healed, but it will still be a while before Mom is back on her feet. The sore on her left foot was so deep the bone is still visible, but they expect that to heal, too. The black is gone and things are looking pink again, which is excellent. Pain is being managed with Tylenol, which means the "crazies" are gone.
I am hopeful that over the next few weeks we can get her moved back home with some help from visiting nurses through the PA Dept of Aging.


I'm watching for that first robin.. the harbinger of spring. He's due any time now. Lots of birds around here in winter.. Mandy calls them "the pigs" because she buys a huge bag of birdseed and feeds them all winter just outside the front door. They come in droves.. and eat it all within a few hours. They are hungry little critters.
The birdfeeder has to be loaded every day.. could be twice a day for as fast as they eat it all.
When the robins arrive, you know spring is here. In the spring, they sometimes arrive in flocks and are all over the front yard looking for worms that have come close to the ground surface with all the melting snow and rain causing the water table to rise. I'm watching for the robins.

Another sign of spring is the crocus. We have just a few and every spring they pop up in the flower beds and then bloom - white, yellow and purple. Sweet little delicate blooms. They are deceptive- even though they look delicate, they are hardy and will bloom even when there is snow on the ground.. so I'm watching for them too- the first flowers of spring.

It is 5:30am. The temperature is spring-like at 22, but promising to go to almost 50 today. Oh, lovely lovely !! No chance of precipitation, and it's to be SUNNY !!
I slept so much better last night.. I was really exhausted and sore.. but after 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I'm looking to the day to be a great one. It's also the end of the 2 weeks when I had only one day off. AMEN.
I'll be more careful scheduling from now on. It was a little much for my old body to handle all those consecutive days working. It's not heavy labor, but tedious and long days and evenings.
When things calm down here, I plan to get out and walk on my days off. I need that desperately, but try to meet other's needs first. At this point, I'm becoming the one 'in need' of some time off- my weight is not in control these days no matter what, and I know walking is the answer. I love to walk.. my favorite thing.
Wendell wants to join me this time, so we can both get moving and feel better.
On to the day.. have a great one.. pray for us..