Saturday, January 21, 2012

I got up this morning to about 5-6" of new snow.. it was more than beautiful.  I decided to just take it easy today and do a few  chores rather than try to do a lot.. so...
I baked French bread- 3  loaves came out perfect.  I took photos, but will post later.  This past week I've tried whole wheat and rye bread.  I am so used to our oatmeal  bread that I forget there are other kinds of bread out there.  So it's been a week of firsts.
Hoping to be at worship tomorrow.  John plowed out our driveway and I cleaned off the KIA.. Now, we just need good weather in the morning....
Looks like a chance of rain on Sabbath... hmmmm
Lunch was fun.  Wendell asked for an everything omelet.. so I filled a skillet with eggs and proceeded to load on as many veggies as I could.. then cheese and some hard salami cut in teensy weensy bits... that's 6 different cheeses ...  and tomatoes, onion, mushrooms.. it was huge- take my word for it.  I cut it in half for the 2 of us and ended up tossing a bit of mine- It was just tooooooooo  much.  I sliced up the end of the one loaf of whole wheat and , well... we were full to capacity.
Tonight we shall have home made chicken veggie soup again, but this time with the french bread on the side... oh.. yummy!
Thomas is doing well with all the wintery weather.  Not many cats have a 2 bedroom apartment to keep them cozy and protected from the cold.  Half is insulated and the other has a cozy little plush cushion with sides thanks to Carlow and Cricket.  We take him fresh warm water every couple of hours and then take his food out for 15 min or so that he can eat without other animals disturbing him. 

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