Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Isaac's Birthday

Wendell and I made a trip to Valentine's last week. It was a birthday for Isaac who is now 10 yrs old! The years have quickly passed by...
And here is the birthday boy now...

Isaac and his loot

Eli liked his gifts too!


Gayle.. she's growing too!


Asher and his mom Wendy

Though my lighting was poor, this is the best picture
of Asher and Esther that I got

Gramma Blair and Asher.. he sure is a nice little bundle!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Foto Friday: Architecture

Today is Wednesday. I'm posting my Foto Friday pictures today as I won't be around on Friday to do so. No pictures from Joyce this week.. we have t figure out a Blog for her so she can do it from home.

Architecture was an interesting topic. The city where I live has many interesting buildings with gargoyles atop them.. but I never got into town to get them.. so in preparation for our trip this week, we visited a quaint little town called Saxonburg. It's a most beautiful little village... and it has a claim to fame world wide too..
Join in the fun on Foto Friday at Rebecca's blog.. the more the merrier!

At the one end of Saxonburg is a place called Roebling Park named for the man who founded Saxonburg and also designed the Brooklyn Bridge.
This is a gazebo at one side of the park.

This is a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge

Across the street from Roebling Park is this interesting building that was once a home for some wealthy resident.. now it is an insurance agency.

The intersection of Main Street and Saxonburg Blvd.. one of 3 churches in this tiny village. I thought it's design was unique.

On the opposite corner is the UP Church with its arched glass windows and the thingy atop that looks like butterflies, though I didn't get a clear enough picture to zoom in on it. Sigh......

On the other side of town is the huge stone Lutheran Church.
I think it odd that churches have red doors. Someone called that to my attention one day.. I'd never noticed before that. Anyone know what the significance of red doors is?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Foto Friday-sky/clouds

DH and I have just had a discussion about what day today is.. and the calendar settled the argument- it's Saturday and I was prepared to do my Foto Friday pics this morning, thinking I had all day to do so... UGH.
Well, the topic was sky/clouds. I thought I'd never get one shot of anything but gray, but found that last evening there was a break.. so here they are-
By the way, the last picture belongs to my grand daughter Joyce who wants to join us but has no blog.. so I'm adding her to mine.
Foto Friday is hosted by Rebecca and the invitation is always open for anyone who wishes to jump in.. Check out what everyone else thought of Clouds/Sky..

This photo was taken and edited by Joyce..

Sunday, May 09, 2010

I do love spring.. it's my favorite season to be sure. Even though it brings on allergies, I still love it. I think it is the most changing season of all. Cold one day, 82* the next, freezing the next, and a week of tropical weather.. Flowers bloom and bask in the warmth of the sunshine, and the next day I'm shoveling snow from the deck.. it is a very changeable season. I never know whether to put my winter coat away or keep it close at hand.
Today is the Sabbath. Wendell and I both are feeling the cold in our bones and the pain that comes with it. It's not easy growing old. We have missed church for several reasons this morning, but we are basically ok.
Kids are coming for an over night stay- that should keep us on our toes for a while this evening. They are such fun, very helpful, and never a problem.
On to the afternoon!

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Foto Friday: Still Life

It doesn't seem possible that it's already Friday and time to share our attempts at photography at Foto Friday on Rebecca's Blog. Do join us or just take a look at what others have exhibited.
This week we were concentrating on STILL LIFE. I think I have captured that- what do YOU think?