Monday, August 08, 2011

WOW! Canning is moving right along.. I've added pickles to the ever growing list on the right hand side of this blog.. I really have done a lot of preserving this year so far.
Charlie just brought me green beans and yellow zucchini.  The squash won't make it to the preservation list as we will eat it as fast as we bring it in.  He also brought me 12 tomatoes suitable for the window sill.. not quite ripe.  That's okay, the Z's gave us a big bowl of ripe ones, and are they good !!!! 
I've finally changed my dill pickle recipe I've used for eons.. the first batch was the last one for sure- I use fresh dill and a grape leaf or 2  with the brine.  These pickles take 2 weeks to cure.
Charlie gave me a package of Mrs. Wages pickling spices and these take 24 hours to cure and are the best ever pickles!!  They taste like a deli pickle- and Kosher to boot!!  YUM!  I bought a packet of her bread and butter pickle spices and it was so simple to make the whole batch.. and they are ready NOW.  YAY!


Jthemilker said...

If you need some dill, let me know. I planted some just for fun. I have no plans to use it.

Jemit said...

Actually, UC has been keeping me busy with pickles AND the dill...and then I moved to Mrs Wages pickle spice mix and I'm in love with it!! WOW! deli pickles