Monday, December 31, 2007

NY EVE 2007

It's NY eve.. the eve of a brand new year. As of tomorrow, we shall have to remember to change that 7 to an 8. 2007 was a trying year physically for me, but a glorious year too in that we added to our family 2 new babies.. Annabelle and Elijah. It was also a year for major life changing decisions.. like finally taking a plunge to plan for retirement in just about a month now.

Lots to do today for our dinner tomorrow. I've torn things apart here.. put some away and filed other things for later. There are floors to be swept and washed, and then the Christmas decorations have to be packed away till next year. Hopefully, next year we will be in our new little home. I certainly have a lot of little things to decorate for the holidays.
I am thankful and grateful for all the gifts we have received along the way for decorating our new place. It will be fun starting out anew.
That's for 2008.. looking ahead to a bright new year.. new home likely, new office, retirement, and who knows what else?
God blesses us daily with all sorts of wonderful things. I look to Him for the day, and feel encouraged.
Pray for us.. pray a new year will bring encouraging news to our world, our country, our family.
Thank the Lord of all for preserving us this year, for his provisions, for his mercy, his forgiveness, and for his Son..

Sunday, December 30, 2007


My family has always been a blessing to me. It's not a new revelation, but needs to be acknowledged now and again.
We have been a very family-centered group. We joy with every accomplishment the other acquires, and we weep together when there is reason for sadness. We celebrate holidays and birthdays together and when there isn't a good reason to celebrate, we picnic together.
The church has brought us together even closer. We meet on a common ground of love of our Savior. It gives me reason for joy.
When I find myself feeling down, I try to remember to count my blessings. You might think it's a waste of time, but I assure you, it is uplifting in every way. It's been that way this weekend.
I am hurting. I have physical pain that tends to make me feel sorry for this sad old body~ truly the words 'the spirit is willing but the body is weak' have meaning for me. If I didn't understand it in my youth, I certainly do as I age. So, my 'count your blessings' list grows and is a source of comfort and real joy to me.
I immediately count 9 blessings right off the top- Joyce, Isaac, Paul, Esther, Daniel, David, Gaylie, Annabelle, and Eli. I don't get to see them all as much as I would like, but then that doesn't limit the blessing. Seeing my 'children's children' is a promise God gave me in scripture.
Though 5 of the 9 live relatively close, the other 4 live 6 hours away, but are every bit the blessing. Hearing the children pray earnestly and asking blessing on others and food makes my heart glad. Knowing their parents are actively teaching them about Jesus is one huge blessing to Wendell and me.
I'm blessed with 4 children who have married well, and their spouses are very loved. Each one blesses us in different ways, caring for their parents as they age. We must have done something right, or is it just Grace? We feel their love for us in so many ways.. laundry, cooking, sharing, a willingness to help in any situation when needed, praying for us, and just being there. A phone call, pictures of the kids, and just understanding the difficulties we face as we grow older.

The blessing of siblings who also are included in our local family, but many are scattered across the nation. California, Arizona, Michigan, and North Carolina; aunts , uncles, and cousins abound!
And don't forget nieces and nephews and their children too!

The blessings of friends too.. Rick and Sandi who live in Maryland and bless me almost daily by internet. Friends that are more like family. Everyone needs a friend like Sandi. She is patient and listens to my complaints and still loves me. She joys in the things that give me joy, and grieves when I am sad. Sandi prays for me daily as I do for her and for Rick.

These are just a handful of our multitude of blessings. We need to concentrate on these things/people and not be so concerned about the things that we can't change.
We are blessed with a home, family, friends, a car to take us where we need to go, plenty of clothes, a warm bed, and sufficient financial resources. A church family completes the circle.. a pastor who is attentive to our spiritual needs and well being, who prepares the gospel message, and presents it weekly.

The blessing of retirement comes to mind.. 33 days today and 12 more working days at the hospital. The hospital has been a blessing to our family in providing employment for over 30 years. The financial stresses of our life could never have been met without the 'extra' income from that institution.
I look to retirement as being a blessing, opening new doors and a new start on our lives. It's an encouragement to us.

Perhaps by today's financial standards we are not even close to being wealthy, but we are rich beyond compare with God's mercy and blessings poured out on us daily.

Has your family been a blessing?

The godly walk with integrity; blessed are their children after them. Proverbs 20:7 NLT

A heritage of blessings

What better motivations exist for us to be people of integrity than that our children will be blessed for it! Parents who are godly, who live with integrity and truthfulness, are wonderful examples to their children. Granted, this does not always guarantee that children will turn out perfectly, but children will nevertheless receive a great blessing from having such parents.

So what does it mean to "walk with integrity"?

It means that "walk the talk." In other words, plenty of people know the right thing to do, but when the right time comes, they don't do it.

They know they should tell the truth, for example, but if telling the truth will hurt, they opt for a lie instead. Children learn best from models they see and hear, but if they learn to bend the truth whenever needed, they set themselves up for problems in life.

But if they learn to follow God and walk their faith, then they will have been greatly blessed.


Are you willing to walk with integrity in front of your children or those over whom you have influence?

What kinds of blessings will they have from following your example?

Today, Lord, help me walk with integrity so as to be a good example to others.

adapted from The One Year® Book of Proverbs by Neil S. Wilson, Tyndale House Publishers (2002), entry for February 20

Saturday, December 29, 2007

It's been one of 'those days' today. The weather has my joints in an uproar, and I've had to use the pain meds and the muscle relaxers to get it all under control. It helped to have Wendell massage the sore points too.
I did accomplish some today. Not much, but some. I got the dishes under control and then made a pumpkin roll....

I don't often make pumpkin rolls.. they are high in calories and so delicious I can't stop myself from eating it till it's gone. This one is for NY day. It's in the refrigerator wrapped in saran. It looks sooooooo good!
I washed up a couple of little chests of drawers to put in the bedroom.. at least temporarily. 3 little units.. and I had to sit down during and after. It puts a strain on my back for some reason.
I didn't stretch or strain while I was cleaning them, but just standing and moving around trying to hit all the insides seemed to put some stress on the back.

I made supper and then made jello and some pudding for Wendell and me.

The jello is setting up.. we are having pudding right now as a snack. It's all sugar free, but tastes refreshing anyway.
Lots to do here yet tonite..
Gotta get moving on it.

Friday, December 28, 2007

This morning the sun is really shining brightly. It's what I'd call a Beeeeaautiful morning! That was before I got out of bed.. It's still beautiful , but I can tell you without looking at the daily weather report that it's gonna rain. Yep..

My old internal prognosticator is flashing 'rain! rain! rain! this morning. If I didn't have to, I wouldn't go to work today. Alas.... just 35 days to go.. and not many days of gainful employment. It's what keeps me going these days.
I found myself in an odd position last week with some of the staff treating me with a rudeness I'd not experienced in all my years at work. I wonder what's up?! These people are supposed to be pleasant and compassionate.. leaving their troubles at home and giving support to patients.. and it should reflect in their relationships with other staff. Hmmm.. Probably the full moon, but even I didn't let that interrupt the smile I have. In fact, I smiled as sweetly as I could and when I was snipped at, replied with the most positive reaction I could muster at that moment. Not bad. I sometimes think the staff is too young and way too inexperienced and given way too much responsibility too soon. It seems to go to the head, and that makes for problems. I sort of like working with the ones who are pleasant and intelligent, and who take their job responsibly. They don't have to growl at another person to get the job done. They have control.
I never liked being 'in charge' of the big units. In fact, that was what lead to my back problems at the moment- that, and the arthritis that set in after. But the unwritten law of the department says that after a period of time, everyone now gets a shot at being the 'charge' for 50 cents an hour more than normal. To me, it's not worth it. I'm not a chief.. I'm an indian.
I like to go into work and do my job as my job description implies. I don't fall for the 'latest' scrubs, but prefer my own street clothes that are more comfortable topped with my old warm up jackets. I'd skip the jacket, but need the big pockets. I'm supposed to wear it anyway.
Well, just a few more reasons I won't miss my position there.
My coffee cup is about empty and I need a shower and to get dressed.
Have a wonderful day.. I'm going to aim in that direction.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another busy day here.. I had a dental appointment~ one made on the spur of the moment this morning by my dentist.. I think I was an add on.. not sure. Anyway, I have that dental work done now for this year. I'll go back in January to start more. By the time she's done with me, I should have the brightest smile around!

It was chilly today.. and sort of cloudy/dismal outside. Inside it was pleasant and the folks I got to talk with were uplifting. I have truly enjoyed this day off. I picked up some veggies on my way home and got home late. I quickly made a simple supper, and we got to eat together.
It'll soon be HS snack time .. that's 'hour of sleep' (HS).. fruit is on my agenda for tonite. I think Wendell probably has a bread and a veggie left.. hehehe.. he ate his fruits pretty fast today. I suppose he'll still have some fruit anyway. I still have 3 proteins left..but I'll not eat them tonite. I just am not that hungry.
Shopping and going for a late dental appointment sure messes up the day. I really didn't have enough time to do much before, and now it's dark outside and my silly body thinks it's time for bed already. Well... maybe it is. Does anyone know when the days start(ed) getting longer?
It feels so late in the day when it's only 5pm.
36 days to go.. coming down to the 30 day mark right soon. I get more excited with each passing day. It'll really feel 'for real' when we hit that 15 day mark. It's coming.
Have a delightful evening .. I'll be back likely tomorrow..
Happy New Year !

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Let me wish all my blogger friends an early New Year wish.. It's right around the corner.. less than a week now. 2008.. Wow! Who would have thought I'd still be around? Heehehehe
And just 37 days until my gainful employment at the hospital comes to an end.. woohoo!!!
Getting closer.. inching closer every day. My last scheduled work day will be Jan 28.. Charlie's birthday and the beginning of the rest of my life.
This has not been a bad winter. It's 30 degrees again this morning. I slept in till about 9am after working last night. There is so much clean up to do here.. with all the running and working the last week, NOTHING has gotten cleaned up.. Sorry Mandy, John.. I'll get the kitchen in order today.
I'm off today of course. I feel like I've been hit with a truck. Anyone get his number? I think I just need to get myself moving. It's to be 46 and partly cloudy today. I love it! God is merciful to me. I pray the month of January will continue with the mild winter. We can enjoy the snow in February, which is the worst winter month normally anyway.
When I think of February, it always brings to mind the day that Wendell and I put my mom on a plane bound for California. The planes were coming in so fast and leaving even faster.. one after another.. there was a major snow storm beginning and it was a bad one. Before we got started back home from the airport, we had a major white out, and by the end of the afternoon, many inches of new fallen snow had arrived. We were glad Mom was safe in California with Uncle Bob.

No office this week.. no doctor available.. but we'll begin anew in the new year..Jan 3rd with a long list of patients awaiting their treatments.
Speaking of doctors, one of the doctors (whom I will probably miss) mentioned to me last evening that I didn't have my sign up with my 'count down'. I told him that one of my co-workers had been offended by it, and had the courage to tell me so, and that from that day, I stopped posting on my desk with the 5" numbers in vivid color. He thought I should continue posting it and that they should just 'get over it'. We all laughed, but it had a certain sadness to it when you consider that some people just can't joy in someone else's joy. That, and certain poor attitudes will not be missed.

So I'm ready to start my day.. almost dressed.. HELLO WEDNESDAY !!


Wendell and I took our gifts up for the kids today and before I had to go to work. We had a wonderful time.. great food .. delicious desserts.. and fun.

Joyce asked for the Littlest Pet Shop.. and that is what we got her. It's cute.

David liked it too..

Thanks Paul and Amy for the great fellowship.. and all the fun. Wish we could have stayed a little longer.

Daniel had a truckload of Star Wars characters

David liked the race track..

Paul had special Legos and made this boat and more..

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day


It's Christmas day.. finally it's arrived. It's also another day of gainful employment for me. I have to work today. After days of pure silence and quietude on my unit, last night I was slammed royally. I believe I had 7 admissions when all were counted. They came fast and furious. It was so hard to keep up. You may not agree with me, but I can tell you that the full moon has a certain amount of control over these days. Last night after having almost no babies at the hospital, the labor room suddenly took a surge and was overflowing with women in labor. I look at it as job least for the next 38 days.
Yesterday Wendell and I had our own little Christmas and exchanged our gifts for each other. I was so thrilled to receive a warm and soft robe.. something I've wanted and really needed for some time. I have one, but when it's in the wash, I have none. Now I have 2. This one is soft pink and fleecy. Oh.. it's so lovely!!! My other package held a pair of fleece lined suede slippers. Oh.. boy! My feet are toasty this morning. I could wear these to work, they are that comfortable. They feel like I'm walking on 2" of supportive foam. Oh... lovely! Thank you dear hubby for these wonderful gifts!
I got him lounging pajamas..flannel. They fit him except for the length which will have to be altered. I also gave him 2 new long sleeved shirts and one short sleeved dress shirt. He had them on this morning.. one new shirt and the pjs.
We both needed some warm clothing. It's cold out~ 30 degrees.. not a flake of snow however. Not really a white Christmas.
Today we are headed for the grandchildren's home for another round of gift-giving. I can hardly wait! I have my name in for downsizing at work. I wonder if they will be able to give me even 4 hours off. I'd surely love that. So... now it's time for me to hit the shower and get dressed.
Have a super happy day.. Peace, love, and health to you all.

Monday, December 24, 2007

I would hope everyone is done with their holiday shopping. It's so crazy out there on the roads during the holidays. As for us, we are done with all of it. No more. We didn't overspend, and have a healthy bank balance for this month. Of course, not all the bills are paid, but they will be in a few days.
It's Christmas eve.. Oh.. the best night of the year... maybe. I think all the anticipation of what is in the packages for everyone is such a delight. I love stretching out Christmas.. a few gifts given here and there.. before the actual day.. and then opening gifts on the day... fun time!

I was thinking this morning about my favorite Christmas as a child. I remember hanging my sock (the biggest one I could find) on the front door at the little house on 7th Street Road. Then waking up the next day to find Tiny Tears, a doll I'd longed for -for months! Tiny Tears cried real tears.. well, water, but who cared? They LOOKED like real tears. Sometimes I wonder what ever happened to her? I know many many years later she was used in a Christmas pagent as the baby Jesus. After that, she was lost.. I guess having my own real babies over those years kind of took my attention away from her.
I can remember stockings filled with a huge orange, apple or both.. nuts you had to crack and open and a few little pieces of candy. Maybe a small token / gift too. No matter, the stocking was always full the next day.
Wonderful warm memories.. packages wrapped in white tissue paper.. that was Mom's specialty. Tied up with a festive thin ribbon.. ah... good memories..
Traditionally, Dad never got the tree until Christmas eve.. and it was set up without my help. Wise choice I'd think. And the tree was always taken down on NY day. Another wise choice as they were always live trees and could have been a real fire hazard.
There were 4 of us children.. Bill, Jane, Charlie and me.. each of us got at least one thing that we desired as long as it was affordable, and then the usual underwear, sox and stuff like that.
Not a lot by today's standards, but enough and plenty for us.
I also remember going to the UP church Christmas party and Santa giving us a small box of chocolates.. wow.. neat! As a child this reinforced the belief in Santa and that he was somehow connected to the church. I suppose that's where I got the idea that we would not do that to our children. You can't teach false doctrine to children and then tell them Jesus died for them and have them believe it. The miracles Jesus performed in scripture become "magic" rather than real life and true. It is the same with Easter and the bunny. As a child, I was sure there was a connection in my Bible.. just couldn't find it. I suppose I was the only child reading scripture looking for proof of Santa being in there.. and the bunny too. Couldn't find it, but I knew it was there.. the church supported it, so it had to be. I was fooled, but my children would not be.
They would know the truth from the beginning.. and the focus would NOT be on Santa or bunnies or whatever horrors others teach their children that they think is scriptural.
Alas, schools teach about Santa and bunnies.. good point for home schooling.
Oh.. I'd better get off my soapbox.. I'm needing more coffee and then I'm going back to my warm cozy bed for a few more hours of sleep before I have to go to work today.
And...uh... don't forget to hang up your stocking?

Sunday, December 23, 2007

2007 Christmas at Vulhops

The whole local family gathered together this afternoon at Vulhops for a Christmas dinner. Lots of great food and good fellowship..


I didn't do so well with getting a good shot of Joyce and Annabelle in their red dresses... but here's what I got anyway.


The V's got a PS2 as a gift to each other. The Z's bought one some time ago and had this sort of karaoke program.. Here's Mandy trying to sing along..

The children and some adults too got gifts tonite. Wendell and I are holding ours until Christmas Day when we will go to visit them and take their gifts to them at that time.

Daniel and Paul 3 got their first REAL toolboxes and some tools to go in it. They seemed delighted. I didn't get pictures of all the gifts they got. Things happened so fast and that's one thing I'm not.. fast. Besides, my camera needed batteries and I finally ran out of space on my disk. UGH! The timing was not good.

One of Joyce's gifts was a Victorian looking nightlight. Cute!

David can really play dress up with this engineer costume.. He loved it!

Paul3 and Wendell just chatting

Annabelle with her little doll whose face lights up

New toys for Annabelle.. She didn't understand yet about opening packages.
She'll be good at it by next Christmas!


The food was wonderful! And plentiful too.. Everyone got a chance to take home whatever they wanted. So yummy!!

Vulhops little tree and some of the gifts under it.. Thanks Keith and JJ for the great fun and food today. We all enjoyed ourselves to the 'enth !


We have adopted the Ugly Ornament Contest from Keith's family.. It's a hoot. For $2 per ornament, one can enter their purchase. It can't be home made and must have the price tag on it. Then all the guests vote their choice on a ballot for the Ugliest and the Cutest..

John was the big winner this year with his "pine cone"
He looks happy eh?

Here's a close up of John's winner.. I thought it was sort of cute.

Keith's owl made it for Cutest at nearly 100%. He said it looked ugly on the shelf at the store, but really, it was a darling owl

This was my pitiful entry. It should have won.. it did get 2nd place. I think the contest was rigged. I placed my ornament carefully in front beside the ugly/cute pig, and when the voting was over, I noticed it was replaced on the back of the tree where it couldn't be seen easily.

Here is the official UO tree with all the entries..Behind the tree are some entries from other years.
I had a good night's sleep and am up and dressed and ready for church today. Hooray!! Finally!!
No ice, but there are many advisories for strong winds this morning. This is something I can deal with without too much discomfort.
Speaking of discomfort, I am doing well with the shoulder rotator cuff problem. For some reason, it isn't hurting like it did initially. Amazing for that type of injury. Of course, I'm not testing it out much. I don't lift heavy packages.. and I'm careful when I reach for anything.
Well.. today is our family Christmas dinner at Vulhops. We shall meet after church today with each of us bringing something to offer to the meal. It won't be a regular meal, but more like "grazing" and enjoying the fellowship of our family.
Mandy and I were up late last night finishing up the last of the preparations for the things we are taking today. Vegetable pizza.. and packing the cookies in tins. The shrimp is in the refrigerator still frozen, but will be just right by the time we get to our destination. We have meat and cheese trays to arrange yet, and one big veggie tray. YUMMY!!!! Oh, and the olive and pickles.. we can't forget those!
So glad Paul got the family van running again. It's gotta be really hard to go anywhere when you have 5 children and one disabled vehicle. Atta boy, Paul!!
It was so quiet at work last night you could hear a pin drop were it not for the beautiful music coming from my little CD player. I find not being busy makes me so tired. I have to sit at a desk and answer the phone.. few orders and NO admits. WOW!! Some kind of record going on here I think. I was the only secretary as is the case on all my weekends. The other secretary works from 7a to 7p, and I show up at 3p till 11:30p. Yesterday it was so quiet she left at 3pm when I arrived. Good for her! Our census is really down.
So.. I finally got the go ahead to leave early last night.. at 10:45pm.. well... every little bit helps. I really wanted to go home at 7pm.. but you take what is offered.
Time to get on my way..
Merry Christmas bloggers.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

It's quiet. It's not quite 4am and I'm awake. I went to bed a little over 4hrs ago.. I woke up with my CPAP hissing loudly at me.. and with the desire for a hot cup of coffee. I may just have to make a pot.
Yesterday, true to prediction, I was so sore I could bearly walk. I took all the pain meds and muscle relaxers my body would tolerate and went to work. I was so tired .. drowsy all night, though none of the meds I took are the type that make one drowsy. But it all caught up with me and all evening long I felt like I could drop like a fly. It was quiet on my department all evening. NOT ONE ADMISSION.. that has to be some kind of record. Of course we are coming up on Christmas.. that could be why. Normally we would get a huge amount of patients from nursing homes at this time of year. Hmmm I wonder if there is a full moon? It was truly a 'silent night'.
Today I'm sore, but not as bad as yesterday..or maybe I haven't moved enough to know..??
Whatever, it's not as bad I'm sure. That's the way it should be.
I came home 1 1/2 hr early last night. I'm hoping for a half shift tonite so I can do some baking tonite too.
I think I'll go make some coffee..Stay warm..dry.. and greet everyone with a big smile.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm a bit stoved up tonite. I took a fall at the office this morning on the ice. It looked like a wet spot and I avoided any snow or ice that was obvious.. but I lost my footing on the black ice and went down on my face. Oh.. how embarrassing. Just as I fell, one of the men who works upstairs in the office was pulling in, stopped his car, got out and helped me up. All the little tractors I'd worked so hard on this morning for the girls in the office were in pieces all over the walkway. Totally destroyed. The doctor's tin had a big gouge in the side where I fell on it, but the tractors were okay inside.
I think I'm okay..but I'm very very sore at the moment. Mostly my arms that took the brunt of my weight. Strangely enough, my shoulders aren't any sorer than they were when I left home this morning. My back is pretty sore though..but I'll try a pain patch and take some medication before bed tonite.
I called Wendell right away and he brought me some clean clothes..I changed before my first patient arrived at 9am.
It was a good office day. All infusions were started on a first try except one.. one that is normally an easy start. I still don't know why I couldn't get it in that big vein. I got it on the 2nd try and then the rest of the day was a breeze. All patients did very well.
I started out tonite making chicken soup. It just feels like a soup night. But as I added ingredients along the way, I decided to make dumplings too.. and now it's more like chicken stew with dumplings.. but let me tell you it's most delicious.
So that's my tale of woe for the day.. I'm fine, patients did well, and I'm going to leave it at that.

It'll soon be time for me to leave for the office.. my favorite place of employment. 43 days left at the hospital though, and that also gives me great joy. I've spent enough years there. It's someone else's turn to do my job. ((((smile))))

It's cold out .. 27 degrees, but only a 10% chance of precipitation, so I think I'm pretty safe. Of course, there could be surprises, but for now.. nothing.
I finished a small craft for my co-workers and doctor employer for today. It's little tractors made with Rolos .. kinda cute. I always try to take something small in for everyone. I think last Christmas I took in brownies.. yummy. I got a nasty blister from the burn from the glue gun. I shouldn't handle stuff like that at 5am.. oh, no no no...

I have 2 favorite things to do around this time of year.. One is to go to a train display with the grandkids and the other is to go to Hartwood Acres to see the light display. Fabulous! It's hard for us to get these things scheduled, but we shall attempt it. Wendell has already promised me a trip to Hartwood. Maybe NY eve?

It's almost 7am and I need to get my face on and teeth brushed and flossed for the day. It takes me only a few minutes, but I feel so much better once these things are accomplished.

Have a wonderful day bloggers!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I seem to have had a little bug in the last 24 hrs. Yuck. Wouldn't you know it would be on my days off?! Well, actually I prefer it that way so I don't have to take extra time off work.. only 44 days to go and in a couple of hours it'll be 43. Thankfully I'm feeling a lot better now and ready to tackle the office in the early morning.
It'll soon be 5 days till Christmas too.. When I was a child, time felt like it stood still waiting for that day. Today these days go by all too quickly. I try to remember moments with my family. They are the most beautiful gift. And then friends too.. most wonderful !
At this moment, I should be in bed sleeping. I have the most beautiful piano music playing all night long on the computer. It was a gift from my friends in Maryland several years ago..The O'Neill Brothers. Everyone who hears the music (I take it to work with me too) comments on how soothing it is. I like to go to sleep with it softly in the background.

God bless you all..

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Just 7 days till Christmas.. oh.. fun!!!! Christmas is such a fun time of year if you do your shopping early and don't have to fight the crowds. I must say, there are a lot of shoppers out there.. The economy must be really good.
I went shopping today. I keep promising myself I won't go back into one major chain store, but I keep doing it. DUH! Some people never learn!
I got to watch a couple movies the other night.. Ratatoulle and Christmas Vacation. I did a lot of laughing. I need that about this time every year.
I'm scheduled to work Christmas eve and the day. UGH.. I'll spend a little time with the Blair grandkids on the day.. take them their gifts.. and then leave for work from there.

It's cold.. I'm cold. The temperatures are hanging in the low 30s for the most part. But it's still cold. Brrrrrrr.. No snow or ice makes me smile however.

Today I made 9 certificates for the grandchildren enrolling them in the 2008 Treat of the Month. I have been doing this for at least 3 years now, and it's a lot of fun. I included the babies this year anyway, even though Annabelle and Eli weren't born till January and March.
A piece of candy, stick of gum, or perhaps a new tee shirt? Rattles and chew toys for the babies. Just a remembrance monthly from their grandma. It usually involves a trip to the dollar store for a few items .. then a box for the NY kids and I give the local kids theirs the next time I see them. It's a fun thing to do.. they look forward to it and so do I.
AND.. it will be something to talk about when I'm gone from this world.. hehehe

Boy.. I'm hungry for strawberries.. fresh ones.. like the ones we bought along the roadside when we were in California.. ooooooo I can almost taste them now... yummy! Wish we could get them this time of year, but the only place that has them is the designer fruit place -Edible Arrangements. Fabulous fruit! Pricey, but always fresh and delicious!
I think I'd go for the bigger one if I were buying. Alas.. I don't think the budget will hold that. Besides, they won't deliver here.. perhaps at Vulhops?
Oh, well.. there is always spring to look forward to.. and 45 days from now, I shall be free as a bird! Sorta kinda..

I seem to be meandering all over the place here.. perhaps it's time for me to get ready for bed.
I'm off again tomorrow.. hooray! and have a few things to accomplish.. then whatever ......

Pray for our family.. a 6 cylinder van that is only working on 5.. not enough to carry a Mom and 5 little children..
Remember Barb.. pray for her healing.. (post stroke)..
Thank the Lord for all the wonderful things he's given you... family, home, food, and friends

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Seems like we are going from one advisory to another without a break. This has been one of those weekends! We have an inch of snow. There was ice on the porch this morning and now rain...
There is a wind advisory out that says gusts will cause debris to fly... hmmmmm
The temperature is hovering over freezing.

Gotta get some coffee..

Saturday, December 15, 2007


Yes.. this storm came from the east.. a sure sign of a nasty one. We still have our 1" of snow, but the precipitation is changing to sleet now. Mandy just left for work.. keep her in prayer for safe keeping, please. She said it seemed to be more rainy than snow, but the flakes are still there.. just really heavy- sleet likely. The temperature is 29, so it'll freeze on the roadways too. With no school buses tomorrow, the road crews won't be as vigilant as they would be otherwise.
The weather advisory says there is a heavy band of snow in Butler that isn't moving.. uh-oh.. they predict 3-5" by morning with bad road conditions. So thankful I don't have to work this weekend.
I think I'll go make a cup of hot tea..mmmmmmmm


At 2:30pm today, the big snowstorm moved in.. already, in one hour, we have about an inch of snow on the picnic most reliable gauge.
It's been toasty inside.. cold outside. I made a cherry pie, and am making lasagne for Wendell..
Keeping the kitchen nice and warm..
We may have to watch my favorite Christmas movie this afternoon if things keep up..
Have a great day.. I'll keep you all posted.

96 DAYS...

No.. I didn't add days to my retirement schedule.. I'm still retiring in 48 days.. but in 48 days after that, SPRING arrives!! Can't wait to see flowers growing again.. all over! For now, I'll just be content to look at pictures I took last year.. they were extraordinary.

Today there is a winter advisory.. I'm not gainfully employed, but have chosen to stay at home today and keep warm. Wendell went out to pick up some Angel Food, but should be back before the winter storm hits this afternoon. Pray the storm will hit us lightly, that we can attend worship tomorrow. I miss it so much, and long to return.

I have much to do.. I'm gonna put a Christmas CD in the player and listen to uplifting music while I clean up the kitchen. Ahhhh..

Have a wonderful day

Friday, December 14, 2007

Happiness is....

Just exercising the power of positive thinking here.. hehehehe
Believe it or not, I feel better just looking at the flowers and having the thought of spring coming soon.. (not soon enough to suit me)

Happiness is knowing that spring follows winter every year.

I've finally hit the 40s ! WOOHOO!!!! Day by day.. biding my time.. gotta get through Christmas and New Years.. so close.. I just can't help smiling..

Happiness is knowing there is retirement within reach.

There is yet another winter weather advisory out this morning. Last night the advisories all warned of flash flooding. This morning my inbox is full of winter weather advisories for this weekend. Oh, no... not again! It's to hit Saturday and peak Sabbath morning with freezing rain and possible snow accumulations.. That's winter for you. Wendy says they had 8-10" last night and it was still snowing. Well, I guess there are some things to be thankful for..

Happiness is a mild winter with little snow and NO ice.

Happiness is Christmas morning with children and the ones you love most.