Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yesterday was like a marathon.  Steady running for hours at a time.  The good thing is that it was payday and Wendell and I went out for breakfast, to the Farmer's Market, stopped for ice cream at King Cones, Sam's Club, Dollar General.. and that's when he got sick and I had to take him home before finishing.  That was okay- the car was overloaded at that point and all that was left was the supermarket and refueling.  Hubby was sick the rest of the day and ate very sparingly.  He's fine now- back to normal. 
I'd unloaded all the stuff we bought before and then I took off to refuel and do the supermarket.   We now have enough supplies to last us another week or two- fresh veggies, fruits.
So we are to be blessed with snow again.  The prognosticators say 1-3"... that always makes me laugh- why not up to 3"  .. 50% of the time they are right..
I do appreciate knowing when a storm is coming through however.

Today I made rye bread and a meatloaf.  The rye is good.  I gave Charlie a loaf and he gave me 3 dozen eggs in return.  You gotta love barter.  Tuesday I'd made whole wheat bread- quite good.  Chicken is in the oven and will be done in 20 min or so.

I'm working on DVDs for our families.  Right now I have the first one done- called : Simply the Best- Older generations.  It's a  compilation of as many photos of my mother's generation and ancestors before her set to music.  It came out okay, but on this next one called "Simply the Best Cousins", I'm getting much more creative. 

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