Sunday, August 18, 2013

Campfire at Vulhops.. S'mores!

 Annabelle at the wishing well

 S'mores and watermelon
Joyce cooked her melon in the campfire..
to each his own...

JJ is 40

 Missy and David
 Keith planned a surprise 40th birthday for JJ

 Adult bevereges

 P3 in a tree.. P2 and Daniel watch

 Daniel in a tree
 David found a "butt poker"

 Jane, Paul2, Joyce, Paul3
 Annabelle and her Uncle John
 David and Annabelle building the campfire

 Amy and Joyce
 JJ's new bench

 Snack table
 I brought 'fruit kabobs'
 S'more time!


 Jane and David
 Joyce and Jane

 I crocheted a hat and scarf for her birthday.. pink- of course


 Paul 2 and Renee Mock
 Ice cream cake
 Annabelle and Aunt Amanda

Sisters.. Amanda and JJ