Friday, December 31, 2010

Just thinking about how very blessed I am, and my family too.
God has been merciful to us over this past year, provided our needs daily without fail.
1. Health.. not just my own, but Wendell too. I'm so thankful that I haven't had to add any more meds to my short med list, and neither has Wendell. In fact, Novartis is helping him by giving him his insulin at no cost now, which took a huge financial burden from us.
2. Health Insurance.. thankful that my old CPAP tried to play tricks on me so that I now have a brand new machine which will hopefully last me another 8 years. If not, I now have a back-up machine. My health insurance paid for this new one~ something I wouldn't have been able to do easily in the near future. I got my blood work done 'under the wire' today and also covered by my insurance. As of midnight tonight, I have NO health coverage. I have a plan though..
3. This year brought us new transportation- the KIA~ nice 4WD vehicle. Sometimes I miss my little Honda, but the KIA is nice, drives easily, and Wendell loves it, so that's enough for me.
More later.. next year as a matter of fact..
Christmas 2010
The Ugly Ornament Contest..

Looks like a submarine, eh?
It's Vulhop's winner this year..
yeah, it's an ugly for sure.
Zombeck's won cutest..
Not sure it's really 'cute', but
it's another winner..

This one is my entry .. I don't know..
I think it's pretty ugly..

Actually, this one looks more ugly to me
than ANY of the entries.. a Zombeck

And mine.. I bought this at Kohl's (?)
for 50 cents.. It was marked $8.. I
took it to the cashier and said "I'll give
you 50 cents for this ugly thing, no more..
take it or leave it".. they took it.

Joyce brought Apples to Apples..
It was the hit of the evening..

These are Amy's pictures from Christmas Day
at their house..


Paul, Annabelle, Joyce

Yoda.. Yoda?
Maybe the Grinch? I see some resemblance..

It's NY eve.. in a few hours, it will be 1/1/11 How about that!?
We have no plans to go out, but will likely spend this evening watching TV (maybe) and getting our tree and Christmas put away in a tub for next year. It was a lovely holiday season.
I'm enjoying my new jammies.. from hubby. And a subscription to . WOW! Nice. I hope everyone had a good season.
Today I'm doing clean up.. slowly but surely. It's not hard, just tedious. In the mean time, I've made probably THE best chicken noodle soup of all time. It's scrumptious! I'll do that again. Even hubby loved it, and he doesn't like chicken that much.
The tree comes next.. down and put away for another year. Next year gifts will be home made.. I invite my family to do so as well. We spend so much for gifts. Now it's time to go back to old fashioned gifts.. from the heart.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day 2010

I've had a productive Christmas day. And a quiet one. Tonite I've been wondering about whether I will be in church tomorrow.. I ache.. no... that doesn't even begin to describe it.. I'm in PAIN! My joints are aflame.. could it have been the cookie I ate before supper? I was so good all day.. Wendell too.. and as the evening has progressed, we are both aching and groaning.. WHY? Why on Saturday evening.. before the Sabbath?!
I pray I get solidly on my feet, and anyone reading this might pray for us also.. We desire to be in church in the morning and visit with our kids later in the day..

It's a most beautiful day today.. 23* and it's snowing. No complaints here for the moment at least.
Missing our Valentine family who will be home for the holidays. Will expect pictures eventually.. when things die down there.
Am wearing a new set of fleece jammies from Wendell.. sure did need them and they feel sooooooo nice!
Dec 25..
Birds coming to feed
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bird treats..

Today I finally put out some bird seed.. and the birds came.. and came... and came.....
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thomas snuggled into his fleece blanket
in his box on the back porch.

His box is under this old pillow case that
covers the opening so the snow doesn't
come in. I think he likes it.

What I found yesterday when I was
bringing the trash can back from the
road. The lid was open, and we had
some light snow.. those are cat paw prints,
and they lead back to our house! That
silly cat!

It's not a small trash can, but a very large
one that would be hard to get in and out.

It's official...

It's official.. winter is here. UGGH. Not really my favorite of seasons.. but I will try to refrain from doing too much complaining for the moment. It's not particularly bad out at the moment. Not much more than 2-3" of the 'white stuff' out there. It's 27* and comfortable. Birds are all over the place and trying to get into Thomas' food and water. So I tossed out some slices of bread for them and set out another bowl of water- but so far, not many takers. Hmmmm.
Looking forward to a family get together this weekend. Snacks and good fellowship. Very layed back.
Can't locate a good 'ugly ornament' yet for our contest. Gotta check out a couple places tomorrow when Wendell has to go out for a doctor appt. We have decided on a 'white elephant' gift exchange also- anything goes- some item from around the house, bought, or home made.. should be fun.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It's been a little over a month since I last blogged. Facebook is taking it's toll on my blog. I must try to keep contact better here.

Winter is here. It arrived with fury and though the temperatures are below freezing and there is snow on the ground, we are at home and cozy warm. Spring.. where are you?

Weather conditions have kept us from worship for several weeks, but it looks good for this weekend- no storms coming ..yet. I miss our church family and the teaching we get there when we can't get out. This is the result of aging and becoming more frail.

I thought this week that I might have an abscessed tooth. The pain was excruciating and the tooth was sensitive to both cold and hot. I sensed it also could be sinuses that are causing the problem.. so I treated it myself with a hypertonic solution of saline and swished and spit hourly or more till the pain subsided. Amazing. The pain lessened almost immediately and though I still require pain meds for my back, those pain meds also treat whatever pain might be lurking in my mouth also.

Christmas... package to the kids up north is sent.. and the local kids shopping is done. Not a lot, but a remembrance for them. Next year I want to do a 'home made Christmas'.
The weather forecast says no new storms coming our way.. happy happy day! So glad we can anticipate attending worship tomorrow~ one of our freedoms I cherish so.