Saturday, April 07, 2012

Though I don't celebrate Easter per se.. I don't desire to be the conscience police either.  My views are just that- MY views, and if I have offended someone, please accept my apologies. 
This revelation has hit home to me as every year around this time I always post an 'anti-easter' commentary on its origins and why we shouldn't be practicing this pagan ceremony.
Now, don't get all in an uproar.  I know that you aren't doing that ... really.  Though I can't see the church supporting it, it is so much like Christmas, where you have to do what your conscience permits.
But the truth must be said at some point.  Then, if you read it, YOU decide whether to agree or not.  Please don't get your hackles up because its what I think.
I recently ran into this on Facebook where a young punk... er... young man tried to make all people educated to the origins of Easter and threatened them with Hell if they participated in any degree.  He said 'I've trained my kids too, so if your kids come home and call you a liar, change your ways ...blah blah'.. you get the picture?   Not once, not twice, but a myriad of times this man has been trying to beat anyone and everyone into submission.  It's so sad.  When I approached him about the lack of love and humility, he took his frustration out on me.. that's when I wondered if perhaps "I" had done this to any of my followers.. I certainly hope not!  Out of curiosity, I went to his wall page and discovered a wealth of such 'beatings' and offending Catholics and anyone who dared comment about his lack of love.  Not a good witness for Christ.. I sure wouldn't want to belong to his church if that's how they act.  WOW!
Enjoy your fun time with your family and kids.. keep the Sabbath and let love abound.

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