Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Okay- it's that time of year when I get on my EASTER soapbox.. I have borrowed this article from another thinking Christian.. CK, and appreciate his input.. well said, brother.

Those who love truth learn to ask questions, and many questions must be asked regarding the holiday of Easter. The truth is that Easter has nothing whatsoever to do with the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We also know that Easter can be as much as three weeks away from the Passover, because the pagan holiday is always set as the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.
We know that the Bible tells us in John 4:24, "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship Him in spirit and in truth." The truth is that the forty days of Lent, eggs, rabbits,hot cross buns and the Easter ham have everything to do with the ancient pagan religion of Mystery Babylon.These are all pagan rituals and antichrist activities!
Satan is a master deceiver, and has filled the lives of well-meaning, professing Christians with idolatry. These things bring the wrath of God upon children of disobedience, who try to make pagan customs of Baal worship Christian.
You MUST answer for your activities and for what you teach your children.
These customs of easter honor Baal, who is also satan, and is still worshiped as the "rising sun" and his house is the "house of the rising sun."
How many churches have "sunrise services" on Ishtar's day and face the rising sun in the East?
How many will use colored eggs and rabbit stories, as they did in ancient Babylon?
These things are no joke, any more than Judgement day is a joke. I pray you do the research and that you all may be convicted by the Holy Spirit!!! If your church is hurting... spiritually, growing, financially, and your celebrating easter and you do so every year... and the big question you keep asking Why? Why doesn't this or that happen, why won't the church grow, why do so many leave, why don't we have enough finances to keep going; it may be time for a change... a changed mind (repentance), to seek and teach TRUTH!!! I've done my part... now its all on YOU!!!

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