Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Feb 2017 Valentine visit-family fun

The Valentines came for a visit in February.  We decided to have a family fun night at the Zombecks.  It was so much fun.  We played the saran wrap ball game..everyone a winner!

                                Paul3 Blair, Isaac Valentine, Asher Valentine, Gayle Valentine
                                              Gayle V, Esther V, Wendy V, Jane Imm
                                 Cory V,Gayle V, Esther V, Wendy V, Jane I, and Lily Dunn
                           WendyV, JaneI, LilyD, Daniel Blair, Annabelle Blair, Joyce Blair
                                 Annabelle B, Joyce B, and her fiance Josh Geisler, David Blair
                                                Keith Vulhop, Amy Blair, Paul Blair2
                                                Joyce unraveling the saran wrap ball..
                                                                      Daniel's turn
                                                 Cory getting ready to steal from Gayle

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