Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Good bye February.. !!! Here's your hat, what's your hurry? Wheeee!!! Glad to see you go.
It will remain to be seen, but today is to be nearly 40 degrees, and tomorrow 52!!!!
Hello SPRING !!!! We could still have snow, but as far as I am concerned, winter is over.

I'm gainfully employed for the next 2 weeks.. no days off. I must be out of my mind. I'm already feeling exhausted after only 2 evenings at the hospital.. It was so very very busy.
So for the next 3 days I'll be at the office, and then back to the hospital for the weekend.

More later.. I have to call Joy to see how she is doing yet. That will be tonite some time.
Have a super day.. Gotta get moving..

Monday, February 26, 2007


If I had to chose "the picture of the evening", it would be this one.
I was going to post the goofy ones of Keith, but Mandy took pity and
deleted them from the camera.. there were only about 6 of them.. but then, as things happened, we got this one absolutely precious one.

This one would take 2nd place for "best picture of the evening"..
David and his Uncle John.

I was trying to get David to pose for me, and he did. My batteries were running low and the flash was slow- so when he heard the camera click, he jumped up to see his picture .. "I SEE !! I SEE !!"..

Annabelle was so serious all evening. I think there was just so much noise that she was a little taken back. Wendell says when he took her to the bedroom to change her diaper, she smiled and cooed at him and seemed more relaxed.


Yesterday we had an ice storm come through here. Paul reported really nearly nothing, Jane said she had glistening trees and bushes and maybe on her car's windshield.. but as you would go farther south and westward, the ice got worse.. John came home yesterday morning and reported horrendous roads from Cranberry to our house, and Wendell had to go out and chip the ice off the cars parked outside. It wasn't as bad as last time, but certainly not good. Apparently New Kensington got more than we did, and we cancelled our trip to church and Annabelle's baptism will be on hold a couple of weeks.
As the day progressed, the ice disappeared with warming temperatures.. it got up to 40.. we tossed some anti-skid material on the walkway to combat the ice there, and the family gathered here for cake and ice cream in honor of our grandson Paul's birthday.

The menu was pretty fantastic with barbecued pork sandwiches and roast beef with mashed potatoes and then a huge tossed salad. We had fresh fruit salad too.. It was delicious.

Saturday, February 24, 2007


12 degrees right now. We may make it to 30 later today. Tomorrow, despite the ice storm that is predicted, we should get up to the 40s.. Ah.. yes.. !!! Spring is coming.. how I long for spring.
It's cozy here in the bedroom- but I've had the little space heater going much of the night. It's temperature controlled- I set the temperature and it goes off and on keeping it constant.

  • Tomorrow baby Annabelle will be baptised. Many of the family will be in church to witness this event. How I thank the Father for this little soul who is ingrafted into His family. I am reminded of how very blessed I am. We have 8+ grandchildren at this moment- I never dreamed years ago that I could love so many little ones all at the same time. Each one is unique and has a place in my heart.

  • Wendy is 35 weeks pregnant. Pray for a safe delivery for her and baby Elijah. She feels that she will deliver as much as 2 weeks early with this one. He's a big boy. In the mean time, pray for her physical comfort if you would; she carries a heavy load that makes her back sore and she has trouble sleeping or being comfortable in any position.
  • Cory is also having myalgia/arthralgia problems.. keep him in prayer also.
  • Wendell seems to be on the normal side again as far as his GI system goes. We never know when the relapses will occur, but know that they will. Pray that the doctors will find the reason for his problem and be able to cure it if God wills.
  • We haven't called Joy to find out any news about her hospitalization. Will be doing that later today and will report back. Just pray the doctors find the source of her bleeding and can correct it.
  • Keith's Uncle Ken just had bypass surgery (coronary bypass).. doing well, but keep him in your thoughts and pray for his healing
  • Keith's stepfather is back home again and apparently doing well after his accident with a saw that took off part (?) of his little finger. Pray for healing without complication

That's it for the moment..

Friday, February 23, 2007


Do you sense God working in history today?"

O God, declare [my enemies] guilty. Let them be caught in their own traps.Drive them away because of their many sins, for they rebel against you."Psalm 5:10 NLT

A refuge to rejoice
Things didn't look good for Martin Luther when he was summoned to Augsburg in late October 1518. He was being charged with heresy.
Up to this point Frederick the Wise, elector of Saxony, had protected Luther from the church authorities, but now the prince was under pressure to withdraw his protection.
It seemed only a matter of time before he would.
In Augsburg, Luther was asked, "If the elector of Saxony abandons you, where will you find shelter?"
The Reformer responded, "Under the shelter of heaven."
In the last part of Psalm 5, we find that David, like Luther, trusted in the Lord to rescue him from his enemies.
Did the psalmist escape from the trap? We don't know, but the psalm closes with "joyful praises," because David knew that he was now surrounded by God's protection.
Like Martin Luther, he found refuge under the shelter of heaven.

Under his wings, O what precious enjoyment!
There will I hide till life's trials are o'er.
Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me;
Resting in Jesus I'm safe evermore.


adapted from The One Year® Book of Psalms by William J. Petersen and Randy Petersen,, Tyndale House Publishers (1999), entry for January 8

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I had a fabulous afternoon. Amy brought the kids over for me to keep for a few hours while she went to an appointment. She took baby Annabelle with her, but we got to enjoy her when they came back.

Annabelle is growing quickly. She's over 10# now for sure. She is quite pleasant and smiled at me over and over. For Wendell, she coos and kicks her feet while waving her arms at him. She sure is a dumpling.

The one picture I got with Daniel and P3.. I cut P3 out of when I cropped it. I'll put more pictures of him in when we do his birthday. The problem was that he looked so strange- kinda cross-eyed and like he'd been on a binge. Wendell came home and gave P3 his birthday present .. a new game for the Game Cube they got at Christmas. The boys were excited and anxious to try it out. As it was, we watched 'Over the Hedge' this afternoon.. Daniel asked me why I didn't have a Game Cube for them when they came to visit. I told him I didn't play computer games and if he wanted one while he was here, maybe he should buy me one for my birthday...
Oh.. Graaammmaaaaa !!!

The kids always get treated when they visit me. We had a big bowl of fresh strawberries, some oranges and fresh bananas.. they loved the fruit. Then we had popsicles I'd bought knowing they would visit today, and when things got to a point where David was needing a nap and started to cry, I asked him if an ice cream cone would put a smile on his face.. He immediately responded with a big smile.. and ran to the freezer. Everyone had a little cone. While they watched the movie I gave them a few M&Ms with Reeses Pieces .. yep.. they sure get their candy and goody fix when they come here.

When Papa got home from his test today, David hopped up on his knee to get his picture taken.. he's so funny..
"I see ! I see !" he calls as soon as the picture is taken..

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We talked to Wendell's sister Joy tonite. She is in a large medical center hospital. She was receiving her 3rd unit of blood in a weeks time. They know she has bleeding, but so far they haven't pin pointed it. She would appreciate prayer. I have the address for her and her phone number if anyone wants it. Just let me know.


Do you pray for local, national and world leaders?
Pray this way for kings and all others who are in authority, so that we can live in peace and quietness, in godliness and dignity. 1 Timothy 2:2 NLT
Prayers for kings and authorities
There is a reason Paul commands us to consistently pray for all of these people.
The decisions they make have a direct, sometimes lasting, impact on our life.
When the leaders of my country make good decisions, my life goes better.
When the laws they pass are sound and just, my family sleeps better at night.
When my church leaders make godly, spirit-directed decisions, my soul is in better hands. When my boss makes wise choices, the company grows and my job is secure.
When my parents handle their affairs well and stay in God's will, I can depend on the counsel they give to be solid and sound.
The strength of their character will affect our family for generations to come, so I fervently pray that God will grant them wisdom and godliness in all they say and do.
We pray for those in authority over us because it helps us live in "peace and quietness." And because it develops within us the traits of "godliness and dignity."
In many ways these simple qualities sum up the whole of our Christian witness on earth.
We are called to be peaceful people—to be at peace with God, with our salvation, with our situation on earth, and with those around us.
And we are to live holy and dignified lives—to put "aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light" (Romans 13:12).
It is through consistent and deliberate prayer—for others, as well as ourselves—that these qualities are obtained.
adapted from Embracing Eternity by Tim LaHaye, Jerry Jenkins and Frank M. Martin,, Tyndale House Publishers (2004), p 37


How can God be charge when some rulers are such tyrants?
The king's heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord; he turns it wherever he pleases. Proverbs 21:1 NLT
God's authority
God rules his creation.
Nothing is outside his authority—not even the leaders of the nations and kingdoms of this world.
No person is placed in a position of power outside of God's will. This can be a great comfort when we see leaders take over in various places, especially leaders with whom we do not agree.
So what does this mean for the cruel tyrants of the world?
It means that they too are under God's authority.
Satan may author their evil acts, but their wrongdoing can only occur within the boundaries God sets.
Why those boundaries are where they are for some nations is a question only God can answer. But we can rest assured that no power is in authority outside of God's plan.
God always accomplishes his will, even through the most wicked leaders.
God is always the final authority.

How will you pray today for the leaders of your country, as well as for leaders around the world?
Today, Lord, may I trust that you are the sovereign authority over all that happens in my nation. May I trust you, even as I work on your behalf.

adapted from The One Year® Book of Proverbs by Neil S. Wilson, Tyndale House Publishers (2002), entry for February 21


It's about 33 degrees this morning. It rained last night and there is a dense fog warning out. Hmmmmm
I'll be heading to the office later this morning, but the emergency weather says it will lift by 10am.

Wendell did well with his Endoscopy yesterday. I was able to go with him this time. (I requested a vacation day since I was the 3rd secretary again, and it was granted. ) The GI specialist says he's clean all the way. He saw nothing suspicious or out of the ordinary. He did biopsy the small bowel looking for gluten enteropathy, but as far as cancer or other pathology, he expects a negative report.

I have paperwork to do for the office today, so gotta get moving here. Have a mighty fine day !

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It's 41 degrees- the high was to be 38.. we have surpassed it already. However the barometric pressure is falling and rain/snow are anticipated for the day. I could have guessed the rain- you know the old sacro-iliac barometer woke me at 4am trying to tell me that rain is on its way. Funny how that happens.
So I made some coffee and warmed up my rice bag to put on my lower back. They both help. Tylenol is next- the big dose today- 2 Extra Strength. I should have known this was coming. The aching started yesterday.

I'm still smiling. Smiling is healthy and good for you. Even if you feel lousy, if you can squeeze in a smile or two, your whole being seems to respond positively. So I have been consciously smiling for the last half hour.
My nature is to be stubborn, and I am determined to have a good day with or without the backache.
Today Wendell goes for his endoscopy. The GI doc will take a look in his stomach and upper small bowel to see if there is any reason for his troubles he's had for months.

Since I'm up so early, I might as well get my shower before anyone else gets up.

Good news from Jeff about Uncle Bob- he's doing transfers from wheel chair to bed/chair and back. He's up and down and eating.. AMEN! Pray for smooth recovery.
The word from Irene has been positive glad to hear Aunt MaryJane is on the mend! Thank you Lord!

I was just thinking about answered prayer..and how God blesses us when we rely on him even in the most mundane areas of our lives. It was about a year ago when I decided that the family history would be better in binders (the big 3" ones) than in boxes. So I prayed about it..I asked for about a dozen big binders to help me get organized. I told the kids I was looking for binders.. but the day I got them, you wouldn't believe how many arrived.. all brand new.. free.. 3 cases! 36 binders and all 3" ones. I had gone into the office one day and out of the clear blue sky one of the girls asked me if I could use a few binders. YES! and I thought I might get 3-4 of them.. until she said there were 3 cases brought to the office- each with a dozen binders and they were too big for use there. They were left there by a drug rep who was cleaning out her garage and just wanted rid of them.
They would help me load the cases in my car if I'd take them. WOW!

I found out I have 2 6# containers of peanut butter that have he 2111 code on them. I'll be returning these to where I got them. I'm not throwing them out, they were wayyyyyyyyyy too expensive. I got them last November for holiday baking and as a gift for Isaac. Glad I didn't send it as a gift, though Wendy reports that she also had one with the code.

Have a wonderful day! Keep smiling.. you'll be feeling like singing in no time!!
Pray for us and for Wendell especially.. and the doctors who are trying to diagnose him.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Tomorrow .. in less than a half hour,, is Presidents Day. The 3rd Monday of February is selected to honor the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as a day to honor all the Presidents of the United States. It's a federal holiday and government offices will be closed.


I feel like I'm on a roller coaster.. good day/bad day/good day/bad day.. let's hope today is a good one.. Since I blogged yesterday, Wendell has had a relapse of GI misery, and my computer crashed. I had a disastrous evening at work, and today is a new day. I'm going in with an attitude that is one of acceptance of things I can't change, but I can do my job the best I can and that's it.
I came home last night to a computer that just wouldn't do anything except take me to a SAFE MODE screen and the Help and Support. I tried almost everything they suggested, and finally the little box appeared that said "We are sorry we cannot correct this computer problem- insert Restore disk". I anticipated that after yesterday trying to get it to boot up.. I copied all my photos to my external disk and hoped for the best. It was successful and I didn't lose my photos.
At 3am, I completed the Restore process and lost no files of importance. I had to reinstall my printer and several other programs, but that's about it. I'm in business again. So thankful for the Restore disk.
I think I need to be looking for another hard drive or CPU in the near future. Just in case..
I don't need a printer nor a monitor..and my keyboard is brand spanking new too.. so just the CPU.
Does anyone out there have Vista? What is it like? Do you have problems with it? Is it much different? I gotta check it out.
I'm going to need a machine with plenty of memory space.. I have so many photos I've stored and the entire family history (backed up on the external disk, by the way).

Yesterday it snowed again. Roads were a little slippy (that's Pittsburghese for slippery).. but open. I didn't have any problem getting to or from work. It was the in between that caused me stress.
Today it's blustery, 21 degrees and cloudy. Spring can't come soon enough.

348 days to retirement. Amen. I'm so anxious to get started on this new part of my life. It'll be grand. Wendell and I are planning and thinking about some long and short trips we'd like to take.
Not to mention a new home.. new beginning.

Have a delightful day.. Pray for us.. for me.. Wendell, and the family. JJ is down with sinus problems again.

Saturday, February 17, 2007




I needed to blog a little tonite.. I just got home from work.. there was good news today. I'd say it's about time.
Wendell saw the cardiologist today and he'll follow him from now on- his next appointment is in 6 months. He's doing well. Even nicer was the visit to the rheumatologist who checked out his knees and said that perhaps he could post pone the replacement of the left knee for just a little while. He thinks the knees are straight and that likely there was no damage done when he twisted the right one (his recent operative one); he's not using the cane much now, and says Tylenol works fine.
Though his GI problems are settling for the moment, he still has to have an Endoscopy done next week- Tuesday. and the HIDA scan on Thursday. It's going to be a really busy week again.
More good news.. Uncle Bob is doing well post op- and has been moved from the hospital. Jeff says they are getting the house 'wheel chair accessible' for his homecoming. How very very grand!!
With all my complaints about the miserable highways here in my county, I have to say, their work today was in a very positive direction. We never got above freezing- around 18 today- but they certainly were able to clear off Rt 8 nicely. In fact, I noted that almost all the roads are pretty clear now. It wasn't the least bit frightening to drive home tonite. There is still drifting going on, but it's not causing any major tie-ups at any point.
One more note- I had help tonite and thank Denise for staying till after 9pm to do so. It would have been a nightmare at work without her. I tried very hard to keep our charts/orders cleaned up.. we had a lot of orders tonite.. and west side had a lot of admits- uncommon for them. I took east side and was content with my assignment.

So... a page has turned. Things are moving along.. I'm noting that when I put my ticker up, it started at 368 days to my retirement.. Today it is 349 .. moving right along. Big smile here.

More tomorrow.

Friday, February 16, 2007






Charlie's girls don't want to go out of the coop. I don't blame them. I don't want to go outside either. With yesterday's wind chill index down in the minus degrees, they would be little frozen chicken pops in a matter of moments. It was cold. I know this from experience- I had to go out yesterday morning and complete the defrosting of my car before driving it to Butler. Mostly it was about a quarter inch of ice all over, but there were places (the back window) where it was over a half inch thick, and the windshield wipers were frozen in a lump of ice that I couldn't begin to measure except to say the hunks were baseball size that I chunked off.
I ran the engine for an hour before trying the second time to get the rest of this off. I finally realized that I could tap the ice with the back end of my plastic scraper, and it cracked like an egg shell.. and then a couple more taps would break it apart. You'd think this was a simple task, but it was long and tedious and my fingers became numb before I decided I'd had enough cleaning and got in my car to go. The pain in my fingers was excruciating as they began to thaw.
Now, Pennsylvania just passed a new law that all cars must be free of all ice and snow before entering a highway. We were warned to clean off our cars- the police are watching for you and the fines are steep- was it upwards of $1000? I'm not certain. All I knew was that there was still a little on the back of my car, and I wondered if I'd get pulled over because of it. I guess it's all a myth. After backbreaking, finger numbing 2 days of cleaning off the ice and snow, I found myself out on the main roads with every 5th car having only a circle of windshield viewing approximately 10" diameter.. the rear windows were the same or less, and the 6" of snow piled on top of these cars + the hoods of cars leads me to believe that the new laws are not being enforced and I wasted a lot of time, energy, and the risk of frostbite for nothing. In the 11 mile trip into Butler, I saw no police cars, let alone anyone pulled over for any infraction. Well, as I think about it, where would one pull over on these roads? They are still coated with heavy ice and snow- the plows don't seem to be doing much good and now I'm wondering if they are even applying salt/antiskid material, or perhaps trying a new type here in our county. Allegheny county roads are clear and dry.. as you cross into Butler county, they are treacherous with ice and snow. Interestingly, my patients who came from an hour north of us said the roads got bad as they entered our county. They had more snow and ice, but their roads were very good. So what's the scoop here?
I am weary of winter- all 2 weeks of it.

Wendell has gone out this morning to his 2 doctor visits- one his cardiologist for a check-up, and then the rheumatologist for his knees- also a check up. We don't anticipate any problems at this point.
I am gainfully employed today and the weekend. Not looking forward to driving into town, but have to do it.
Just 350 days till I don't have to do this any more. It is encouraging.

My cup is about empty.. I need to get a refill. Have a wonderful day, bloggers..
Pray for us..

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Seems like no sooner did Phil make his legendary prediction of early spring, than we were plunged into late winter that came with a vengence. Oh, brother.. 5 degrees, and there is a fresh dusting of snow out there. I've canceled the majority of my AM patients this morning, and provided I can get into the office, there are 3 of them 'on call' to come in this morning pending when I can get there myself. I left the afternoon session in place. Lots of 'ifs' here.

Yesterday I went out and thawed out my car. It took over an hour of running the engine and a lot of digging and scraping to remove the better than 1/4" of ice that was encasing it. The wiper blades had over an inch of solid ice frozen to them. I am hoping I don't have to repeat that this morning. The wind chill is absurd- 10-15 below zero and frostbite weather.
Another neighbor came just after dark last night and plowed us out again- this time with a highlift. I don't know who it was.. Nick uses a blade on his truck. Thank you, whoever you are.

I woke up feeling chilled this morning even though I was bundled in my nice warm comforter. I got up and turned on the little heater I'd bought just recently to take the chill off the bedroom. It works well. I've heated up some leftover coffee from last night and feel a bit warmer now.

An email from Jane yesterday brought encouraging news. She'd had a phone call from Aunt MaryJane who is finally improving after this long seige of recovering from some sores on her feet and back surgery. All her faculties were in good working condition, and perhaps this is the turn of events that will take her back home soon. She told Jane she'd spoken with Aunt MaryAnn who reported to her that Uncle Bob was doing well after his amputation this week. He's in good spirits and looking to his future with a positive attitude that is so necessary for recuperation. He's getting back to his old self again. For these things, I thank the Lord, and praise Him for his tender mercy toward my family.
Wendell and I were in church this past week. Janet was able to be back with us. How very wonderful it was to see her. She is finally on the mend. Sometimes it is so hard to be patient while our family and loved ones are healing. We tend to want good results now.
Wendell is also in a period of remission from his GI problems.. very cautiously,he's adding foods to his diet. Last night he had beef pot roast and a baked potato. So far, so good.
Now is not the time to stop praying for these folks.. keep it up. Prayer is effectual, and this is so obvious to us.
They are on the mend, but still have a way to go. Praise the Lord for his love for us and continued healing.
This morning I'm also praying, as I always do, for my patients. I pray they will arrive safely for their treatments and that it will be effectual for each one of them, and that there will be no 'reactions' or side effects to the treatment.
I'll be heading out as soon as I am sure the office will be open today- it's been closed for 2 days.

Great Value and Peter Pan Peanut Butter are on the recall.. I heard that just a few minutes ago on the radio.. it's apparently tainted and people have become ill. Check out your PB..

Stay warm, bloggers.. Smile and enjoy the day

Wednesday, February 14, 2007






Tue Feb 13 2007 19:31:25 ET
The Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building has been postponed due to inclement weather.
The hearing is entitled “Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?”
The hearing will be rescheduled to a date and time to be announced later.

Wednesday: Freezing rain in the morning.
Total ice accumulation between one half to three quarters of an inch.
Brisk with highs in the mid 30s.
North winds 10 to 15 mph...increasing to northwest 20 to 25 mph in the afternoon.
Chance of precipitation near 100 percent.


Much to my dismay, and as I'd feared, I was told to come into work yesterday morning. I had to clean off my car- the snow wasn't much, and it was powdery at that point.. so a relatively easy task. All the schools in the county were closed bracing for this storm. That had to be the best decision they ever made. The Emergency Weather Alerts from NOAA said to not go out unless absolutely necessary, to stay off the roads.
I've been getting these alerts one after the other for 3 days.
So I got out on the backroad here and wished I'd told the hospital I wouldn't be coming in. There was quite a bit of snow on our road, the township hadn't made it here yet. We are the last road to be plowed in the winter. We know that, as we once asked about it and the officials said 'when your road is plowed, the crew has made one cycle-you are the last'. Nice to know where we stand. There was about 3" of snow on the road and hard to travel through, but do-able.. after all, the other roads should be clearer.. if I could just make it to Rt 8.. the 4 lane, it would be okay. Not so, each connecting highway was worse than the last. Rt 8 was a disaster. It appeared as if no plows had been through at all. Snow was coming down.. not the fluffy stuff, but the grainy fine precipitation that looked like salt.
The average speed on the 50mph highway was 30. That was in the good spots. Most of the way, I think I was in 2nd gear and going about 20. It took an hour to get to Butler- 11 miles. Just outside Butler, before getting to the Pullman Viaduct (or Picklegate Crossing), there was a tie up stretching about a mile. Traffic was creeping along at less than a snail's pace. I assumed an accident, but when I got up to the light, I realized that it was just so icy, no one could move any faster. Driving was certainly treacherous.
On the way in, I saw tracks all over the highway where cars had gone out of control. Ominous.
I also saw a 4wd go over a barrier and stop just short of a hillside. He backed up and went back the direction he'd come. 4wd vehicles aren't much use on ice. It occurs to me that I should have done what the guy in the 4wd did, and turn around and go home.. but I didn't.. I pressed on.
Brady Street hill wasn't bad at all.. dry as toast. It would be the only street that was properly attended.
I was shaken when I got there, and then had to locate a parking spot.. easier said than done. I had to use the garage. If there were to be an ice storm, I couldn't deal with a glaze over my car in the hours I would spend at work. I ended up in the deepest spot in the parking garage.. I'd never been at that lowest level. I made a mental note to get out of there at 3:30 if they decided I couldn't go home then.
That's just what happened. When I got to work, I was bummed because they had called me in so that they could send the other secretary home on call for the next 4 hours. I would assume they just didn't take the warnings seriously enough.. I'd bearly made it in, and they were sending her home . Less than an hour later, they would call this secretary back to work on another unit whose secretary had enough sense to stay home.
However, they put the on call secretary's life on the line again.
At 3pm, I asked if there was an evening secretary.. "oh, yes" I was told.. and I was ready to go home. "oh, you will be staying" they told me.. "we are sending that secretary to another unit".. Bummed again. I didn't want to stay and risk more disaster at 7:30pm.
So I took my only break of the shift at 20 minutes and moved my car out of the pit in the parking garage. Lots of spaces now.. the daylight shift had gone home and the call offs were numerous.
I decided at that point that I would never do this again. No more driving on unsafe roads.. no more risking my life for a job. It's just not worth it.
I'll be paid for my 8 hours, but I left 30 minutes early.. again it took an hour to get home. There was little traffic.
I tend to pray a lot when I am faced with icy roads that I have to be on. I pray that God will take the wheel and drive because I can't. My nerves had been frayed by the morning drive.. but I was calmer after praying .
Again I would be traveling at 30 mph most of the way home. Rt 8 looked like a cowpath. I couldn't go any faster.. I could feel the car 'give' under the icy highway and I had to keep control.
By the time I got home, I think I should have been given a purple heart for my bravery. Or perhaps a straight jacket for my insanity. I still have a lot of mixed emotions over yesterday..
I'm not gainfully employed today.. I slept well.
Our precious neighbor Nick had been at our house with his plow. He'd cleared a path for us. And Mandy and John had been out shoveling a path from the house to the parking area. I thank the Lord for them all. I was able to get to the house without fighting the 4" of snow we'd gotten. It was sleet coming down right then.. it stung my face as it came down. Sort of like getting shot with pellets.. nasty.
So there is about 6" total snow out in the yard.. and this morning it hasn't started again yet, but there is a shiny glaze on the porch and everywhere I look....... ice. Overnight it had frozen solid.. Looks like meringue.
The Emergency Weather alerts say to stay off the roads this morning due to ice conditions.
Obediently, I'll comply.
I spoke to Wendy and Cory last night- they will be getting 18-24 inches of snow today. Cory figures he won't be in school for the rest of the week, and there is no school next week.
I think I'll get a coffee refill..
Stay put, stay warm.. pray for those who have to be out today..

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


At 6am, I noted that snow was coming down. It's not fast, but there. It's now 6:30am and I'm noting something more ominous. The wind is blowing and the snow is coming from the east. That is always the sign of severe or violent weather. I am afraid we are in for a nasty nasty storm.


Retirement can't come soon enough for me. I'm awake at 4am thinking about the storm to come. Praying over the storm to come. Trusting that it won't be as bad as anticipated, and yet praying that the hospital will not find my services necessary today and give me the day off. I'm the 'extra' secretary today. We havent' had the need for one in the past several months, but it's my turn again to take that spot.
If there is one reason to be retired, it's so that I don't have to drive in the winter again. It's many times a nightmarish experience. I don't like it one bit.

It's 25 degrees at the moment. Yesterday seemed actually warm considering the deep freeze we have experienced lately. The big storm is to move in this morning and keep on till Wednesday evening before the snow is done. The officials say we should have up to 6-10" before Wednesday night. Traveling is discouraged on Tuesday- today.
I know I've said it many times before, but February is always the worst winter month. It's true this winter for sure. I should be retired before the next one hits. It made me think of my mother and how she always said that her dad claimed that if you could make it through February, you'd likely make it the rest of the year. That was before icy roads filled with terrified drivers entered the picture. I think he was in reference to pneumonia and influenza.
One could almost figure on having all the winter in one month, noting we had really no winter November through January. Perhaps this storm will be the end of it. I'll be praying for that.

Monday, February 12, 2007


I just spoke with Uncle Bob. His surgery will be tomorrow, not today as I'd previously stated. He has a good outlook and is looking to getting on with his life without all the pain in his leg. Keep him in prayer.


There are a few prayer requests that have been given to me today...
  • Uncle Bob has had surgery and had his leg amputated this afternoon. Please remember him. The problems are not just amputation , but compounded by renal and cardiac problems.
  • Ellen Brackett's mother in law in the hospital this weekend following heart attack..she is doing well.
  • Ellen also wrote about a friend who had been in an auto accident and has a cervical spine injury with some spinal cord involvement.. add him to your list, please.
  • Aunt Mary Jane- having a hard time with adjustments to pain meds, and rehab. Thanks to Lois for volunteering to go with her.
  • And my own request- there is a big bad winter storm approaching and should begin tonite with a lot of snow tomorrow morning. I am gainfully employed tomorrow and need your prayers to get to the hospital and home again.. and also, Thursday at the office. The prediction at the moment for Butler is 4-8" tomorrow and then 1-3" on Wednesday.
  • Pray for traveling mercy for all who have to be out in the bad weather.
  • Pray for affordable health insurance for Wendell.
Thanks to you all !!


Well, it's 25 degrees.. I knew you'd all be wondering.. We are to make it to freezing today- 32 degrees.
The bad news is that starting tonite, there will be a front coming through that could dump some substantial snow on us again. UGH. Where is spring? The path of this latest weather isn't definite, but I don't like thinking about trying to go to work tomorrow in freezing rain/ice/snow/sleet.. you name it. Will it be 6" or 10" this time? I think the weather prognosticators need a new dart board.
I'm heading to the office today for a while to help and to straighten out my little problem there. I won't go into it, but I need to address it.
My day is not totally planned, but I do have some things on the agenda.. calling the insurance company with some questions, and calling my patients too for this week.
It was relaxing to be off this weekend and today will hopefully be the same.. tomorrow I'm scheduled the odd shift- 11a-7:30 pm. I don't like that takes a chunk out of my day that leaves nothing after. Usually, that person gets pulled to another department. I can deal with it.
Have a great day everyone..

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm trying to be cheerful today. Making the conscious effort. So far, so good. It was another super busy night at work, and though I was assigned the west side, I still got a medium slam for the night. Plus, since when do we have one secretary on a Friday night? That's asking for disaster. Well, that's misleading I suppose.. there was another secretary who was to be there till 8pm and stayed till 9pm to finish up. But then, I was on my own. It'll be such a pleasure to retire- what is it now? 356 days? Amen. These are days till retirement, but not gainful employment days.. those are substantially less. Amen again. Though I was annoyed last evening with the lack of staffing, I decided to do my best, plug away till 11:30pm, pack up and go home. If there were things left undone, well... they'd have to deal with it. Then every so often I'd remember that I have less than one year left to go and I won't have to take all this nonsense any more. That's when the cheerfulness came into clear view.
I signed off my last set of orders at 11:25pm and got up and got my belongings and punched out. It was a good feeling.

Prayer seems to be in order for family and friends..
Amy has been dealing with a virus, as have Rick and Sandi, and now Mandy again. It's going around. I'm about over mine now, and am thankful for that.
Remember Uncle Bob and Aunt MaryJane with their serious health problems. Pray they will both be able to be home soon and on the mend.
Keep Nicki on the list too.. .she's still making her trips to Chicago monthly for treatments..
And don't forget Wendell.. he's having a good day today finally, but has a lot of doctor appointments set up in the next couple weeks.. and will be having a HIDA scan and endoscopy too.
Gotta finish up some things here before I get too far behind.

Friday, February 09, 2007


I woke up just about 30 minutes ago. Seems to be my habit to sleep for 6 hours and then I'm up. Wish I could sleep for at least 8. I think perhaps it might help with the grand crash in the early evening that seems to plague me.
That is so frustrating when I'm gainfully employed and can't keep my eyes open or think straight for a couple hours.
Even a cup of coffee doesn't normally make it at that point. It 's one of the reasons I need to retire.
I have a pot of coffee on and in a few minutes I'll have my first's hard to wait .. but at least it's not the 30 minute wait of the last coffeepot.

I was just looking at my birthday calendar and realized that today is February 9, and it's been 30 years today since my dad, George Imm, passed into glory. Dad loved electronic things and was a television repairman for many years. I remember when he went to school to learn "color tv" repair.. it was new then.
The first personal computers were put on the market in 1977 and these could be run with your tv as a monitor screen and of course, your memory was a cassette tape.
Jimmy Carter was President that year and the Yankees won the World Series. The first MRI was tested in 1977. Tagamet went on the market and smallpox was finally eradicated on the globe except for the small amount stored as biologic weaponry.
1977 was also the year Amanda was born..she never met her Grandpa Imm- he would have loved her as he did all his grandchildren. I remember groaning about that fact one day when Wendell put things into stark perspective for me.. "My mother never knew ANY of our children". Well.. he's right.

Yesterday evening I spoke with Wendell's doctor and made some plans for his care and treatment. He will be scheduled for the HIDA scan and some labs, and also an endoscopy to look at his stomach and small bowel. He has an appointment with the GI specialist in March.

It's still early.. and perhaps if I crawl back into bed, I might sleep for a couple more hours. The coffee has been good, but I don't think it'll keep me awake this morning.
Have a wonderful day.. Pray for us.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


It seems like I'm not getting much done these past 3 days. It's certainly frustrating. I've spent much time on the phone and little on the computer. That's good for me.. little time on the computer.
But I've been spending my days trying to get information about retirement and then reports from the doctor about Wendell. I now know he has sludge in his gall bladder.. but I think they will want to do a HIDA scan before proceeding with gall bladder removal. The HIDA scan can detect other problems that might be present other than just the gall bladder.
I'm waiting for a call from his doctor today to discuss these things and how to proceed.

More later.. gotta get something done today.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Gotta get my coffee.. I have it brewing. 5 degrees this morning. I have to say, I'm consistant- I complain about the cold weather because I don't like being cold. I don't like being too warm either, but that doesn't seem to be a real threat at the moment. I overheard some at work complaining about the cold weather, but these were the same people complaining about no snow and the lack of winter a month ago.. you just can't please everyone.

Ahhhhh... my coffee is done brewing.. it's hot and delicious! The best way to start my day.

Monday I was more like a crab.. yesterday I was the perfect slug accomplishing only 2 things- a pot of coffee and a pot of soup. I totally wasted the rest of the day. I'm not gainfully employed until Friday.
Sometimes a person just has to take a whole day and do nothing. It would seem like it would be restful, but actually I ended up about as tired as if I had cleaned house all day.

I talked to Essie yesterday about her new baby brother who will be born in March. She's already really excited about him.. "I'm gonna wash him, dress him in his jammies, and cover him with my blue blanket and snuggle with him on my bed." Now, there is some excitement. "And while Mama cleans off the table, I'm gonna watch him so he doesn't fall on his head".
Essie and I discussed the weather yesterday too.. "It's sunny here," she said, "it's always sunny- the sun follows us wherever we go."
Gotta get my Wednesday list together.. the todo list. It's gonna be long..
Have a sunny day.. pray for us.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007






The news weatherman says it's 5 below zero this morning.. I'm reading minus 1 here where I am. It doesn't really matter.. It's cold. No matter.. it's cozy here this morning. Wendell has the coffee made, and I'm having my first cup.
Usually I have a mental list of things I need to accomplish for the day. Today, I have nothing on the list besides washing dishes. There are many things needing done, but my brain seems to be in 'suspend' mode for the moment.
Last summer I took pictures of the beautiful flowers in our yard/garden. The one above is a Stargazer Lily that grows behind the trailer. They were exceptionally beautiful this past year. I love flowers. Speaking of flowers, I got to work last evening and found a vase of beautiful spring flowers on my desk. I was so curious who would send me flowers. AHA! Thank you JJ.. they are so lovely, and added a much needed reminder of spring to come! I had them squarely in front of me last night. I needed a breath of spring. It was an otherwise miserable evening- the grand slam was in force, and I was at the center of it all. I believe the only thing that kept me there and not walking out was the fact that I have a retirement date that is within reach. I am looking for a smaller unit within the hospital. I am the last person left from the original staff of 5East.
Gotta get moving. Lots to do..I just have to figure out which major task to do first.
Pray for us....and think spring!

Monday, February 05, 2007


One of my favorite pictures..
I pulled it from the refrigerator this morning to scan and post.
It's Nicki and me when we were both a bit healthier




To all of you out there who were fearful that winter would pass us by this year.. 'lissen up'.. You should be dancing in the streets. Of course, you best be wearing lots of layers with hat and warm gloves.. 'cause it's REALLY cold out there! This morning it's all of -2 degrees with the prospect of 9 if we are fortunate.
I woke up this morning feeling like a popsicle.. When I turned the little space heater on in the bedroom, the temperature registered at 49 degrees.. no wonder I was shivering. I made my way to the kitchen and put on a pot of's nice and hot and warming me from the inside out.
Days like today remind me of how much I love spring.. and how I long for it's arrival. I've had enough of winter now. There is about 6" of snow on the ground and main roads are dry, though the back roads have been hit with drifting which makes driving on them difficult by times. Our dear neighbor rescued us on Saturday by bringing his snow plow over and opening the driveway. He does this every winter when the snow gets deep without us even asking, and won't take a penny. I like to make cheesecakes for those who go the extra mile for us, though last winter I'd had a stroke and recuperation was a lot longer than I'd anticipated, so he didn't get his cheesecake then. Perhaps some delicious cream puffs will be on the 'thank you' list this year too.
Nick is what one calls a good, no, make that great neighbor.
Wendell and Paul2 went to the funeral home yesterday to offer support to their barber who just lost his wife. That meant he had to take me to work and pick me up after. It was a pleasure I don't often get. I am going to try for that again today. What a treat it was to go from the lobby front door into a nice warm car to go home.
Gainful employment awaits me yet again today. I need a day off... but I don't want to do it with sick time as I had last week. I'd rather enjoy the days off.
Have a great day today.. don't forget hats, gloves and layers if you have to venture outdoors..

Sunday, February 04, 2007


BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! It's cold here. I woke up shivering.. I quickly put on a pot of hot coffee and now am seated in front of a little space heater with my first cup. Whew! 5 degrees is cold. I could use a good dose of global warming about now. I cringe when I think that the high is going all the way to 8 today.
When the wind blows, we are warned that the wind chill will dip to -20. Certainly not my favorite kind of weather.. and it's gonna be here till at least Tuesday this week. So bundle up.. wear layers of clothing and hat/gloves when you go outside. Frostbite is not nice.
Charlie will not be in church today. He'll be up all night likely .. every couple hours to check on 'the girls' to make sure they are warm enough. I believe he insulated the henhouse, but these temps are a bit much for that little building. He and Wendell went out yesterday and put a new light bulb in the well pit too. It's also insulated and the lightbulb makes enough heat to keep the water from freezing. We may have to break down and turn some heat on in the living room. We've held off for all this time, but I think it's gonna be a necessity today and at least part of the week.
It was fairly quiet at work last evening. I did okay. It was busy... but only 2 admissions all evening. It was kind of nice to be back after being off with my cold/sinusitis last week. I can't say that was pleasant days off.
Normally I wouldn't call off work over something so insignificant as a cold, but this one really made me feel ill.
Fever, body aches, and chills lasted for a long time. I'm finding that the older I get, the harder these things are on me and the slower I recuperate. I was pretty stuffed up by the time I got home. Headache plagued me and my back too. I held off taking anything for it till I got home so that I could take something stronger and sleep.
It is peculiar to me that when I'm working at the hospital, I always end up very stuffy by the end of the evening. I think it's likely where I picked up the cold. I found myself using the hand wash more than frequently all evening. I became anal about it and made a point of using it every time I got up from my desk for any reason. Well, it's there to sanitize hands.. and I did.
Wendell says he'll take me to work today and pick me up tonite. He needs the car. I don't know if he'll make it to church or not. He hates to be in the car when his GI tract decides it's time for a visit to the BR. It just won't take 'in a minute' for an answer. Though it has slowed down with medication for the past 2 days, it hasn't gone away. He had his sonar yesterday. They told him he was early for his appointment which was scheduled at 10:30. I know that because I wrote it on the top of his order sheet along with the date when I made that appointment so there wouldn't be a problem. They decided to change his time to 2:30pm, but didn't bother to tell us about it. We never would have agreed, as I had to be at the hospital at that time for the evening. They finally agreed that since he was there, they'd do it. I guess so. Someone really should get that scheduling department straightened out. We did get a reminder call that simply said 'this is B***** Hospital Scheduling. You have an appointment scheduled and need to bring your order and insurance card.' I thought it unusual that they didn't mention the day and the time and where he should go when he got there. I mentioned that to Wendell and listened to the message again to make sure.
One way or another, I'll get the results by Monday.
I need to refill my coffee cup.. it's getting nice and toasty here in the bedroom. Perhaps it's time to go back to bed.
Have a wonderful day.. Pray for us.

Saturday, February 03, 2007


The thing that is on my mind this morning is how cold it is and how cold it's gonna get tonite. It's 7 degrees right now. It may get to 19 before the Arctic Chill arrives tonite. There are advisories out for anyone who has to be outside this evening. The wind chill is to reach between -10 and -20 degrees. Now, that's cold. For those of you who love winter.. this should make your day. As for me, I'm biding the time till spring.
So much for global warming. I don't think there really is such a thing in that even scientists can't agree on the issue. I can remember as a child going out to wait for the school bus in the morning when it was below zero. On those days we were permitted to wear slacks to school. No blue jeans, just dress slacks, and those were usually worn under the skirt or dress and removed once we got to school.
We had lots of snow then, sort of like 4 years ago when we had 2-3 feet in the front yard. I also remember when our children were small and we lived down at the farm. Getting from the main road to the house often had us walking, as the road was impassable. Those days we took sleds up to the top of the hill and left them there to carry children and groceries later when we returned. We tied large boxes on them and it made life just a little more simple.. the drifting in the driveway was sometimes 4 feet.
It occurs to me that God never promised all winters to be mild or severe, but he promised that we would have winter in it's season. I've lived through all kinds of winters.. I could not be convinced that the change of tenths or hundredths of a degree in the ocean temperature is an indication of peril to our planet. Yes, we have some violent weather.. it's been here before and will come again. This is life.
As for me, I am thankful and praise God for giving us the long stretch of mild winter that we had. February is always the worst winter month. It is so today.

Today Wendell will have his sonar of the gall bladder. His appointment is 10:30 this morning. It will be interesting to see what it shows.
I am gainfully employed again today. The hospital awaits my presence later today. Check out my ticker at the top of the blog.. the days are passing..I mentioned that to Wendell last night. The ticker is an encouragement to me. Each day another day disappears and I'm one day closer to retirement. Amen.

Stay warm. Don't go out without your gloves and a hat.. wear layers and don't get frostbitten.

Friday, February 02, 2007


February brings some birthday wishes to cousins..






Today is Groundhog Day. At Gobbler's Knob in the small rural Pennsylvania town of Punxsutawney, the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil made his entrance today. If he saw his shadow, the prediction is 6 more weeks of winter. This morning there was

Thursday, February 01, 2007




It's nearly 5am..I'm up and getting myself set to go to the office again today. Long day ahead. The nice thing is that Wendell needs the car to go to the orthopedic surgeon today to get his stitches out. That means he can drive today and will pick me up at the office this afternoon. The car will be all toasty when he gets here.
It's cold again this morning, but not so cold that I can't function. 18 now with a promise of 30 as a high. Snow won't arrive till later today.. this evening. I'm going to the office tomorrow too- but just as general help.
It is February.. one year from my retirement.. and the worst month of the year for winter. It could get a lot worse before spring arrives. We'll see. Tomorrow is Punxutawny Phil's big day. Either we'll have 6 more weeks of winter or spring will arrive soon. I'm rooting for the latter of course.
This reminds me of the year Wendell and I sent Mum to California in February- late in see her brother Bob. We noticed when we arrived at Greater Pitt that planes seemed to be taking off more rapidly than usual.. and indeed they were. In the hour we spent getting her on her plane, snow had begun to fall and they were attempting to get as many flights out as possible before they'd have to close down. It was awesome watching this all happen. On the way home, it was horrendous driving.. really treacherous with new snow on the ground and more dropping fast. We got several inches in a very short period of time. Hard for the road crews to keep up.
Right now the weather seems pretty stable.. and , hey.. did anyone notice the moon last night? Nearly full. Oh, boy..and I'm gainfully employed this weekend.
Do pray for us.. we have a lot going on here this week and need support.