Sunday, April 30, 2006


"The strength of a horse does not impress him; how puny in his sight is the strength of man. Rather, the Lord's delight is in those who honor him, those who put their hope in his unfailing love." Psalm 147:10-11 NLT

What God delights in
In Psalm 147 we discover an important secret about relating to the Lord. Our great and mighty God, who has absolute power over everything in heaven and on earth, is not impressed with powerful people. Those who are strong and mighty in their own strength don't get God's attention.
Instead, it is the brokenhearted and humble he notices and supports . He chooses to work not through those who are strong but through those who are weak. And most of all, we don't earn his approval by being great or strong.
He delights in those who reverently honor him and put their hope and trust in his unfailing love and mercy, not in their own ability.
Today, if you've put your hope in anyone or anything else, ask the Lord to forgive you. But don't stop there. Ask his Spirit to so work in your life that your primary goal becomes honoring and pleasing God.

Adapted from the One Year Book of Praying through the Bible by Cheri Fuller, Tyndale House Publishers (2003)

Saturday, April 29, 2006


"I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me." Galatians 2:20

Good morning happy campers! bloggers!
Another beautiful day is coming right up.. sure is chilly at night, though. Well, that's spring for you!
Spring cleaning got off to a slow start yesterday, but in the evening hours picked up with amazing results. I can now see one corner of my bedroom! HOORAY! 1 down, 3 to go.
The closet will be saved for another day- it's a whole project in itself.. but how wonderful it was today to be able to actually access it without leaning over Rubbermaid tubs and piles of comforters. Yippee! Being a packrat really bogs one down.. really. I can almost breathe better knowing all the little stuff I've been hoarding (and big stuff too) is now awaiting the trashman next Monday morning.
Unfortunately, though I was on quite a roll yesterday, the weekend will not be as productive, as I'm gainfully employed Saturday and Sunday and Monday.
Speaking of Monday, Wendell has his first visit with his cardiologist that day- 8:30am- ugh.
I have been trying to get him behind the wheel of the car to make some small trips so that he can do this one on Monday alone. It's hard for me to get up so early and be at an appointment after working the previous evening and not getting to bed till 1am, and then going back to work in the afternoon again with little sleep. We'll see how it goes.
Back to Spring Cleaning....... Mandy and I found the rest of our booklet- Jim & Char .. about our cats. All the pages seem to be there.. so I'll be scanning them and posting them in the near future.
JJ came by yesterday and helped me go through one of the tubs with 'memories' .. We pitched a lot of old papers- receipts for things I don't know what for? Certificates from elementary school .. kids.... and all sorts of nonsensical stuff that no one would want- I'm the likely one who WOULD, and believe me, I hadn't a clue why I kept much of it. So I'm down to just a few papers and important items. The box is anything but full. Thanks JJ..... can we do this again with the other 20 tubs?
How thankful I am for my children who are present and helping in every way they know how. God is so good to us and is providing for us daily as the needs are made evident.
Pray for Wendell to encourage him to walk more - especially during the day when it's so beautiful outside- and for his complete physical healing. VNA has now picked up the monitor, and all that is left is the oxygen equipment. I'll be calling to have that removed next week after he sees the cardiologist. Pray that he'll be able to withstand his CPAP too.. he's having a problem getting acclimated to it.
And pray for me too.. there is so much to do here and I'm working 2 jobs besides- I need physical strength and stamina to complete the tasks before me. I tire easily.
That's it for now..... Keep praying!

Friday, April 28, 2006



"Then he took some of the seed of the land And planted it in a fertile field; He placed it by abundant waters And set it like a willow tree. " Ezekiel 17:5

Well, imagine that.. it's the last Friday in April, and that means it's ARBOR DAY. It's a national holiday, but do you know what it's all about? It originated in Nebraska in the 1800s to replace trees lost on the plains. It was finally declared a national holiday, and there is even a website from the Arbor Day Foundation. Here you will learn a lot.. about trees. You can even buy trees from them- 10 trees for $10- your money will enroll you in the foundation. The site also has lots of things for kids.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Check out the Current family photos link on the right. I've posted a lot of pictures current from last year to now. Still a lot to go, but fun to upload and look at all the pictures.
You might have to go to the archives and click April to get all the pictures.. Christmas especially.


Ahhhhhhh Spring! I love spring. It's my favorite season of all. I love all the new growth, flowers, and trees in bud. I don't much care for the pollen in the air, but I can deal with that. It means no snow for another 6 months at least.. and no icy roads! Yippee!!!
Spring also is the time that most people start to clean out their homes of all the riffraff and junk they accumulated over the last year. Garage sales are starting to pop up all over!
I don't do garage sales myself, though with all my 'treasures', I'm sure I'd make a fortune.
I'm a packrat basically, and need to learn to NOT keep every little scrap of paper 'just in case I might need it' next year. I suppose it wouldn't be so bad if I had it organized, but most of it gets 'filed' in my bedroom or on the kitchen table or the file cabinet- in no order whatsoever.
I DO know where all the books on genealogy are, and those are neatly organized. And all the pictures I've accumulated, in the thousands, are in Rubbermaid tubs waiting to be dealt with in one way or another. I guess it's a matter of priority here.
So I'm designating tomorrow as 'spring cleaning' opening day. I don't have enough funds to do any shopping, so I'll make the best of my day off by trying to sort through some of the *treasures*.... especially in my bedroom. This is not a task for the faint of heart.
It's a monumental task that will last for weeks likely. Like a mountain, it can't be climbed in one session.
One of the problems with cleaning in my bedroom is that there are so many 'little things' that cry out for my attention.. ie.. JJ's 2nd grade school picture, or Mom's graduation announcement, or any number of other bits of memorobilia. I try to stifle these things by encasing them in more Rubbermaid tubs to be sorted later when I finally have time. One day, I'm going to sit down and actually look through these boxes and try to decide what to keep and what I can part with.
I am planning to get rid of the bed. It's too high and too big for our bedroom, and has gotten bigger since we bought it years ago when we built the house. The closets have shrunken too. Amazing. Hopefully by the time I'm done, the walls will be repainted and the curtains replaced, and another bed will take the place of the monster that is now there.
Mandy is going to move the cedar chest to her room, so that will be a relief also. One more surface that one can't drop their 'stuff' on. I wonder what is actually in the chest? I haven't opened it for years. (too covered with 'stuff'). I know my wedding dress is in it, and a few craft things, but wonder what else? We should have a grand opening and see on some rainy day.

The kitchen and bathroom come next.... but I think I'll stick to one project at a time.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Okay....... try to figure out what the following words have in common:
Assess, Banana, Dresser, Grammar, Potato, Revive, Voodoo

Give up? click on "comments"


"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. " John 13:34

It really is a beautiful day. I don't feel much like blogging, but here I am.
I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of Joyce on Jane's blog. She is learning to sew. Atta girl Joycie !!!!
I remember learning to sew too, but I was much older and in junior high school- Ridge Avenue in New Kensington- now just an empty lot. The guys took wood and metal shop and the girls learned to sew and cook. It wasn't much fun. I made a pleated skirt for my first project. I finished it, but was never really happy with it. Mum taught us so much more and later, we did make dresses and pants and all kinds of things on her old machine. Now, THAT was enjoyable.
I taught myself to knit and crochet years later, and made not a few sweaters and afghans for my family. I remember a green and white knitted dress I worked on so hard getting just right for JJ. She was about 2 yr old, wore it once and pronounced it 'fratchy', and wouldn't wear it again. Hehehehe.. sorry , JJ. I stuck to sweaters after that. One day I'd really like to get back to making things that way again. It's an enjoyable craft.
My mother didn't have a fancy machine. Her's did one straight stitch, no zig-zags. She made amazing things with that machine, however, and it got a lot of use when my girls were growing up. She made them all dresses-sweet little frocks for sweet little girls. I think there are still a few around saved for the girls when they had their own children.
Wendell's sister Mary liked to crochet and made Wendy a sweater set when she was born. Of course, Wendy was over 4 weeks preemie, and was so tiny. I remember Mary calling from Arizona to ask how little she should make the outfit for her.. I overheard Wendell saying to her "you know how big a Barbie doll is?".. and we all laughed.
Sewing is grand! Keep up the good work Joyce. I'll be looking forward to seeing your present handiwork in person and your future projects too.

I need to go outside and check asparagus. Yesterday I brought in about enough to make 2 cups cooked. It's coming slowly right now because of the chill in the air. When the weather gets warmer, it'll come a lot quicker. I'd been watching it over the weekend, several stalks about ready to pick (5-6" high) , but when I went out yesterday, they were gone.. perhaps a deer? I sure hope not, they could do some real damage to my little row. I got the smaller ones that were only about 4" up anyway. I really don't expect to find any today, and my habit is to pick every other day, but I like the walk up to the edge of the yard to look at it anyway.
In the next few weeks we'll be overrun by it.... if you want it, let me know and I'll make sure you get some as it comes in.

Get out and enjoy the day.. sunny , bright and glorious! Keep praying- we appreciate it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


The American Center for Law and Justice, otherwise known as the ACLJ, this group fights for Christian civil liberty. Ten Commandments in the schools and on public property, the IRS wanting to tax churches, etc.
Visit the site to see all the things for which they are going to bat for Christians in the world of law.


Wendell's family were Steelites. His grandfather was the last pastor of the North Union Reformed Presbyterian Church- Steelite.
More information about this branch can be found here.
Another site is a biography of Rev David Steele.
And this by Tony Cowley..on voting.
Interesting articles..


Periodically the questions come up about Exclusive Psalmody and Why we use NO instruments in our worship. The Regulative Principle has everything to do with the answer.
I've found some internet articles, and thought I'd share why Covenanters believe as they do.
Click on the blue hyperlinks to read the articles, and of course, take a look at the Manchester RPC link too.
Perhaps take a look at the 5 points of Calvinism .
Lots of reading here, but very informative and fairly easy to understand.


"The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the LORD are trustworthy, making wise the simple. " Psalm 19:7

It's Tuesday... a beautiful one, though it's to be pretty chilly tonite- near freezing! Unseasonal weather that threatens delicate blossoms that will later bring forth fruit.

What a lovely time we had at the tea yesterday. I didn't bring the camera, as I was also on my way to work. Joyce and Jane did a lot of preparation for this party, and it showed. Lots of enjoyable conversation, very relaxing. Thanks for inviting me!

Work was pretty busy last night on my unit, but not overwhelming. The last orders were transcribed at 11:30pm, and I was able to leave on time. My shift seemed to zoom past me, and at one point I was startled to see it was 9pm. I don't spend much time 'clock watching'.
Everything was done including the start of daily work for today's secretary on the morning shift. I'll be there again this afternoon.

Wendell seems to be status quo. Just needs to be out and about a bit more- walking especially. With the chilly weather and his tendency to be cold anyway, he hesitates to go outside. All his incisions are now shiny scars on the outside, though bruising remains on his legs, and likely will for some time to come. Tape burns caused a lot of injury, but then, it's a small price to pay for new vessels to the heart.
His blood sugars are staying down in the target range consistantly.

God continues to bless us daily with children who are supportive in every way, and grandchildren who supply the extra measure of joy for our day. I would ask that you hold us up in prayer even so, as we have a long way to go yet in healing, and still have many issues to overcome.
And remember Amanda and John as they plan their wedding in the coming weeks.
Sidenote: I was able to trade a day with another co-worker to be able to attend.. the Lord is so good!
That's about it... keep praying!

Monday, April 24, 2006


"Make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge; and to knowledge, self-control; and to self-control, perseverance; and to perseverance, godliness; and to godliness, brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness, love. For if you possess these qualities in increasing measure, they will keep you from being ineffective and unproductive in your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ" 2Peter 1:5-8

Good morning.. it IS a good morning.
Feeling somewhat better today. Thanks to Sandi's suggestion for Cranberry juice.. it worked!

For the next 2 days I'll be gainfully employed by the hospital. I pray they will be good days and not overwhelming. It seems to get 'out of control' some evenings no matter what one does to try to avert it.

Not much going on this morning, thankfully. I need to run some errands and then stop by Jane's before going on to work today. That's the plan. In the mean time, I'll be getting meals ready for Wendell in my absence tonite. He's handling that pretty well. He had a small piece of the pineapple upsidedown cake yesterday, and it reflected in his blood sugar that evening, but not over 200. He can have these things in small portions without causing major problems if he can just do it on occasions few and far between.

Have a super duper day today everyone.. keep praying for us.. it is effectual.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


With the slow start we got on today, it has actually been a wonderful one. When I started feeling better, I made a pineapple upsidedown cake with chocolate chips on the top too.
Yummy. Paul and Amy came with the kids and with the sun shining and wind blowing, we tried to fly our kites. Well, not so good. We will need some new ones, I'm afraid. But we did get the eagle one up pretty good for a few moments.
Joyce brought me a beautiful heart shaped box tied up with a bow-for my birthday she indicated. Everyone stood around smiling like a pack of Cheshire cats.. I knew something was up. I was surprised that it was a set of smelly candles and the scent was delicious! But wait.. there was a book of matches on the top....... "open the matchbook , Gramma!!!".. so I did... Oh, you guys are so funny......... all the tips of the matches were neatly cut off for 'my safety'. Hehehehehe The children squealed with delight and the adults had a good laugh.
Jane gave me a flashlight for the cake too.. don't want to take ANY chances here.. hehehehe
Thank you one and all! You are more than wonderful.

Flowers are blooming..... my tulip bed has about 7 multicolored ones opened today. How very beautiful.. Charlie has bridal wreath, forsythia, and redbud bushes blooming, and of course his peach and apple trees. Daffodils in the yard, painted bright yellow make the day truly look like spring. I put the cushions on the big swing in the front yard, and enjoyed the sounds and smells of a perfect day.


"The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry."
Yeah.. that's us.. make plans and then they get blown away. Today was to be our first day back in church for at least a month. How we looked forward to it with such joy... I spent time checking out details with Wendell.... 'Are you feeling up to this?', ' You are sure you are able to walk that little hill?' , and then getting the showers over with, dressed and breakfast. Everything looking perfect.. smooth sailing. I'd been praying over this- that THIS week would be the best return to the church ever. Got enough gas to make it down and back.. what could go wrong?
Well, after umpteen trips to the BR this morning for myself, and chills, and a low grade fever, I realized it wasn't Wendell who was the concern, but Myself. I've got a urinary tract infection with blood in the urine. No wonder I've been feeling low and feverish for a couple of days. It wasn't till nearly time to leave that I realized I couldn't just drive down without stopping 3-4 times, and then what when I got there? Stay in the BR? Oh...... just another bump in the road... again. Seems like it's a long and bumpy road no matter.
Lord, where does it all end? The disappointment is so great for both of us.
Wendell went into his little room to lay down.. I suppose I'll do the same.


What blessedness for him whose guilt
Has all forgiven been!
When his transgressions pardoned are,
And covered is his sin.

O blessed the man 'gainst whom the Lord
Counts no iniquity,
And in whose spirit there is not
Deceit or treachery.

When I kept silent, my bones aged;
My groaning filled each day.
Your hand oppressed me day and night;
My moisture dried away.

Then I to You admitted sin,
Hid not my guiltiness;
I said, "I will before the Lord
Transgressions now confess."

Then You did all my sin forgive
And take my guilt away.
For this when You are near at hand
Let all the godly pray.

The rising floods will harm him not.
You are my hiding place.
And You will comfort me with songs
Of victory and grace.

this is undoubtedly one of my favorite Psalms..... there are so many favorites. Psalm 32- if you want to hear the tune we sing to these words, click here.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


“The LORD your God is with you,
he is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
he will quiet you with his love,
he will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17


It's another frustrating day where simple things become mountains.
Wendell used his last insulin this morning. I dutifully went to the pharmacy where we get all our medications, and found that they were out of his insulin- but they were expecting at least some by Monday.. What to do? Immediately , the gut starts to twist again, and the nausea appears. For the rest of the world who are not diabetic, it presents no problem, but for a diabetic who is getting regulated again post operatively, it's life threatening. I could only pray and trust that they could rectify the situation. It occurs to me that I am relying on God more and more all the time.. that's what He wants me to do, and if it takes one crisis after another, then so be it.
Of course it's Saturday and no doctors are in today, though there would be someone on call to talk to, but not his doctor- Not someone who KNOWS how he has been going up and down with his blood sugars over the past 4 weeks, and that he's just been in the normal range all day for 2 days now. It's really quite stressful.
The pharmacist finally called another local pharmacy at a grocery store, and was able to get one box of the filled pens with Wendell's type insulin. I was so relieved and went directly there for the medicine. They actually had 2 boxes left in their stock, but since I was not one of their 'regular' customers, they would only give me the one box. That's okay.. at least he'll have his insulin tonite for dinner, and we'll go for the 2nd box next week and thank the Lord for providing again. He goes through about 5 pens a week (one box).
That seems pretty odd to me that a drug company would run out of their supply of insulin. I mean, when you think of the millions of diabetics in the world, and the need for the drug to sustain life, you'd think that there would be a never ending supply... but there isn't.
Here is a site that is about diabetes. Wendell is a Type 2.


Well, it's a fertile field out there.. Here's a list of RP bloggers on her website Land of Promise.


Good morning. I was having my coffee and decided to do a search of the Reformed Presbyterian Church to see if there were any blogs referring to it. I found this one from Ireland.
Mark Loughridge is the pastor of the Milford RPC in Co Donnegal. Interesting.


I just wanted to make a personal thank you here... for the birthday gift from JJ and Keith.
S'more makings! You guys are so silly...... but rest assured, they will be made into s'mores if I have to use the microwave to do it.
Campfires are good. I love them, but I'm a little shy of open fires at the moment. Maybe after the rain...


"then I will give you rain in its season, the land shall yield its produce, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit"
Leviticus 26:4

It's 3am. Why I awaken at this hour so many nights, I wonder. There is gentle rain falling in these wee hours of the morning- something that normally would put me to sleep soundly.
And yet, here I am.
We needed the rain that came yesterday afternoon and evening, and there is more to come today says the weatherman. Work day at the church had to be cancelled.
Yesterday afternoon Wendell was wrapped up in a fleece blanket with a heavy comforter and a flannel shirt. He was cold. It was nearly 80 degrees. I wouldn't have thought much of it, but he said he was chilling. I looked for a thermometer, but couldn't find one and had to leave for work- I was already pushing the clock pretty closely. I'd noticed he was pale at breakfast, but then he does look pale by times. I was feeling pretty shaken by this event, so I decided to buy a thermometer on my way to work and ask JJ to stop by the house on her way home and check him out. As a second thought, I decided to call her at work on my way and make sure she didn't leave before I got there, but the cell phone was disconnected- the bill came this Tuesday and I hadn't paid it yet, but there it was- no service. It would have been a minor annoyance normally, but with Wendell convalescing, he could still develop infection and need more hospitalization if that were the case- he could go down pretty rapidly. So my nerves were becoming a bit tattered in light of this fact and that if I had to wait to get to the hospital to see JJ, I might just miss her. Prayer is always the answer. And the various verses I have hid in my heart started coming to mind .. "I will not leave you nor forsake you", "Fear not", "Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you".. and they go on. I don't remember much of the drive into the hospital- my stomach was in knots wondering "What next?".. but still hanging on to the promises. I told JJ what I needed and she quickly and cheerfully agreed to check her dad on her way home.. and then I asked her to call me to set my mind at ease- but to use the department phone as mine was not in service because of the bill. She assured me she'd call, and I gave her the new thermometer and headed up to my department.
I was chosen to mentor a new secretary. She's a delight and will be a good one for my unit. This was to be her last night of orientation, so I was able to sit back and just be there in case she had any questions and make sure she did the job correctly. God is merciful in that I wasn't sure I'd be able to think straight until I heard all was well at home- he provided another secretary to do the work while I sat, observed and made suggestions on how to do things in a more orderly manner. She asked me how my past week had gone since I'd been her mentor last Monday. I told her about the fire and how I thought I'd done well with all the joking that went on after. Then I told her about Wendell and how he'd been chilling, and she told me her father in law had open heart surgery 6 weeks ago, and has had the same thing! Well, now, maybe it isn't infection then.. maybe a quirk of post op recovery for open heart. She offered so much reassurance. By supper, we were laughing and giggling at silly mistakes we make when we transcribe and when we answer the phone. ("5Main- Unit specimen".. I'll never live that one down! ) JJ called shortly after supper to say all was well on the homefront, his temperature was 97 something, and that my cell phone works fine. I was happy and relieved to hear he was okay, but then , confused about the cell phone..... she said the bill was paid and service was restored. Well, what does one say but Thank You ... and then the tears start to well up..
I don't think I know anyone who has a family that is so supportive and comes together so much and so often when another member is having a hard time. It is only the hand of God who is making provision for us.
I have really experienced 'showers of blessings' yesterday. Prayer answered, Wendell is okay, the cell phone is in service, and He sent me Kelly for reassurance, and we are getting the rain we have needed. Who could ask for anything more?
Sometimes I just am so awestruck at the things that happen around me.... how God takes what I see as catastrophe and turns them into good. I can only see such a wee tiny piece of the tapestry He weaves. Sometimes I just don't understand why things happen, but I know that things are always under His control, and though I can't see it, there is purpose to it all- and He just keeps weaving.. adding new threads and removing others and making things perfect.

Friday, April 21, 2006


Our cousin Jeff sent an email about his wife Karen having surgery this week. She's doing fine.
Our best wishes go her way and to Jeff too.. GET BETTER SOON !!! We love you and are praying for a speedy recovery!


"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

Good morning ! Got my coffee here and I'm reading my e-mails and decided to throw in a blog for the day.
Judging from the SIB (sacro-iliac barometer), it's going to rain within the next 24 hours. Well, we need it badly. I think we must be in drought condition - bearly any snow this winter and little rain so far. And, no, I won't be out burning any papers for a l o n g time.

Today I get to work at the hospital, and then have a weekend off. YIPPEE! With Wendell getting stronger each day and able to do more for himself, I can devote more time to cleaning up inside and outside. There is MUCH to do........ spring cleaning, you know. I'll be pitching a lot of trash we've accumulated over the winter and last fall. No garage sale stuff, but just stuff that the garbage man will be happy to receive all packaged in bags.
There is a work day at the church tomorrow too, but I'm afraid neither Wendell nor I are able to do much to be of any help this time. Perhaps the next. We are so thankful for those who CAN be of help and are willing to do the work there that needs done.

Mandy took Wendell and I out for my birthday on Wednesday evening. I was so happy to have a quiet day with no more excitement. I was a little concerned that Wendell might not be able to make the choices he needed, but he did fine- he chose fish (baked scrod) and soup and veggies. He's still learning how to choose, but I guess my concern is really needless. When you have the same foods in front of you day by day, meal by meal, it sort of soaks in, and you get the idea.. X amount of protein (meat/cheese), X amount of starch (bread/potato), X amount of fruits and veggies.. and watch the fats! Not hard. He's catching on.
And if he should botch up one meal, it'll reflect in his next blood sugar, and he'll learn by that.
The thing is that until his blood sugars are totally consistant all day long, he'll be jagging his fingers for samples 4 times a day- so it's an incentive for him to get it right.
I spent a lot of time on the phone on Wednesday.. calls from family and friends wishing me a happy and peaceful day... thanks everyone! You all made my day.

Well, my coffee cup is about empty, and there is much here to do today before I leave for the afternoon/evening.
Happy blogging everyone! Remember that God loves you all and so do I !

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Yeah, I'm too tired to do any blogging tonite. It's been a long long day- up at 3:30am and here it is nearly 11pm and though I took a short nap when I got home today, I'm still weary.
I got flowers from the "good doctor and the singing secretarial staff " at the office. I have taken quite a beating over the fire issue on Tuesday. The doctor asked me to make a choice for lunch today- on him. I chose Pizza- I haven't had any since we started on Wendell's diet. So he suggested to one of the staff that they put a single candle on a pizza and let me blow it out. About as quickly as he said it he retracted it and decided a small flashlight would be much safer in my case.. can't have the file room going up in smoke, now, can we?
What a hoot!
All in all it was a long day, but a day I really love and enjoy.
The picture above is from Christmas.. it's the whole group. We need to do a picnic in the summer too, I think.... just no open fires please?

Well, now, for not wanting to do any blogging, I'm doing a pretty good job, eh?
Wendell had a good day today.. he tinkered with the lawn mower till Paul came and made some adjustments, and then mowed off the old asparagus so the new growth would accelerate.
Thanks Paul!

We WERE planning a trip to Wendy's the last week of May. Unfortunately, when I got my tires changed, the mechanic tried and tried to balance them, but couldn't. It's something with the tires, but he couldn't see or feel any steel belts. So we need tires. I came home this afternoon noting the price of gas too.... By Saturday it'll be $3/gal. Really tough to fill a tank just to use here in Butler, but we want to go to church on Sabbath, so I'll take what I have and fill the tank as far as I can.

Okay......enough blogging for the night. I'm weary, tired and ready for my bed.
Good night all...... pleasant dreams...... and don't forget to pray!


Here is one more really cute one of Jane.. 13 months.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


This is one of my favorite pictures. It's Wendell's brother Jim with his wife MaryLou and son Steve.
Coincidently, MaryLou and I share the same birthday today. Happy Birthday MaryLou!!!!


I'm posting this early because I may not have the time later.
Happy birthday Janie! Here are a couple of pictures from long ago..hehehe
The first one was taken at Gramma Best's house in New Kensington.
The second one is a baby picture marked 3 1/2 mos. You sure were a cutie.


"My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and give praise." Psalm 57:7

Good morning! It's Wednesday. Already I have had 2 little girls sing Happy Birthday to me!
It is just the best part of my day so far. I'm certainly looking forward to a far less exciting day today.
As you probably can imagine, I was awake during the night and staring out the kitchen window looking for any sign of fire. Satisfied there was none, I went back to bed praying there would be no cry of alarm during the rest of the night. I slept peacefully thereafter.

VNA called yesterday to affirm that Wendell didn't have to do the monitoring any more. Of course, this morning he again registered 88% for oxygen saturation, but by now you would surely think that they would understand that the readings are incorrect. I retested him after it transmitted, and it read 97%. Pretty good. We may hear from them again, but hopefully this time it will be to come to remove the monitor.
With his changes in insulin, his blood sugars are fairly stable most of the time. He'll be continuing checking 4 times a day until it evens out all day.

The sun is shining brightly this morning. All is well again. Keep praying!


"This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

Well, it only seems fair that I put my own picture from years ago on the blog on my birthday. I was 3 yr old here.
We lived in Upper Burrell then.
Dad took this picture..there are many others in existance that he took and developed himself. Is it any wonder that I am the 'visual' person that I am. It's a trait I got from him.

(Note to self: have fire extinguisher in hand , pin pulled and ready when the candles are lit on my cake this year. 911 is the number to call 'just in case'.)

My hair was bright red, thus "Carrot top" and "Red" were some of the nicknames I carried throughout my childhood.
It was a lot redder in those days. No comments, please.

Nicknames were kind of interesting.. in my teen years I was referred to as "Mimm" .. and at the hospital I got dubbed "Mern" for some strange reason. I understand from Mandy that John has already started referring to me as "Blaze" ! Thanks John.. I know you read the blog.
I have to admit, the hair color and the temper seemed to go hand in hand.. though in my adult years, it doesn't show a lot or very often. We can be thankful for some things. I've mellowed.
I'm still outspoken often enough, and will state my cause when I feel strongly about an issue, but more often than not, with a gentleness rather than fury.

Please....... be patient ...... God isn't finished with me yet.
He seems to be molding me and shaping me moreso in these last few years than ever. As I read His Word and learn, I grow closer to Him and put all my trust there. In my aging, I am learning patience, love, and to be willing to give more than I receive. There is much more, and I'm thankful to know the Father loves me, cares for me, provides for me, and is always there for me.
Yep, I'm turning a page today.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"CALL 911 !!!!!", I SCREAMED

Well, we had quite a day here.. the story of what happened is at the bottom of this posting. This picture is of the firemen spraying a fire retardant on some smoldering leaves just behind our house.
5 trucks from 2 companies arrived.. this one pulled just behind our house.
This one was beside the house
And a 3rd one beside the house too.
You can see the side of our house here .. too close for anyone's comfort!

I didn't have time to grab a camera while the blaze was getting started, but this is the smokey aftermath ..Our neighbor's barn can be almost seen on the far left of the picture

It was just after 12 when Wendell went in to lie down for his nap. I took 2 small bags of papers out to burn in the burn barrel, and instead of standing with it as is my habit, I went back to the house to call my patients for Thursday's appointments. I had second thoughts, and decided to check the burn barrel out the back kitchen window. When I looked out, there was a lot of smoke- more than would come from 2 tiny bags of waste paper. I realized I'd have to put out a fire there, and then looked one more time...... it looked more extensive than first glance. I screamed for Wendell "I set the woods on fire!!!". And then I ran out the door and to the back of the house to the garden hose. Quickly I turned it on and realized in my haste, I couldn't find the end of it! Then there was no nozzle- I didn't have time to look for it, so I put my thumb over the end and started spraying the closest fires. I looked up and saw trees way back in the woods ablaze.. really burning hard. I screamed back to Wendell to "Call 911".. this is too much for a garden hose!.. He did, and 10 minutes later, the first of 5 trucks came in the driveway and back along side the woods. Problem was, there was not just one large fire, but hundreds of small ones with several large ones. I put out as much fire as I was able, and then left it to the wonderful Penn Twp and Middlesex Volunteer firemen. How I thank them for being there.
I prayed while I was alone in the woods with my measly garden hose.. and then when it was over, I thanked the Lord again for preserving homes and people. No damage to houses, nobody hurt at all. Thank the Lord for his mercy!


Just one more musical video for you.... again from Andie's Isle.. called HE WILL BE.


I wanted to share this with you. It is from a site called Andie's Isle. It's a music video called I Can Only Imagine.. take a look......


Amy sent this to me this morning..... very interesting.

World's Smallest Political Quiz
You'll be asked just 10 questions, and then it instantly tells you where you stand politically. It shows your position as a red dot on a "political map" so you'll see exactly where you score.The most interesting thing about the Quiz is that it goes beyond the Democrat, Republican, Independent. The Quiz has gotten a lot of praise. The Washington Post said it has "gained respect as a valid measure of a person's political leanings." The Fraser Institute said it's "a fast, fun, and accurate assessment of a person's overall political views.


"When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer." - Corrie Ten Boom, author and Holocaust survivor


It is Tuesday, April 18, 2006. After almost 4 weeks, Wendell has been to see his PCP for a followup visit. All is well. He increased his insulin morning and evening again. He'll start it in the morning. The doctor also decided he didn't need the VNA monitor any more, and they were calling them to let them know today. Good bye lady in the black's your hat, what's your hurry?.. hehehehe....... We should be done with it tomorrow! YIPPEE!
He can start making short trips any time he feels ready now. Hooray!!!
I came home tonite and heard the tv in the bedroom. I stopped to tell Wendell good night, and noted the oxygen wasn't on. He had his CPAP on and was trying to use it. He really needs to try to get used to that thing. It's not so bad....really. Next week he sees the Pulmonologist for a follow up visit. They will determine whether he has to keep his O2 or return it. They will be testing him in the office, so he has to prove himself able to go without it.
God is so good and has blessed us over and over. Keep praying that he will keep improving.
He needs to do more walking.. and needs encouraged to do so. It will be the key to returning to his old job at the park. The guys there are just waiting for the day.
So we have all good news to report this time.. More later..
Have a super duper day all.....and ........Keep praying!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006


Asparagus- everything you ever wanted to know.
This site has everything.... recipes, nutrition status, and how to plant.. you name it.


Happy Day! I went out to the patch, and brought back a large overflowing handful of ASPARAGUS! Delightful!!!
We'll be having it for lunch today before I go to work.
And... so the season begins...


Shavuot, the Feast of the Weeks, is the Jewish holiday celebrating the harvest season in Israel.

Shavuot, which means "weeks", refers to the timing of the festival which is held exactly 7 weeks after Passover.
Shavuot also commemorates the anniversary of the giving of the Ten Commandments to Moses and the Israelites at Mount Sinai.

The farmers of Israel would begin their spring harvests with the barley crop at Passover.
The harvest continued for seven weeks as the other crops and fruits began to ripen. As each fruit ripened, the first of each type would not be eaten but instead the farmer would tie a ribbon around the the branch. This ribbon signified that these fruits were Bikkurim, or the first fruits.

At Shavuot the farmers would gather the Bikkurim into baskets and bring them to the city of Jerusalem where they would be eaten in the holy city.

The farmers living close to Jerusalem would bring fresh fruits, while those who had to travel a long distance carried dried raisins and figs.

This joyful occasion was celebrated with the music of fifes, timbres, and drums. As the pilgrims approached the city walls they were greeted by the inhabitants of the city. Sometimes the King himself would join the procession to the Temple Mount.

The Bikkurim ritual is no longer practiced in present day Israel.


Now, here's a good site that tells you everything you ever wanted to know about eggs and then some..... informative and recipes too.


"Because of this, God raised him up to the heights of heaven and gave him a name that is above every other name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father." Philippians 2:9-11 NLT

Good morning ! It's 8am and time to rise and shine! Today is to be another beautiful one.
Too bad I have to work this afternoon, but I am thankful for gainful employment for so many years with the hospital- over 30 now. I can hardly believe it's been that long. It's been a good relationship all the way. My employer treats me well, and my direct supervisor, Melea, is wonderful and an excellent manager.
I have really enjoyed my employment over the years, but have never become 'close' to many there. There are a few with whom I do still keep contact- mostly from my OB days.
Nursing has changed so much since I first began, I really don't recognize it any more as the career I chose.
I wanted to teach Spanish. I took 4 years of it in high school and loved it. I would have been an exchange student, but couldn't afford it back then. When I graduated from high school, I tried to get into certain schools, but they were all filled, and no openings meant I had to get out and get work somewhere else till I could be accepted. In the mean time, our new neighbor talked me into attending nursing classes- and I was the last student in my class to be accepted on the day before classes began. At that point, I really had no interest much in nursing, but God was leading and I was doing what I thought might be of benefit to me - the education couldn't hurt; I could always have something to fall back on if my Spanish didn't pan out.
To make a long story short, I did take the state board exams, and RN follows my name.
I never went back to that dream of teaching Spanish. I can't remember much of it either, so don't ask.
My sister and older brother are/were teachers; I'm a nurse. It's paid off over the years.

Gotta get my day started....the lady in the box will be making her daily demand for Wendell soon, so ....... have a fabulous day and...... pray.


"I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live." John 11:25

It's actually morning here. 12:30am. I just got home from the hospital. Slow night. I had 4 admissions that I never got to do anything with when I left. There is a night secretary, and she will be doing the honors.
I'm feeling more relaxed now after starting the day off on the wrong foot. Some days are like that- just can't seem to do anything right the first time, and then I have to redo, and I'm late with everything the rest of the day.
Growing up, we were fondly referred to as the "early Imms". My parents taught me to be punctual in everything. So I married into the "late Blairs" family. Thankfully, Wendell and I have been able to lean more toward my side of the family and should probably be known as the 'on time' Blairs. Of course, I'm punctual to a fault. I can't tolerate being late for anything.
I can remember telling Wendell's dad to be somewhere a half hour earlier than necessary, and then he'd be on time.
I never did get to the asparagus patch today. I'm so anxious to see whether it's coming through the ground yet. One of my favorite parts of spring is looking for it, waiting patiently for it to be big enough to snap off and make a meal for Wendell and me. Asparagus is not something one is born to love. You have to develop a taste for it. I had to work hard to get Wendell to even try fresh asparagus, but he did (loaded with melted cheese), and now he's a fan. We taught most of our children to eat it that way, and then slowly reduced the amount of cheese till we now eat it with just a little salt or seasoning. Yummy stuff!
My mother loved it too, and she did a lot of the harvesting when she was able a few years back. One day she'd keep the harvest and the next time she'd pass it to us. By the end of summer, we had bags of fresh asparagus everywhere in the refrigerator, and couldn't use it all.
We pick it every other day.
Mum told the story of her first experience with cooking it. Dad had enjoyed it all his life, but though Mum knew what it was, she didn't have a clue how to cook it. But she was up to the challenge. She cut off those tips and threw them away and cooked the stalks till she thought they were tender enough. Dad was horrified. I have to laugh just thinking about what it must have been like.
So he taught her how to prepare it properly. You don't cut it, you snap it on the stem. It'll break at the most tender point. And, of course, you keep the tips and cook them, not the tough stringy stalks. It's a totally different flavor and texture than canned.
I planted my patch about around 1980 or so. It was on the edge of the field corn Wendell's dad had planted. Every year we picked it a little longer, till now we can pick it all summer and not damage the roots at all. In the fall, we let it go to seed. It has such beautiful ferns, and then in the next spring, we mow it off and wait.
Later today I'll post about Wendell's office visit . It's his first follow up with his PCP. He will likely let him drive short distances now. We'll see.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


"But the fact is that Christ has been raised from the dead. He has become the first of a great harvest of those who will be raised to life again. "
1 Corinthians 15:20 NLT

It really is a glorious day. I got to thinking about what JJ commented in my Easter post a few days ago. This is the only time besides Christmas that some unsaved may hear the gospel message.. so it isn't so bad to push these holidays. Who knows? This could be the day one person may hear the Word and accept Christ and follow Him.
The thing that really annoys me is the commercialization of it all, and mixing Christ's resurrection with chocolate bunnies and colored eggs- no sense in any of it really.
See this site for Easter traditions

Wendell is doing well. Vital signs are good, and the blood sugars are all within the target range of 80-140 nearly all the time now. AMEN.
He's healing quickly.

I'm running late today. I was overtime last evening due to late admissions at the hospital, and am lacking some sleep. But today I return again to do it all over.
Since December, I still have a requirement for extra sleep- you heal while you sleep- and I'm still healing. I notice lately that I don't have to hang onto walls to go down the stairs much any more. That's a good thing. It shows that healing has been taking place.
But I also note a change in my vision, so I will be checking in with the eye doctor soon. I suppose I'll need new glasses- UGH! Just what we don't need right now.

Have a grand and glorious day everyone.. Gotta check my asparagus patch.. Pray without ceasing !!!


Asparagus Parmesan
This simple and delicious preparation for spring asparagus makes the perfect sidekick for roast chicken or grilled salmon.

Ingredients1/2 pound fresh asparagus (6 to 10 spears)
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese (go easy on it- adds fat and sodium)
1/8 teaspoon ground black pepper


1. Trim the ends of the asparagus, about 1 inch or so from the bottom.
Place asparagus in a 2-quart microwaveable casserole dish with about 1/4 cup water.
Cover tightly with plastic wrap and cook in microwave, 10 to 12 minutes, or until tender to taste. Carefully remove plastic (steam will be very hot) and drain.

2. Gently toss the asparagus with olive oil to coat;
sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and pepper.
Cook, uncovered, 1 minute to melt cheese.
Let stand 2 minutes before serving.

Nutritional Information
124 calories
9 g total fat (2 g saturated)
5 mg cholesterol
5 g carbohydrate
2 g fiber
5 g protein
125 mg sodium


BOUNCE...the stuff you use in your dryer:
Repels mosquitoes. Tie a sheet of Bounce through a belt loop when outdoors during mosquito season.
Eliminates static electricity from your television screen. Since Bounce is designed to help eliminate static cling, wipe your television screen with a used sheet of Bounce to keep dust from resettling. (I've tried this, but still get a lot of static dust)
Dissolves soap scum from shower doors. Clean with a used sheet of Bounce.
Freshens the air in your home. Place an individual sheet of Bounce in a drawer or hang one in the closet. (I tried this too.... works great!)
Prevents thread from tangling. Run a threaded needle through a sheet of Bounce to eliminate the static cling on the thread before sewing.
Eliminates static cling from pantyhose. Rub a damp, used sheet of Bounce over the hose. (Yep)
Prevents musty suitcases. Place an individual sheet of Bounce inside empty luggage before storing. (I actually do this and it's wonderful)
Freshens the air in your car. Place a sheet of Bounce under the front seat. (tried and true)
Cleans baked-on food from a cooking pan. Put a sheet in the pan, fill with water, let sit overnight, and sponge clean. The anti-static agents apparently weaken the bond between the food and the pan while the fabric softening agents soften the baked-on food.
Eliminates odors in wastebaskets. Place a sheet of Bounce at the bottom of the wastebasket. (I'll be putting one in my garbage can in the morning)
Collects cat hair. Rubbing the area with a sheet of Bounce will magnetically attract all the loose hairs.
Eliminates static electricity from venetian blinds. Wipe the blinds with a sheet of Bounce to prevent dust from resetting.
Deodorizes shoes or sneakers. Place a sheet of Bounce in your shoes or sneakers overnight so they'll smell great in the morning. (OH, yeah!)

Saturday, April 15, 2006


4 Surely He has borne our griefs And carried our sorrows; Yet we esteemed Him stricken, Smitten by God, and afflicted. 5 But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.


Ah, yes.. today is the last day to file income taxes. I sent ours yesterday. Most will have to wait for their money. Not a problem...... been there.......done that.

Good morning all.. ready for a new day? Me too! Yesterday was so soggy, but today promises to be a more pleasant one- note: even Charlie's chickens are crowing with vigor today.

Today I'll be at the hospital working and Wendell will be 'on his own' again this evening. He's doing well with it as long as I have things set up for him generally.. and with a 'list' of course. How could we live without our 'lists'? I noticed yesterday that when we first started out on the diabetic diet that I had been very detailed on exact measurements and what and when we would do each meal/task for the day. As each day has gone by, a little less information has appeared on each page, till last week it contained just the foods and not the amounts needed. Last evening, I noted that I'm only marking the general topics- "meds, blood sugars before meals and snack, and the page was empty of the list of foods we would eat for the day. This is progress. It means we can plan our meals and needs without writing everything down now.

The local grandkids are ailing with strep throats and perhaps their mom too. 48 hours of quarantine seems like a lifetime sometimes- especially on my days off. I had considered taking Wendell for a visit or having them come here on Friday, but , alas...
My friend Sandi sent a box of craft stuff this week for them to enjoy.. well, me too... and we shall do so in the next week or so.. Thanks, Sandi!!! I'll post some pictures when we do our party.. Sorry Sandi can't be here to help and enjoy the festivities.

Gotta get started on the day.. Enjoy it to the fullest.. SPRING IS HERE!!! and...........
Keep praying !!!


"And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. " Colossians 3:17

Someone once asked me what my favorite day of the year was.. my reply was.....
"hmmmm... I think any day I wake up- 'Oh, I'm still here ... thank you, Lord' "
There are times when I go through the day and it just seems like one mundane task after another. Nothing exciting going on to raise my adrenalin, nothing to write about. These are the days when I have to think about things for which I'm thankful. I'm so human. Imagine having to actually think about it or put any effort into it.
I fail to consider that even my very life here on Earth is a gift from God and that I need to be thankful for this every day- which I am, but perhaps not verbally. In prayer each day I thank the Lord for all the gifts He has given me- and too, I acknowledge that none of the 'things' of this life belong to me , but are only on loan from Him while I'm here visiting this world. God gives good gifts to His own and others, but each gift is different for each one. My home does not look like yours, but it has the same love and warmth as yours. My clothes cover me modestly, and yours do too, but they aren't the same clothes.. these physical gifts are from God, and one day we will have no use for any of them when we finally reach our ultimate destination- heaven.
Spiritual gifts - the 'fruits of the spirit'.. love, joy, peace, long-suffering, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. These gifts present evidence that the Holy Spirit lives in our hearts. Most of the time I don't even think about them, but they are present.
I do thank the Lord for them.
With Easter coming tomorrow, I have been reminded more frequently of the ultimate gift God has given, His only Son.. so that I can live in eternity in heaven and not hell. Now when I think about it, I want to shout "HE'S ALIVE !!!" and come to the realization that my day, as mundane as it might be, is not that at all, because God is at work in me because His Son IS alive. Well, that's pretty exciting ! If nothing else comes to mind for which to be thankful, I can praise God and say THANK YOU for Your Son..

Friday, April 14, 2006


Yes, really.. it is.. Have you all looked at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for today? Or the Tribune? Uh-huh.. seems there is an someone by my daughter's name who pleaded guilty to a homicide.. and the freakier part is that she is from UPPER BURRELL !! Hitting home pretty close, I'd say..


This is baby Wendell and his siblings.
Mary, Joy, and Jim. Wendell looks pretty young,
so must be 1944


This is my older brother Bill. It's his birthday today.
Happy birthday big brother.....


"Have you not known? Have you not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, The Creator of the ends of the earth, Neither faints nor is weary. His understanding is unsearchable." Isaiah 40:28

It's Friday. It has been raining all night, and my joints ache- all of them. Wendell says he's sore too. UGH. I didn't want to get up this morning, but the lady in the black box was calling, and so Wendell and I comply. Vital signs are stable and blood sugar is normal.
I'm so glad I am not scheduled to work today- it's a rare Friday that I don't work at the hospital.
I'm probably more weary today than I have been for a while. I'm sure the rain has a lot to do with it. Even Charlie's roosters aren't anxious to crow this morning, and their efforts are only slightly better than miserable.

This would be Good Friday- the commemoration of the death of our Lord Jesus, who also was raised from the dead on Easter morning. Awesome. I have to work this weekend. I wish we were able to be in church Sabbath- it's Easter, and though I have my own feelings about celebrating Easter every day of my life and not on just one day a year, there is also the need to be there and be a part of the worship service. It feels like we've been away for months, and we both miss it. I suppose we'll be asked to sign the guest book when we finally get back next week.
Have a wonderful day.. look beyond the rain.. Keep praying!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


"Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever." I Chronicles 16:34
Everything is status quo. Nothing much to report today. I was working in the office when I got a call from VNA- Wendell had gained 3# and his oxygen saturation was only 89% and was he short of breath? Should they send a nurse? Well, first of all, as I explained to the nurse, Wendell was home alone at 9am and he probably didn't stand directly on the scales- maybe trying to bend back to look at the reading?? And secondly, he can't bend over to put the O2 sensor on his toe, so very likely it was on a finger and he just gets low readings on the finger. "Oh", she said. I told her if Wendell was short of breath, he knows my cell number and he'd have called or just put the oxygen on himself. "Oh" .. again, she said. So, when I got home, he was sitting up watching the news and just fine all day.
It was a long and busy day at the office.. pleasant and cheerful patients who just make my day.
But tonite as usual, I'm tired. I'll try to sleep in till at least 9am tomorrow.
Supper is about ready.. tilapia again tonite... we really LOVE that fish! Tossed salad, potato wedges and asparagus round out the meal, with fruit salad on the side.
I have many things to be thankful for .. a mending husband, food on the table, and some pretty fantastic children who know how to make my day. God bless them all.


This is one of my favorite 'crafts' .. candy houses! This particular one was 6 yrs ago.
I may start a blog with pictures for as many interesting ones I have. (thousands, literally)

This one is a log cabin. The chimney is caramels.... tough to unwrap all those candies!


I wanted to put this picture on for Mom and Dad's anniversary- 69 years on April 10 this year.
I finally found it. It's a favorite for all of us I think.
It was taken in 1973 at Emlenton- the occasion?
Dieter and Annabelle's wedding!


1971- This was taken at the Manchester Church on the day you were baptised by Rev Fullerton.
That's Grampa Blair sitting beside me holding you.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

PAUL 2 1972



I found this one of JJ and a cow taken at the Pittsburgh Zoo. She STILL milks cows at her cousin's dairy farm!


I can still remember the day you were born. It was hours upon hours of labor- and then the forceps delivery. You were pretty banged up.
April 12, 1971 7# 12oz and 21"..
You had straight jet black hair that the nurses tried to wet and comb over- but it would dry and stand straight out anyway! Your Grampa Blair was so pleased to know that you were named Paul II after him.
Wish I had your baby picture to put here, but I don't at the moment.


"Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass." Psalm 37:5

It's now noon. It's been a busy morning.. for the time I've been up. Wendell woke me up at 8:45am so I could jot down the morning vital signs from the VNA monitor. I grabbed a quick cup of instant coffee and settled down to wait for the signal.........GOOD MORNING! PLEASE! STEP ON THE SCALES!!! UGH.
He said the VNA nurse had called and would be here by 9:30am......UGH. She did come and told us we'd have to have the bedside monitor till given the word by his PCP to remove it.
So, we have another week of monitoring to go yet. By the way, his blood sugars are in the target range 3 out of 4 times every day. Good for you, Wendell!

I managed to get washed and dressed and the dishes in the dishwasher before the nurse came.
While she was here, I started my own patient reminder calls for the office tomorrow.
I just finished, and now just have paper work to complete.

Today is the last day for our car insurance premium. We do get 10 days of 'grace', so we are trusting that the Lord will provide the amount due before then. It's hard to function on just my wages. Most of what I earn at the hospital is tied up in my car payment and medical insurance benefits. It's all about trust and faith and focusing on the Lord to provide our needs as they come.

It's a beautiful spring day here in Butler. The sun is shining, and Charlie's roosters are crowing their hearts out! The day promises to be a warm one, so we'll be taking a walk perhaps after lunch.

That's about it...... more later perhaps....... keep praying!!!


"Hear my prayer, O God; Give ear to the words of my mouth." Psalm 54:2

It's 3:30am. I have slept approximately 2 hours. No, I don't have any pain, nor do I have a good reason for being awake, but I am. Fortunately for me, I'm not gainfully employed today, and so am not concerned as much with sleep tonite.
Perhaps it's the sounds of the night that keep me awake- or the absence of them. New sounds in our home make me feel uncomfortable sometimes- the sound of the rhythmic hiss and pft! of the oxygen generator in the hallway for one. Or perhaps I just didn't 'wind down' from my busy evening at the hospital. Or perhaps it was just my C-PAP mask that wants to leak and wakes me frequently- that's probably it.
Yes, I'm tired and feel a bit weary. I have much to accomplish today.

As long as I'm here, I'll update on Wendell. He's doing very well. Yesterday he didn't feel much like walking, so he didn't, but I'll see that we walk today. Each day he's a little stronger.
We should hear from the VNA nurse today and she should remove the monitor that demands our undivided attention at 9am sharp every morning- at least I hope so- he still is using the oxygen at night, and they may want to continue monitoring him? I don't know.. don't see why they need to.
His incisions are looking more like scars now, and healing well.

I've lost 11 pounds. This week has been a lot slower for me weight-wise, but I stick to the diet just like Wendell does. The scales yesterday showed a 3# weight gain for him, but there is no way that can be correct.

I'm feeling a bit more weary..... better head back to bed.


I wish I had a sign like this one


I love this one too......Harley Chicks......

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven." Ecclesiates 3:1's ESSAY TIME again !!

"TIME'S UP !!!"

Familiar? Yep.. that's me, I never seem to have enough time. Sometimes I wish for just a little more so I can spend it doing something I really like. But- I'm "wasting my time" thinking this way. No one can add or subtract an hour from a day.
I have so many time saving tools, I wonder if I could take all the time I've saved, and put it in an account somewhere?
"I'd like to deposit 2 hours to my account, please."..
Well, time IS like money in a way. Spent well, it can be very profitable. Spent poorly, one can really lose badly in the end. I think I'm in the middle- I tend to waste time, but the time I use well tends to make up for the time I waste.
We are all regulated by time and the consequences for not abiding by it. Without time schedules, everyone and everything would be in chaos.
Imagine everyone arriving at work whenever they pleased- perhaps a whole office would show up at 2pm, and no one in the morning? Or students arriving at school at arbitrary times could stay for 48 hours and have a long weekend- but the time would be wasted after the first 8 hours there. No one would learn anything.
We can't take back time or turn back the clock to another day or time to recoup our losses.
Eternity is time without end- a different kind of time- No clocks, no minutes, hours or seconds.
God works by that time. From the beginning to eternity, His time is unending.


" You will show me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy; At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. " Psalm 16:11

Just a quick note here.... I'm pressed for time and have to work again today at the hospital.
All is well.. Wendell took a walk on his own yesterday (no oxygen tank). He walked all the way to the mailbox and back without difficulty. It was the first thing he told me this morning. I sensed he felt quite proud of himself in that endeavor. We'll see how far he goes today.

RATS! The new coffee pot blew up! We are using instant for the time being, with/without caffeine. It's a bear. Mandy brought us John's ice tea maker, so we are enjoying fresh decaf iced tea daily.

Not much news here.. have a glorious day.... Keep praying!


Jimini had a toy mouse.. I think that's how it went.. Charmin coveted it, and took it up to Mandy's room and hid it on her bed...
This is actually the first picture from the booklet...... where Jimini and Charmin meet.
A little out of order, but I'm having a time finding the pages from the booklet.. I may have to scan them all again!


Of course, when Booger arrived, she was totally a wreck. She was old when we got her, and spent the first months of her life living in Mandy's closet. Her choice, not ours.
She also had confrontations with Jimini.. he thought she was beautiful, and she couldn't be bothered..


Remember when we put a bunch of sketches together about Charmin and Jimini and then Booger?
The introduction to our book(let) went something like this:
"Jimini is a young docile black male with a white chest, white front paws, and white back legs that make him look like he's wearing high top tennis shoes.
His front paws are declawed since birth, and he is neutered. His favorite pasttime is playing with everyone and anyone who shows him the least bit of attention. He is owned by JJ who loves him dearly and has spoiled him in the short time he has been with her.
Charmin is an old, chubby, totally white female cat who is gruff and has no sense of humor whatever. She would bite the hand that reached out to pet her as quick as a wink. On occasion, she will play, but she prefers basking lazily on a warm bed in sunlight to making friends. She is owned by Amanda Blair who has spoiled her rotten in the last few years.
When JJ brings Jimini to visit, there is always a confrontation between the two cats. At first Charmin hissed and tried to scratch Jimini, but he thought she was playing and tried to imitate her.
He still tries to play with her, but she is reluctant to give the time of day at this point, and tries to walk away.. Jimini creeps up behind her and gives her a good swat with his declawed paw on her chubby behind, which infuriates her. But rather than be admonished by anyone who might see her attacking him directly, she runs frantically up the stairs and sulks on Amanda's bed.
When Jimini goes home, she shows her lonely side..... she wanders all over the house for hours searching for him. Perhaps she thinks she can just creep up behind him for a good swat, or maybe she is just protective.. if she could only speak...."

Monday, April 10, 2006


What event took place on today's date.. see comments for answer.. No peeking till you guess!


"8 I have set the LORD always before me. Because he is at my right hand, I will not be shaken. 9 Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices, my body also will rest secure, 10 because you will not abandon me to the grave, nor will you let your Holy One see decay. 11 You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand" . Psalm 16: 8-11

I love the Psalms. They can meet about any occasion in my life with a message. There are Psalms that support me when I grieve, when I'm happy and just want to praise God for all the blessings He gives to me, or just to read to raise my spirits when I feel low. When I'm in trouble, there is comfort and reassurance in the Psalms.
We sing the Psalms (as was meant to be done) and in singing them over the decades, the words have been bound to my heart so that I can bring them to mind in most any situation.

Good morning! Hope your day is a bright and cheery one. It should be in the low 60s today- ahhhhhh......SPRING HAS SPRUNG !!!!!!
Yesterday was a relaxing one for the most part. Wendell and I took a walk outside. Each time he walks, there is improvement- a little farther each time, a little longer walk time-wise too.
Yesterday he opted for not 'wearing' the oxygen, but carrying it with us as he walked. No shortness of breath noted. Now, THAT'S an improvement. We walk slowly, no power walking here, but each step strengthens the muscles that will enable him to return to his job in another 9 weeks and in 2 weeks, we'll be making the trip to church again, Lord willing.
He was tired after the walk, and spent the rest of the afternoon napping and restoring his energy.

Today and tomorrw I'll be working at the hospital in the afternoon. Wendell will be on his own during that time. I haven't asked anyone to come to stay with him, but he'll be able to manage alone for an evening or two.

Amy isn't feeling well - fever, aching, etc.. add her to your prayer list, if you would. She has the kids to care for and home-school. They might just have to take a sick day today. Paul is to be working and she'll need a lot of strength to get through today.

I talked to Nicki last evening- she promises pictures as soon as they get to Brendon's house.
She's headed for Chicago again for continuing treatment. Uphold her with prayer too, please.

Last evening Mandy said she and John have finally set a date for their wedding ceremony. It'll be May 5. They are taking the following week off for a honeymoon up near where Valentines live. We are so happy and delighted for them- please remember them with prayer also.

That's the news for today.... gonna be a busy week again- keep praying!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


The story is told about the lady who always cut off the end of the roast because her mother did. One day she asked her why - and her mother said because HER mother had. So the woman called Grandma to find out why SHE cut off the end of the roast and Grandma said - "because it wouldn't fit in my pan"!!!

Well, here I go again- it's another essay, I'm afraid, and this time it involves TRADITIONS.
I got to thinking about my previous post about Easter, and then began thinking of all the traditions we hold in our family.
The dictionary defines traditions as an inherited pattern of thought or action.
Passing elements of our culture down through generations.
The thesaurus gives us the synonyms- custom, practice, habit, institution.

When I think of traditions, the first thing that comes to mind is Dad. Every Christmas one of us would wrap up a very conspicuous looking package with a claw hammer inside. Dad was always losing hammers, so this was a very useful gift for him and he always appreciated them. It was after he died that we realized that there should have been 12-15 or more hammers in his shop, but only a couple could be located.
Speaking of Christmas, we have always had the usual traditions for that time of year. The Christmas tree (live or artificial) with colored lights, pretty balls, candy canes, and tinsel. It was Dad's habit, when we were growing up, to wait until Christmas Eve and then bring a tree home and decorate it while we slept. The tree stayed up at least till New Years Day, and then discarded or burned.
We always had a big meal for Christmas dinner. Dad did the bulk of the cooking for those meals- he was a fabulous cook.
Each year a few weeks before Christmas, Mom would select cards to send to all the friends and family. She did that for years until postage got so high that she couldn't afford to continue. So only the folks far away and ones she hadn't seen for a long while got the cards thereafter- and with a letter or note inside. This is now a tradition that I also keep.
It seems like that time of year, though a really happy time, also brings me winter blahs, and so I dig into the VCR tapes and pull out National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. By the middle of the movie, though I've seen it dozens of times, the tears are streaming down my cheeks and my sides are splitting from laughing so hard.. this is a personal tradition for me in the making.
One last note on Christmas traditions- I LOVE Keith's family's tradition with the Ugly Ornament Contest. I'll let him tell about it- if he will leave a comment, please?

Most of our traditions involve holidays, so I'll look at them one by one.
Thanksgiving seems to have a lot of tradition connected to it. The turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. It's always a family get together, and it varies with which family is holding the big meal. As a child, I remember that the wishbone was always removed, and later, when it dried out, we'd "break the wishbone"..the one who got the biggest part got his/her wish.. silly.
We always watched the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was a real thrill for us as kids, and to this day, I love catching a glimpse of it. When Wendell and I lived in Texas, we joined Uncle John and Aunt Johnnye for their traditional Thanksgiving feast- turkey with corn bread stuffin' and black eyed peas.
Of course it is also traditional for the guys especially to sit down after eating and watch football. Wouldn't be Thanksgiving without it.
The day after Thanksgiving is the official opening of the Christmas season shopping. I have never done that.. too many crowds. It was always tradition, however, to attend the annual Presbytery Psalm Sing. We loved that one, and though it's now on the NY schedule, we still go when we can.
The Monday after Thanksgiving was when deer season began.... Wendell and his brothers were deer hunters and they even took off school to go hunting that day.

July 4, Labor Day and Memorial days were always days we had big picnics. The cuisine was always the same- hot dogs and hamburgers and sometimes chicken. Great fun- we still do this.

New Years Day- now talk about tradition. I don't think there is one day that I can honestly say I ate one certain food year after year on the same day (other than turkey on TG day)..and that would be sauerkraut and pork on New Years Day. It was tradition for my parents and is tradition for us today. Perhaps I should rescind that remark, as I remember in Texas again having smoked turkey and black eyed peas..... they sure did love those peas!

Halloween... we had a LOT of fun on that day. When I was growing up, it was the best time of year. We'd put on old oversized clothes and big ugly boots and top it with a big dumb hat, and with a simple face mask over our eyes, would go out in the evening for several hours on several nights a week to seek 'trick or treat' from the community where we lived. Nah, we were too naive to do any REAL tricks...... though the older kids soaped windows and papered houses and cars.. It was a fun time, and you didn't have to be concerned that someone would poison an apple or put a razor blade in a candy bar. Today it's more dangerous. There are a lot of ugly people out there trying to hurt innocent children. As my own children were growing up, I went with them to certain homes I thought were safe- but then I checked every morsel they brought home looking for anything unusual. My children were limited to an hour on one night designated as Trick or Treat night by the township. Today, our grandkids want factory made costumes that are really quite expensive by times.. and then they have one night to go out for one hour usually, and they are taken only to homes where the occupants are well known. It's getting more dangerous all the time.
I think this tradition has lost it's value for fun and look to a time when it'll be illegal to do so.

Easter.....I know I let my views be known in another post... but I wanted to mention that even though I don't approve of the holiday as a religious experience, I DO love some of the tradition around it. Coloring eggs has always fascinated me. I love to do it any time, but try to find the egg colors in a store any other time. One year I stocked up on the colors, but for the most part, we didn't use them because my schedule wouldn't permit... (that's my story and I'm stickin' to it !)

Birthdays and anniversaries offer more tradition. We celebrate our family's birthdays with a cake with candles and small gift. Usually we can't afford much more and I can't remember the last card I sent for a birthday, though if you look on one of my notorious 'lists', you'll find names scribbled in so I don't forget them. Actually, we have no real traditions for anniversaries that I can think of.

In considering all the traditions, there is another area of interest to me, and that is the tradition of attending the worship service. Some attend just because their grandparents and parents attended.. so they also attend. It is the 'thing to do'. They have no real and/or deep committment to God or his Word, and are known as 'Generational Christians'. They attend regularly, receive the sacraments, participate in the social events, and even live a good life, but their zeal for the advancement of the Kingdom of God is relatively non-existant. They are neither hot nor cold. They know the scriptures, but have never been fully dependent on Christ.
Their prayer life, other than in church or at meals because traditionally the parents instructed in that fashion, remains formal, impersonal, and otherwise non-existant.
By times they live under the shadow of their Christian parents, perhaps even unaware that they are not committed to Christ, nor do they know him as their personal savior.
Here is what scripture says about them:
"So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth. " Rev 3:16
Not a pretty picture.
This sounds like a pretty negative tradition, but think about your own circumstances.. is this YOU? Are you attending because it's expected and your parents took you to church? Or is it because of your deep love for Christ, the desire to worship Him and give him all the glory?

I know there has to be a lot more traditions... maybe you'd like to leave a comment and tell us all about YOUR traditions or maybe even one you'd like to get started?
Post on bloggers!!!


We used to listen to Garrison Keillor on the radio- A Prairie Home Companion- oh, such a droll humor. Sometimes it took me a few seconds to catch the punch lines, but I laughed uproariously after.
Here is the site where you can find some of his monologues.. they are funnier in the audio version, but they still make me laugh.


There are so many good genealogy sites.. this is one of my favorites, and one I've been able to send information to. It's local cemeteries. Browse if you wish-

This is another good one- Butler County genealogy


"Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ". I Corinthians 1:3

It's a peaceful day here aside from the morning monitor demanding that Wendell weigh himself. Breakfast is over- moving right along into the day. The sun is shining and the world seems so full of life. It was 27 degrees this morning, but the promise of the local weather forecaster is a beautiful day. Tulips are starting to poke their heads up out of the ground, and daffodils too. Oh, how I love spring! - everything green- everything new again!

Wendell's weight is staying the same today- mine too for 2 days. His blood sugars stayed under 200 all day yesterday, and he's starting out with a 116 this morning.
The C-PAP yesterday was okay- not great, but just okay. He's trying. It sometimes takes time to get used to wearing a face mask blowing air at you while you try to sleep. He will attempt again today.

Amy let me know last evening that little P3 accidently touched a heater in the garage and now has a blister or two on his hand. He was pretty upset. Poor guy. These things happen, and it's all a part of growing up- I'd wager he'll not get too close to that heater again.
I hope you feel better today , P3 !

I got an email from my sister in law Mary Lou, to let us know that her brother Ed had passed away yesterday. So very sorry to hear the sad news. Our prayers to comfort you and your family are on the way. Only He can give that peace in a time when you are feeling such a loss.

When it gets a little warmer this afternoon, Wendell and I will take a little stroll outside. He tries to go out every day, but some days it's rainy or just too cold. Gotta get the muscles built up and that includes the heart muscle. Walking is THE ULTIMATE exercise for that, and it'll do us both good. (Maybe I should locate a couple potato sacks for him too??)

Easter is next Sunday. This would be Palm Sunday today. We don't celebrate Easter per se, or as the rest of the world does. I grew up with my Easter basket and corsages, and new dress for church. My children didn't get much of that. I'd changed my opinion of the 'holiday'.. it is so mercenary and leaves one bewildered and unfocused. Instead, we celebrate Christ's resurrection every day of the year. We are given the gift of eternal life if we just believe what is written in the scriptures- that Jesus died and was raised from the dead, and those who believe will have life eternally. Oh, how wonderful this Good News is for all of us!
I know I'm going to hear about how deprived my children all felt growing up when I refused to give them an Easter Basket. Well, it is sort of like Christmas- If I told you when you were small that there was a Santa, you would have been disappointed later to know that the person doesn't exist- it would have been a lie; and if I told you then that there was an Easter Bunny that brought you a basket of goodies, you would later have been disappointed to find out otherwise also- yet another lie. And then if I told you that there was a man who died and was raised from the dead.... you would likely NOT have believed me since I told you the other 'lies'.. or perhaps doubted in your mind. It was not a seed I wanted to plant. Yes, I hear you.."but Mom, it didn't make YOU an unbeliever".. that's grace.
I become horrified when I hear about children taking their Easter Baskets to have the minister/priest bless them... what is this? It's certainly not scriptural. Worldly Easter traditions have permeated our sancturaries.. the focus is NOT on Christ, but on chocolate bunnies and baskets of other confections!
I'll get off my soapbox now.

Have a super duper day, everyone.......Keep Praying!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


For those interested in history of Pittsburgh, or genealogy buffs, try this site. It's a good one!


I came across this exercise suggested for seniors, to build muscle strength in the arms and shoulders. It seems so easy, so I thought I'd pass it on. The article suggested doing it three days a week.
Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of room at each side.
With a 5-lb. potato sack in each hand, extend your arms straight out from your sides, and hold them there as long as you can. Try to reach a full minute, then relax. Each day, you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.
After a couple of weeks, move up to 10-lb. potato sacks. Then 50-lb. potato sacks, and then eventually try to get to where you can lift a 100-lb. potato sack in each hand and hold your arms straight for more than a full minute.
Once you feel confident at that level, put a potato in each of the sacks.