Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 Rehearsal dinner was at Wendell's brother's home.. cute cake

 The reception was very social.. mini sandwiches and punch

 Jim and Robb

 Annabelle, mom, dad, Charlie,and I don't know

 The headpiece was borrowed from my cousin Nicki Pata

 Aunt Connie Best got dad and me started down the aisle
 Wendell and the best man, John H

 Jane Imm, Marilyn, Joy Blair, Olivia C, Connie C.
Steve Blair,Paul Riggleman,Paul Blair,Marilyn,Wendell,Marylou Blair, Gayle Imm, George Imm.  The little girls in the middle would be Ellen and Susan Blair.

W Blair wedding photos

Boy, what you don't find when you do deeper than normal cleaning.  I found these pictures.. lots of them.. and scanned them.  I'm sharing them here.  June 21, 1969  and, yes, they are all out of order.. hehehe

Dad, mom, me..  George & Gayle Imm, Marilyn
Mom and me