Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just a note here to complain.. you may be guilty, so stick around.  These things cause me to cringe like a fingernail on a blackboard.
People don't spell gud.
It's just that every day I see these horrific, and yet simple, errors in spelling and usage...seems the more educated, the worse the problem...
Like "to", "too" and "two"
two is easy.. it's a number.. more than one, less than 3.. got it?  Okay.
"to" is a direction .. going 'to' the store, I'm going 'to' make a sandwich..
"too" is an adverb and it says 'how much' and 'also'
I'm making a sandwich too.  It's too big for one person...
It makes no sense when someone writes 'I'm going too the store' unless you are also going to the store.  "My sandwich is to big'...tells me nothing..   Or 'Can I get one two?'..

That being settled.. let's move on to "YOUR", "YOU'RE", and "YORE"... Seriously.. I can't take it any more..
YOUR is possessive.. your boat, your coat, your cat...
YOU'RE is a contraction = YOU+ARE...
You're going to the fair.  You're having a picnic.
It makes no sense at all to write 'You're boat is in the water'... you have just written YOU ARE BOAT IS IN THE WATER.  DUH!
YORE.. well just learn the other two and all will fall into place.

The word 'definitely' is a problem everywhere.. I see it written usually by very educated people as 'definately'.. and that is definitely wrong!  Gimme a break...

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