Wednesday, January 31, 2007





I think that describes the day today... bone chilling... 10 degrees, and a 'snow shower' expected some time this morning. It's cold. I just heard the snow plow go by.
There is a cute little 12" high snowman out on the picnic table. Being a mini snowman, he has a mini-carrot for a nose..and has the remains of one of last spring's brightly colored kites wrapped around his neck as a scarf- blaze orange and red.. and he's cute! No, I'm not going to take his picture- it's cold out there.. I'm appreciative, not crazy.
I do have to go out today. I'm going to see 5 of my patients this afternoon. Pray that the roads are improved over yesterday.
I'm going for my second cup of coffee..

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I can hear all you winter lovers out there.. today is YOUR day. Winter is here in full force..Right now we have 17 degrees and that's not the low yet.. I can just imagine you all waxing up your skis, sled runners,and getting the snowmobile out of hibernation. We sure did get hit. I am thankful we'll only have to deal with it for 6 more weeks. Where did el Nino go?
My worst nightmare.. I had to go out in it today. Wendell needed his meds and I had called the doctor and made an appointment for today about my cold. I knew it had snowed a little, but when I went to clean off my car, there was 4" of the miserable cold white flakes on it. Rats!

Having suitably defrosted my vehicle, I backed up and suddenly realized that no one had been out of the driveway since the snow started, and there were no tracks to follow..just one smooth blanket of white from where I sat to as far as I could see. So I took a guess and went out the driveway without a problem andright out onto the road where I couldn't tell where the sides were.. so I drove carefully down the middle of what I thought was it.. watching carefully for oncoming cars.. no cars had been through for hours.. no tracks and a good 4" of snow to drive through. That meant no plow had been through either, and no anti-skid. Lousy driving. I found the connecting roads to the 4 lane Rt 8 to be untouched also, though a few cars had passed through. Stopping at the stop signs proved to be more like a thrill ride even going 20mph. Would I get my car stopped? Did it matter if I didn't? Where would I end up if I did use the brake? Every winter I am reminded of how much I dislike front wheel drive. I had decided at this point that if Rt 8 wasn't any better, I was turning around and going back home. It was about 2% better and Wendell really needed his med... so I pressed on.
Traffic on the big highway was moving at about 30 mph tops. It was quite greasy and the crest of the first hill had flares burning and I could see where someone must have skidded on the icy pavement (probably a 4WD). Surprisingly,the closer I got to town, the better the roads were till they were just wet in town. I was glad I hadn't turned back.

Today I saw the doctor about my cold. I'm really starting to feel much better. I actually went to get a return to work slip as I'd called off for 3 days consecutively. She said what I already knew.. I have the 'common cold'.. but with a raging sinusitis that required an antibiotic.
I took a nap this evening and when I woke up, I was amazed at the change in my cold status.. I wasn't coughing much and I think I am at the bend of the road back to my old self again.
Colds last 7-10 days.. tomorrow will be day 7. I'm going to try to go to bed early tonite and get some rest. The body heals best then, and I don't want to impede any progress.
Pray for us..


I'm ready for spring.. how about you? There is a weather snow advisory out again today. The temperature is only 19 and it won't get up over freezing today.
Yes, I'm whining.. I have a cold and feel crappy, and haven't gone to work for 2 days because of it. It's been since last Wednesday. I should be starting to feel better soon. I'm hoping.. I actually feel better than I did over the weekend, but still have a way to go. I'll get my Robitussin DM this morning and see if I can function without all the coughing and sputtering.
I think I 'll make some chicken soup this morning.
Gotta go for some coffee.. my cup is empty. Have a great day.. Pray for us..



Monday, January 29, 2007


Yesterday I was NOT a happy camper. Wendell went for his sonar, but the order never made it ahead of him. This morning I called the doctor's office and asked for an explanation. The girl said she'd called the hospital to find out where to fax it.. and they gave her 2 numbers so that if one didn't get through the other would...except neither did. So to make a long story short.. she faxed the forms to me and I called and made his appointment again for this Saturday.
Today was my meeting at the hospital regarding retirement. There is actually good news and bad, though the bad news isn't that bad. I am going to retire..but not in March, but likely my target will be February 2008. There is good reason for this and it all has to do with insurance coverage for Wendell. I can get the insurance for him for 18 months and then he's out on his own. With his pre-existing conditions, the liklihood of him finding a carrier for the rest of the time before he's 65 is slim. So, 18 months before he turns 65 is Feb 2008. I'm happy with the prospect, and he's content to go along with the idea. The other good news is that no matter when I retire, the hospital will subsidize my insurance at a reduced rate till I'm 65 no matter what.
I think I'll set up a ticker to help me get through the next year. Each month a little closer, each day a little closer.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Daniel's birthday was the 17th, Amy the 18th, and Charlie's birthday is today.. of course, the newest member of the family had a real birth day on the 4th.. Seems like January could replace August for the most family birthdays.

One of the favorite movies at our house is "Over the Hedge"..and that's the cake he wanted.

David and Aunt Janie
and of course Keith was here for the fun too.

Joyce was a little under the weather..she has a conjunctivitis as does David.
Papa Wendell and Annabelle



Charlie loves gardening and has kept our place in flowers all summer.
He also is the caretaker of his "girls" who keep us supplied in eggs all year round.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's 37 degrees this morning..That's more like it. I can live with this temperature. I have been fighting off a cold for the past few days and yesterday's deep freeze didn't help. I didn't go to work. I was so chilled to the bone all day. Nothing seemed to help. I have taken a decongestant and will be taking my Robitussin shortly.
The cough is miserable.
The picture above is of one of Charlie's chickens. It was a lovely summer day when she wandered over to our place. Look how green the grass is! I love it. Soon....very soon... we shall have green grass and trees once again.
I'm enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee. Wendell is on his way out the door to buy a new toaster at a local store. He doesn't go far from home.. but this is just out on Rt 8. He is wanting some cheese also.. and though I dont' think it's the best thing for him.. he'll be getting a little of it. We seem to have the worst time with some of our small appliances.. first the coffee makers.. then the toaster. I just bought this toaster last fall. I don't know what I did with the product information.. so I can't return it.. but it's shot already. So.. a new toaster is on his list of things to get today.
Tomorrow he goes for an ultrasound of his gallbladder. I'm seriously wondering if his GI problems aren't related somehow to that. The only other thing I can think of is a stricture in the pylorus.. sort of doubtful though.
Of course, colitis can be brought on by nerves, bacteria, viruses,food intake.. you name it.. it can trigger it.
If the gall bladder testing is within normal limits, he'll have to have an upper endoscopy.
Today I'm going to try to catch up on the things I've been ignoring for the past week. So I'd better get on my horse and start moving.

Friday, January 26, 2007


My friend Elsie sent me this.. I found it interesting after my last post tirade..hehehe

Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the U.S. involvement in Iraq,
here's a sobering statistic.
There has been a monthly average of 160,000 troops in the Iraq theatre of operations during the last 22 months, and a total of 2,112 deaths.
That gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000 soldiers.
The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 persons for the same period.
That means that you are about 25% more likely to be shot and killed in the U.S. Capital than you are in Iraq.
Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington !





Betsy is my cousin from California.
We here on the east coast
are sending our love and best wishes to you on the west coast !
Make it a good one.


The house is cold, but my room is very comfortable. I left the little heater set to come on when the temperature dropped below 65.. and only set on low. The temperature outside at this moment is a measly 6 degrees.. and should be all of 26 degrees for the high today. I hope the snow is done- we got about 3" total.. Mandy got home around 9pm last evening and said roads were fine.
I am gainfully employed this evening.
It's 8am.. I had a lot to blog when I started, but now seem to be mentally challenged as to what I was going to say. I think I was thinking about our congress.. how they seem to be pulled in so many directions at the same time.. no organization.. that they are so swayed by "national polls" which everyone knows are biased..
When's the last time YOU were asked 'how do you think the war is going?' or 'how do you think the President is doing?'... it annoyed me yesterday listening to the news and hearing that the 'American public has spoken and said thus and so'... NOBODY ASKED ME MY OPINION - were you among those who were asked?
Polls are slanted no matter who takes them.. you can make them say what you want them to prove just by being selective about who you ask the questions. Now, my suggestion would be that our congress should go back to their own constituants and talk to them.. door to door if necessary.. we need to be calling them , writing to them and letting them know that there is other than general polls that should be making decisions for our future..
and get back to work.. doing their job instead of trying to act like important 'mini president wannabe's each one. It is distressing that they have forgotten they were elected as PUBLIC SERVANTS .. Elections were only 3 months ago and already the arrogance is flowing and about to drown the normal hard working people.
The problem doesnt' seem to be the system, but the ones who are elected to those positions don't know their duties to the public and are too busy trying to make a name for themselves.. like.. 'the guy who can bash the highest office in the land the most and get the most press'. I heard one politician say of the President that he wasn't listening.. well, I say, the congressmen aren't listening to the people either.. Get your act together.
You are elected to serve the people, not your own agendas. I'm finding the lot of our congressmen obnoxious.
I guess before I get off my soapbox I need to make one more statement. Things just seem to get under my skin.
It is the congress who is given the task of declaring or not declaring war.. they did so. That ends their job on that issue. The President is to operate the war that congress has declared. So why is our congress trying to do the President's job?
Have a wonderful day.. I'm going back to bed for another hour.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Yesterday morning mergency crews were called to the Butler-Graham Airport in Butler County for a plane crash .
According to the paper, officials said the private jet overshot the runway during landing and crashed behind the Penn Township Fire Department.
The twin-engine Lear Jet landed on its belly and caught fire. The tail snapped off and tore a fence down.
The plane is an air ambulance belonging to a company called AirTrek, which is an air medical transport out of PuntaGorda, Fla.
Four people were on board. The police report said they suffered minor injuries and were transported to Butler Hospital where they were treated and released.
Three Degree Road is closed while crews investigate the crash.
The airport is shut down and the FAA is at the scene.
This is just a couple miles from us. It was all detoured traffic last night. We took the scenic tour home.


Even though snow is inevitable in winter, I was so hoping.. yes, even optimistic, that it would not appear with any strength this season, but... uh...there it is. We didn't get a lot.. about 2 inches I suppose.. I can't see it well in the dark this morning. I suppose I shouldn't complain- we have had such a mild winter so far.. and indeed, it's not the deepfreeze of some in our history. Treat of the Month for January was brand new gloves for all.. I guess none too soon. The Valentines should have theirs today.
It's not quite 6am..I've been awake since 5. I slept well.. but not sure that I had enough hours. I'll go back to bed shortly.
Today is office day, but I'm not going in till after lunch to do the necessary ordering and then to help Kathy with one of our patients who is being infused with a new biologic. I wonder how the roads will be..
We need a couple of groceries too.. Need to stop on the way or on the way home.
I'm really looking forward to Monday.. that's my day to see personnel and find out about retirement. I am going into this feeling positive, but there is always the possibility we won't be able to afford it right now. I'm keeping that in mind also. I do covet your prayers over this matter. God's will is my focus. He will open doors at the right times. I trust His judgment for me and realize that He may have more work for me to do at the hospital before I leave permanently. But one has to inquire, and all criteria for retirement has to be met before the doors will be open for me. So the appointment on Monday will be fact finding with a possibility of leaving my position by March 1st.
Wendell and I went out to eat last evening. It had been quite a while since we did anything like that. I was concentrating on low salt foods.. he had a plain cheeseburger and soup. I did fine.. wish I could say the same for him.. he paid for it dearly the rest of the evening and I heard him up during the night too. Pray for him and his GI problems.
Well, it's nearlly 6:30am.. I think I'll head back to bed for a snooze. My clock is set for 8.. this should be just right.
Stay warm, be careful if you have to be out on the roads today.. Pray

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Oh, boy.. there is a winter storm advisory out tonite..through morning. It's below freezing, so things could get nasty out there. We got a little snow today..about an inch. I think Paul and Amy got a bit more.. they have about 2+ inches there.
Now I'm looking for spring.. {{sniff sniff}}

I SEE!!! I SEE!!!

I was taking some pictures of Annabelle. David wanted his picture taken too.. he likes the instant results of the digital camera.. "I see !!!! I see!!!"


It was a good day today.. got the bills paid and then got the packages sent for Treat of the Month.. and delivered personally to my local grandchildren. It is bath day for Annabelle. She is growing like a bad weed. I would guess she's about 8 pounds now.
Her cord came off today. Amy found it in the diaper and David's comment was "BUG!!!!!!" .. no, not quite.
As I uncovered her for her bath, Daniel walked over and said "Gramma! What did you do to her cord?!"
It looks perfectly healthy.. and she's getting cuter all the time.
Very alert today.. looking all around, wide eyed..


28 degrees and cloudy at the moment.. we should get up to 31 with a 40% chance of a snow shower today.
Ahhhh... lovely. I don't know when I've enjoyed a winter so much. I actually have tried to figure out where we could live that would give us this kind of weather in the winter.. not recently, of course, but I have considered it in the past. I think the last time was when we had 2 feet of snow in the front yard. Though it's not a popular view, I really love el nino.
It's Wednesday and high on my list of priorities today is bill paying. Yeah..we still have a few of them. This time we have a larger one for auto insurance. Glad Wendell is able to be on unemployment while waiting for his SS to start next month.
My other priority today will be going to see Amy and the grandchildren and giving Annabelle her bath. I love doing that. I wonder how she'll do today? She cried for her first bath, and only a little with the next.
I also have Treat of the Month to take with me and need to get 3 little envelopes ready for my little Valentines too. I'll be stopping at the post office on my way to see the children.
On to my day.. I pray yours is a glorious one.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm so excited.. the end of last week I'd gained 8 # .. fluids.. really. My ankles/legs were horrendous..the edema was so obvious and they ached from all the excess fluid. As of today..I took that off and have added 4# to that for a total of 12 # lost !! WOOHOO!! You can refer to my DOWNSIZING blog to get all the details of how I'm doing it. My joints and muscles are too sore to do any active exercise at the moment, but I'll be getting back to that soon. The loss comes from dietary adjustment..I'm eating everything I want but the salt.

I just looked outside.. it's snowing big fluffy flakes.. the temp is 26. It's actually quite beautiful in the woods. I don't think the roads will be that nice. I promised to work in the office as general help today. I'll be going in around noon and work the afternoon. That's the kind of job to have.. sleep in and then go to work when I feel like it..hehehe

Wendell took his dressings off yesterday and the knee looks very good. He'll have his sutures out in another week. He's getting around so much better. He says it aches just a little, but nothing like it did before, and he hasn't needed his pain pills yet. Now, if he can just get the GI problem under control.

It was a busy quiet evening at work yesterday. Lots going on, but all was fairly organized (what I refer to as 'organized chaos') and we got through it smoothly. I left 30 min early..everything done for the daylight shift today.

Time to get moving here.. have a simply wonderful day
Pray often and remember us


Today would have been my Dad's 92nd birthday..
That is a long time ago he was born. I can't even fathom being that elderly. I guess I'll always be a child at heart.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I have an appointment on Monday to see the Personnel people about retirement.. this time for ME! I'm cautiously excited at the prospect of it's possibility. I need to retire.. at least from the hospital. I would still keep my job in the doctor's office one day a week
The barrier is insurance.. health insurance. Something that no one can go without. I've done some talking to various companies, but I think with pre-existing health issues, we'd be better to stay with what the hospital offers.
It's not that it's so bad, but it would eat up most if not all of my pension. So be it.. I still have my job at the office and Wendell will have his social security coming.
Time to look at the budget and bills.
Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
My plan on Monday is to go in planning to retire March 1st this year. We shall see what they can offer..


Joy is not the absence of troubles,
but the presence of Christ.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


I'm working on my second cup of coffee.. I woke up chilled to the bone this morning- the little heater I keep in my bedroom has a temperature reading on it- it said 50 degrees.. a little cold even for me. Outside, it's 19 at the moment and there is a threat of snow this evening. We should get all the way up to 28 degrees today. Not bad, but I liked it better when el nino was at the controls.
I had a decent evening at work. It wasn't too bad- 5 admits, but they came one at a time. We have now 3 new secretaries - 2 in training and one completed. At least there are a few people to fall back on.
More and more I have this burning desire to retire. It would be an early retirement, but do-able if I can get the health insurance for Wendell. I'll be calling the 'human relations' office Monday to see what can be done.
It's getting harder for me to work the 8 hours at the hospital with heavy charts- my hands tend to drop them when I try to pick them up. And all the handwriting that has to be done leaves my wrists in fits.
I hit the wall at 7pm.. I'm ready for bed and the overwhelming desire to sleep is about all I can stand. I get up and walk.. sometimes in the cold evening air, but I still can't seem to get my act together. It's time to quit.

I have a chair I use at work.. no one likes it and they keep threatening to get rid of it. I keep telling them "NO.. when the chair goes, I go." The problem is that it fits me- I'm short and it is the right height for me and comfortable. I have to search for it each time I go in to work.. usually someone has it pushed back in a corner somewhere. When I retire, I'm going to request the chair for myself..take it with me. I had an ergonomically correct chair that I used and liked.. bought it myself.. and when I was off ill.. someone picked it up and I've never seen it since. Odd.. everyone knew it was mine, no one admitted they knew of anyone removing it. I had to have special permission to bring my own chair in .. and then it's gone forever I suppose. So I will ask for the present chair when I retire. It's a good one.

Enough whining for one day...... it's time to get moving. Have a great day, bloggers..

Friday, January 19, 2007


This morning I made coffee.. my coffee pot is not old..but it is an inexpensive one. It made coffee, and that's the point of it. Except that every day when I put the coffee on, it took a few minutes longer for it to brew. I hear you all saying.. 'when's the last time you cleaned that pot..?? ran some vinegar through it??'.. well, not long ago when it first started slowing down.
This morning was the last straw.. I waited 40 minutes for it to fill halfway, and then it went on from there. I pulled my first cup from the half pot. Wendell and I had been planning to get a new one when we move- one with features I wanted and that made the coffee quickly and efficiently. So I went looking today. I didn't get the brand I'd been hoping for, but I did get one with the features I wanted.. like a timer set for 8am. Now when I get up at 8:30am, the coffee will be made. I tried this new pot out tonite- 10 minutes from start to finish! AMEN.
I also like the shutdown feature.. after 2 hours, it automatically shuts itself off. WOW! No more worrying if I turned the pot off.
It also has the interruption feature.. I can pull the pot out and fill my cup mid brew cycle if I want, and no coffee is spilled anywhere!
I like the little fabric basket that came with it too. If I run out of filters, no problem!
Simple operation, fast brewing, and the coffee tonite was stress-free and delicious!
The price was right too...not on sale, but not really expensive either.. I love it! and we now have our first small appliance for our new place.


Wendell and I were up to see the kids and Amy today. I had planned this visit so that I could give Annabelle her bath today and to make sure Daniel got his birthday presents.
Annabelle is changing. When she was born, I really thought she looked like her brother Paul.. then for a brief moment or two I saw Daniel in her face. By the next day, I decided she looked like Joyce did as a baby.. now, today, she looks like baby Annabelle. Every so often I catch a look that reminds me of David, but mostly not.
She was better for the bath today. She only cried for a brief few moments and then she settled right down and was happy to get dressed all in pink again. Afterward, I sat on the rocker with her and she spent quite a while looking at the world around her. She seems impressed with the lights and then she holds her head up very well to look around. Strong neck muscles !
Daniel liked his gifts.. I could tell.. he put his train together and ran it a bit, and then carefully put it back in it's box.
We gave him popcorn and hot chocolate mix too.. things he likes.


"Help, O Lord, for the godly are fast disappearing! The faithful have vanished from the earth !
Neighbors lie to each other, speaking with flattering lips and insincere hearts.
May the Lord bring their flattery to an end and silence their proud tongues...Lord, we know you will protect the oppressed, preserving them forever from his lying generation, even though the wicked strut about, and even is praised throughout the land."
Psalm 12: 1-3, 7-8 NLT

Thursday, January 18, 2007


May I direct you to Wendy's blog for the first 4D sonar pictures of our next grandbaby.. Elijah. These 4D sonars are like photographs taken inside the womb.. incredible technology.
He looks so much like Isaac.. I'm just amazed and in wonderment.. can't wait to see the next one at .. 35 weeks??
Most 30 week gestations are about 3# of baby.. this little guy is already 4# and has to grow yet.
I love the chubby cheeks!
Wendy told me that while they were doing the sonar, Eli reached down and pulled his feet up and was playing with his toes.. awwww... is that sweet or what? And they could watch him doing it as if he were on the outside world.


Wendell is doing well post surgery..home and not even using the crutches.. He has a cane that he's using for balance, but the pain is so much less. He had a bad tear that the doctor repaired.
Thanks, JJ, for providing his transportation and moral support too..


If you don't think prayer is not effectual.. read on...
I did a lot of complaining about my thumbs this week and last night had so much pain and soreness and frustration, I had to share it with you all.. and though I feel sorry that I have been complaining so bitterly, you have apparently heard my request for prayer..
This morning the swelling is down and the pain is substantially reduced with just general discomfort. I picked up my coffee cup gingerly this morning and immediately noted that there was no sharp ripping pain in my thumbs or wrists. The redness is gone..and the joints have cooled down. Indeed, even my shoulders and back are more settled today.
I thank you all for prayer and I thank the Lord for the relief.
It is 2:30am.. I'm awake and don't plan to go back to bed at this point.. I've slept 6 hours and am feeling so much better. I have paper work to take care of for work today, and then after seeing my dear patients, I'll do some general cleaning of my office areas and get things back in order. Next week Kathy will be covering for me (her regular day) and I'll just do some clerical work.
Today JJ will be picking Wendell up for his surgery on his knee. Keep them all in prayer please.. the surgeon, anesthesia, etc.. all those who will be caring for him.
On to the day.. early as it is.. good to get a head start..


Amy is our daughter in law married to son Paul,
and precious Mom to 5 of our 8+ grandchildren.
My wish for you today is to have a most wonderful one
full of smiles and happy times.
God Bless you

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I believe in giving fair warning.. I'm feeling upset and sore.. and if you don't want to read about all my complaints.. well.. then just shuffle on to something else... 'cause I feel like complaining.
It's my thumbs.. yes, I know, I have been complaining all week about them.. but they are so SORE. It makes life so difficult. The little things one takes for granted, I CAN'T DO!! I can't get my hose on, can't get my shoes on using my hands and getting dressed this morning left me sweating and totally wiped out. I went out to do the grocery shopping and to pick up Wendell's med.. the name on the check I would verify as my own, but it bears no resemblance to my signature. Thankfully I wrote the check in front of them and they know me.
I got the groceries, but had them pack them lightly, and then carried them in the house 2 at a time.. just too heavy for my hands.. Supper has been interesting.. can't open the can of mushrooms to put in the cassarole. Can't rip the packet of flavor seasoning without scissors or a knife..
I'd like to know who the cruel person was who invented the lids for the bottle of arthritis strength Tylenol?? He needs to be shot. By the time I get the lid off, I'm in tears.. then I put a number of them in a smaller bottle that I can remove the lid easily... but that initial opening is so bad.. and aggravates the already screaming thumbs.
What were they thinking!!!???? Did they not think to test these lids with arthritic people??
Truly, any packaging that says "just tear here".. is a joke.. Try it yourself.. bandage up your thumbs so they are unusable.. and see.. try opening the simplest packages.. you won't be able to do it.
If you really want the full effect you could hit your hand with a hammer..and then try to open them.. It is not possible !!!! Scissors?? You must be kidding! Those little loops on the back of the scissors.. you know, the ones you put your THUMB through?? AAAACCCKKKK!!!! So I use a paring knife.. sharp one.. it works for paper wrappings. but not the medicine bottles.
Tonite is not good.. I've had enough of sore thumbs.. I'm actually thinking about taking a leave of absence from my hospital job because I can't handle the heavy charts.. and I'm clumsy with the raft of papers that come with the patients.. and the amount of writing that has to be done.. chicken scratch..
Tomorrow is my office day.. perhaps the good doctor will see ME.. and perhaps inject these thumbs so that I can function normally again.
It's peculiar to me that typing is not as stressful as writing with a pen. I use mostly my fingers..and the thumbs are reserved for the space bar.. it just isn't as bad.
Okay.. getting off my soapbox now.. sorry for the tirade.. I'll do better next time..
Have a great evening all..




Well, it had to happen sooner or later.. eh? So it's 17 degrees.. and going down to 12 tonite.. So.. it's winter. I'm not thrilled, but at least I didn't slip and slide on the mud trying to get in the house at midnight tonite. Roads were clear and dry.. but the closer I got to home,the backroads got a little more snowy looking.. not bad.
I'm home safely and that's what counts.
What I didn't like was coming home and walking into a 44 degree bedroom..yike! I turned the heater on.. I keep a space heater in the bedroom that also reads/measures the temperature. Right now I've got it up to 50.
A little chilly yet.
I like the bedroom a bit on the cool side..not cold.
Better check and see if I can locate some rice bags.. I'll likely need a couple to warm up the bed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


We have a hint of winter. It's cold..30 degrees.. and the white stuff on the ground is almost negligible. It's sort of a reminder that it is winter and it's a mild one. No complaints here.
I'm having a cup of coffee, and that seems to be warming me up satisfactorily.
Another day of gainful employment today. Last evening was back to normal again, thankfully. It wasn't bad.
Not much happening here. I think I'll hit the shower and try to loosen my joints again.

Monday, January 15, 2007


I think it's a good morning. I'm planning on it being a great day. Not sure yet.. I'm feeling bogged down by dampness.. it's raining again and 56 degrees. It doesn't feel like spring though.. more like.. a cool unseasonably warm mid winter day. A good hot cup of fresh coffee should help.
Today is a federal holiday. I'm not impressed. I'm so unimpressed that I 'm only mentioning it because you won't get mail today and all the governmental offices will be closed.
It's a sleepy day.


It's nearly 3am.. I'm awake.. I fell asleep a while ago, but awoke with my fingers aching and refusing to bend without some degree of pain. It's the weather again.. seems to play a huge part in the aches and pains I experience.
I wont' be writing long.. it is mildly uncomfortable now to try to type on a keyboard.
Wendell had a better day yesterday. His GI problem seems to be alleviating now. Thanks for all your prayers on his behalf.
My grandmother had a treatment for diarrhea- barley or barley water. She boiled the barley and then drank the water.. it works. So for 2 days I've made chicken barley soup .. or maybe I should say Barley chicken soup? It had a LOT of barley in it. We like that grain so it was a pleasure to add twice as much to our soup. I'll be getting more in the near future. Wendell said he actually is feeling some better. That's a good sign.
Today, Monday, will be a busy one after the good rest we got yesterday. I'm gainfully employed, but have some responsibilities to deal with before I leave for work. One of these is making sure our new medical insurance cards get to the orthopedic surgeon. They arrived Saturday, and though it's just a name change and not a benefit change, it still has to be reported to our doctors. So, yesterday I sat down and figured out how to send a fax. Now I know that seems silly to you if you have a lot of computer knowledge, but for me it was a major accomplishment. The fax is in the computer and also on my printer. I had to bring up a program and fill out the information it required, and then I called one of the girls at work and sent a fax to them with the request that they return it so I would know it got through. I did it! Fabulous. Now I can just fax the card to the doctor.
I have been wanting to know how to fax with my equipment here because of the office also. I make 2-3 trips into town /week that would be unnecessary if I could make the fax work.. so tomorrow we shall see if it is feasable to do so. I'm all for time savers !
JJ sent me an email .. she says Palm Springs is unseasonalbly chilly, but sunny. Glad to hear it. She will attend her seminar today and then do some sight seeing while they are there .. they arrive home late Wednesday night. Pray for a safe journey if you would.
I'm headed back to bed.. I hope I can go back to sleep.Morning comes swiftly, and I want to have enough rest to make it to midnight.
Be careful if you are driving tonite.. dense fog warning out there..

Sunday, January 14, 2007


It is the Sabbath. We will not be going to church this morning...sigh... It is a disappointment to me, but some things just can't be helped. Growing older brings a lot of physical problems forth that we didn't anticipate even 3 years ago. Some are overwhelming.. others can be dealt with as long as there are Tylenols in the bottle.
Wendell was up many times during the night, but not as many as the previous nights.. I would suggest this is an improvement in a way. He eats very little.. mostly drinking water now. Yesterday I made a pot of chicken barley soup which should help with GI trouble, and I think perhaps it did make a difference. We'll see today.
Last evening I went to the grocery and got him semi-ripe bananas and yogurt too. These things should be good for him.
Of course, his knees are giving him fits with the rainy weather.. and today more is anticipated. Lake Blair is full to overflowing. I burned papers yesterday (long overdue) and noted Lake Blair II in the back of the house. I'm glad we don't flood in the basement. I wonder how much snow this would have been if el nino hadn't run interception? We expect 50 degrees today, but with more rain and tomorrow too. Tuesday should settle into 'winter mode' with a high of less than 30. Sure is bizarre weather.

It is 19 days till Ground hog day.. and just one month to Valentine day..yes.. today is the 14th of just one month, Valentine Day will be here.. time to start thinking about doing something nice for your honey. I'm doing just that.. On the mend....
  • Uncle Bob is still in the hospital..pray his renal problems will be healed and the host of other problems that have plagued him.
  • Aunt Mary Jane and Janet who are also on the mend..
  • Wendell's surgery on his knee is this Thursday
  • Perhaps remember me also.. having difficulty ambulating this morning.
That's about it for now.. perhaps I'll catch y'all later..

Saturday, January 13, 2007


O Lord, hear me as I pray; pay attention to my groaning.… Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.
Psalm 5:1-3 NLT

In World War I, Field Marshal Foch, the Allied commander in chief, could not be found when a military conference was about to start.
An officer friend said, "I think I know where he might be."
Foch was found praying nearby at a bombed-out chapel.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "I would be the greatest fool on earth if I did not realize that I could never satisfy the demands of the high office without the help of One who is greater and stronger than I am."

David realized this truth too. Although he was a powerful king, he daily acknowledged his dependence on someone far greater and stronger than he was.
Not only did David begin each day depending on the Lord, but he waited expectantly throughout the day to see how God would work on his behalf.
When you live each day looking upward, God often sends delightful surprises.

When we don't pray, we quit the fight.
Prayer keeps the Christian's armor bright.
And Satan trembles when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.


adapted from The One Year® Book of Psalms by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen,, Tyndale House Publishers (1999), entry for February 7


It's almost 1am.. I can't believe how fast time flies.. I'm about ready to go to bed, but wanted to blog before I did.
When I get up in the morning, JJ and Keith will be half way across the country headed for Palm Springs.. Pray for their safety please and that their trip would be a time of refreshment for them.
I had a great day today.. nothing special happened, just that I'm feeling God's blessings.. I guess I started counting them today after yesterday's fiascos.. and realized that these things are 'bumps in the road'.. and the important things are the blessings that surround them all.
This morning I struggled with this computer. I'd lost all the audio on it before Christmas, and it was a frustration to me, but I let it go till today. It occurred to me that I have an application recovery disk, so I put a new audio driver on the pc. It was a dismal failure.. so I thought. I thought I did every thing it said to do.. over and over, but when I'd check, it would say I had an undisclosed error, and I didn't have any sound.
I left for work and was delighted to be a mentor tonite for a new secretary. All I had to do was BE THERE.
Happy stress. The night did go quickly and I came home. My habit is to turn on the computer and get a drink of tea/ water and read my email.. but the computer had to be restarted again.. so I turned it completely off and when it came back on.........THERE IT WAS !!! The sound was back!!!! Well don't I feel silly... I was hitting the restart button when I should have been hitting the shut down button.. Oh, happy day!!! I wish I could solve my CD ROM problem that easily.

My friends, it is literally warm here in WPA.. 53 degrees as I type. It will drop to the mid 40s tonite and stay there with rain tomorrow.
Wendell is in bed sleeping.. I do hope he had a better day today too..
I'm off to bed.. G'nite all...

Friday, January 12, 2007


It's a lovely day today.. cloudy and 46 degrees- there is a 20% chance of drizzle?? hehehe.. I like the odds.
Today we are 3 weeks from Groundhog Day, and at the moment, I'd guess that Phil won't see his shadow indicating winter would be over.. and nearly no snow !
Last week I heard someone fretting over the lack of snow this winter.. and voicing concern over the water table.
"You know you HAVE to have snow to replace the water".. well, I think that has been successfully accomplished and will be even more so in the coming days with all the rain we have had. Funny how people can get in that mindset that says it has to be melted snow and not just rain. I laughed. This is my favorite winter of my life!

After a pretty good nights sleep, I'm feeling more refreshed, though still achy from the stresses of yesterday. That will iron out with some activity today, and of course, a couple of good ol' Tylenols. I'm hoping and praying for a really encouraging day today. I'm setting my heart and mind in that direction.

Gainful employment awaits me today.. and I need to get to the pharmacy for Wendell and then some minor shopping done too.. all before work. I do hope the hospital is in a more normal mode today and the scourge of the full moon is done. We could use the break.

Gotta hit the shower.. do have a mighty fine day today.. we shall try to do so also..moving right along.....


I know I've mentioned it before, but I was named for my Aunt Grace. Her birthday would have been
on January 9th, 102 years ago ! I can't begin to fathom 100 years.. .


If you see Paul today, wish him a fabulous birthday and give him a hug from Aunt Marilyn
I don't seem to be close enough from here.


"For the Lord has driven out great and powerful nations for you, and no one has yet been able to defeat him. Each one of you will put to flight a thousand of the enemy, for the Lord your God fights for you, just as he promised. So be careful to love the Lord your God."
Joshua 23:9-11 NLT

Thursday, January 11, 2007


I'm not sure I spelled that correctly, but at this point I just wanted to look at a picture of something quite beautiful and smile. It's been a rough day. Things went well, but not well in other ways. I'm exhausted. 9 hours on my feet with a 10 min break has done me in for the day. I put all my paperwork away and will look at it over the weekend.

When we got this land where our house sits, we were told it was probably the richest soil around. It is yet. No matter what we plant, it grows well. Charlie has taken over a plot for the garden for many years now, and has learned how to revitalize the soil. Sometimes he plants big sections of grains to kill weeds, and then tills the crop under to nourish the soil.. he's an amazing farmer. We like what he does and what he plants. Now that Mandy and John own it all, they still enjoy and encourage Charlie to keep up the garden.. it's so lovely to walk through in the summer when the flowers are all blooming.

Gonna take a nap..


Whoa! The temperature dipped last night.. to 16 degrees !!! Brrrrrrrrr! That's the "bad" news... the good news is that it should reach all the way to 47 today..and tomorrow too.. Strange weather. We need that cold snap to help kill off the viruses around us. People seem to get much more ill with mild winters. It's 18 degrees at the moment, and clear.. no precipitation.
Progress is slow taking down the Christmas decorations.. I have the ornaments off the tree, but the tree is still up and I'm still working on getting the little village under it put away. I try to take it all down and pack it so carefully. The pieces belong to the Zombecks, and I don't want to chip or break them. I noticed the boxes aren't as sturdy as I remembered from last year.. bubble wrap should work to protect them.
Wendell must have felt just a bit better yesterday.. he went for some groceries- just a few things we needed. He did pretty well. I try not to ask for too much when I send him out. He has difficulty carrying them and walking, and won't ask for help. His GI problems continue, though perhaps just a wee bit better? Perhaps, and then perhaps not really.
Gainful employment awaits me the office. I'm delighted to be back after missing the past couple weeks. I'm so grateful to Kathy for covering me there.
So.. I'm off to start my day.. enjoy yours!
  • Uncle Bob has been readmitted to the hospital with renal problems..please pray for God's hand to rest on him and guide the doctors who make the critical decisions regarding his future and his health.
  • Aunt MaryJane and Janet who are recuperating
  • Maggie who is also recuperating
  • Sandi, who has that respiratory bug, Mandy and JJ too. Pray for a swift recovery
  • Wendell's GI problems- pray it will be resolved soon. He has surgery scheduled for next Thursday.
  • Pray also that JJ will have her work completed enough to make her trip this weekend.. pray for a safe flight for her and for Keith.
  • Pray for my patients today that they will be successfully infused without difficulty, and that I will have the ability to start the infusions easily also.
Gotta go find my mittens.. it be cold out there !