Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm all messed up today.  I can't seem to get myself in gear and already it's 7:30pm- I feel like I just woke up, though I've had no nap today. It's a frustrating feeling.. like I'm so behind, but what to do first.???
Supper tonight was awful by my own estimation.  Poor Wendell had a burger which for some reason was very hard and hard for him to chew.  ????  What was worse, I pulled a piece of cooked chicken out of the freezer and nuked it only to have it cook so well that it clanked on my fork when I tried to cut it!  UGH.  I don't like days like this.
Last night the power went out due to the winds.. it was  like a hurricane out there.  Unfortunately, it went out before I had supper started.  I was baking bread and had finished washing all the dishes and then.... nothing.   My first thought was 'oh, NO!  My bread!!!!!!'.. but wait- we have a gas range that works very well without electricity.. so I pulled some fish out of the freezer and some frozen veggies and potatoes.  It was a most delicious supper by candlelight  :)  
The grandkids were to come to stay with us for a few hours that night, but I had to cancel that visit because they wouldn't have enjoyed themselves without being able to check their email or play a few computer games.
I have to admit, there was that desire to just go and sit in front of the pc and play a few games till the power came back on.  :)
I couldn't get the Nook to work either.. oh, yeah- the WiFi works on electricity.. well, duh.
It was about 6:15 pm when the power returned, though West Penn Power said it would be midnight before we got it.
One of the problems with power outages is that I use a C-PAP and it definitely uses electricity to operate.  I cannot sleep without it, as I become apneic quickly as I go into a slumber state.  I wish they made a battery to use when this happens.

So it's a snowy day, but better days are coming for sure. 
Needing eggs.. need to take brother Charlie some bread.  :)  I love barter.

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