Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 7, 2014 Nico

 Here is our boy after 3 days.. he is very docile and yet very playful.  Mandy bought him 'Da Bird'.. and he LOVES it.  In fact, he gets it out himself and plays with it at night.

January 6, 2014 Nico

                                        Getting to relax in his surroundings

January 4, 2014.. Nico arrives..

  I wasn't looking for a cat.  JJ sent me a message that said she knew of a nice kitty- a young male- who needed re-homed.  She said he was 'fixed' and declawed, and was a sweet tempered boy.  Wendell and I talked it over and decided we'd have to purchase a litter box, food, and some toys for him if we took him in.  I didn't have a cat carrier either.. another major expense for us.  Providence, people.. the word is PROVIDENCE.   JJ said she would lend us her cat carrier to get him here.. and when he arrived, he came with ALL his earthly possessions.. a litter box, a jug of litter, a huge container of his food, and his toys.  He was TERRIFIED.  As you can see in the first photo.                                         
 I don't think he really wanted to come out of his carrier..

 He really was very sweet, but very frightened.  He growled and nipped at us.. we backed off and gave him some space.  He checked out the house...and hid under the bed for the rest of the day.
                                            JJ held him and he was okay with her.

Annabelle's birthday- 7 yr old- and Happy New Yr day!!

                                                             Joyce made Annabelle's cake

                                                   It was what was for lunch..mmmmm Paul makes
                                                   7 candles

                                          Playing Hedbanz.. a fun game..

On Dec 24th, we all joined together at Vulhops for fun and games.. and a gift exchange.. this is another annual event and a lot of fun.  Thanks JJ and Keith..
                                          Paul shared his latest Lego construction..

                                              JJ explained the stocking game.. a quarter in each toe
                                           One had to retrieve the quarters using only 1 hand. 
                                           Couldn't use the other hand/arm to help.. it was hard.
                                                    David had the first try

                                                     Annabelle cheered him on
                                             We were timed.. David finally got the quarters..

                                            Annabelle's turn..

                                                  Joyce set the new record- 6 seconds I think

                                         Another game- there are ping pong balls in that box,
                                         you had to jump to get them out the hole in the top.
                                         No hands or arms

                                                    David and I were 1 team/ Joyce and Annabelle
                                                   were another team.  P3 was our snowman base,
                                                     Daniel was the other teams.  The object was to use
                                                    all the white stuff in the bag to decorate the snowman.
                                                     That roll of TP was hard to use.

                                            Our team won!

                                         White elephant gift exchange... everyone brings a gift-
                                          something old or new.. and we go around the room,
                                         each one either chooses a wrapped gift or steals one
                                         from another person... great gift ideas this year!

                                                  At the end, Joyce entertained us all... she even
                                                played and sang a song she wrote herself.