Saturday, September 07, 2013

IMM Reunion 2013- Down on the farm

 Paul Blair built a hay wagon and transported it to the reunion

 Our own Imm chicken had eggs for all the kids with trinkets
and candy inside

 The traditional "Guess how many" game

 The hay wagon had steps so that everyone could get on
 Paul 3 going to put the milking cow together.. I missed
a photo of her once she was put together

 Joyce, Annabelle, & Amy

 Drew put the refrigeration table together- it worked!
 Drew helped Paul with the hay wagon and refrigeration
table.. we made him an honorary Imm for the day- he fit right
in and folks said they didn't recognize which cousin he was,
but he 'looked' like an Imm and never questioned it
 Kids eating on the hay wagon

 You can see the Allegheny river to the right of the red van..
It's a long way down over that side
 Sherry and Bill tried to get a fire started.. 
We really missed Charlie this year


 The traditional game of Bingo
 Betty and Jim
 Watching as someone selects a prize from the table

 Barb and Marilyn

 Leslie, Denny, Marilyn
 Leslie, Denny, and Jane
 Packing up for home
What a fun day!  The Chinese auction was so good.. lots of items and baskets for auction.  It was a hit.
Our family has the hosting responsibility for next year.. Need suggestions for a theme..

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