Sunday, July 08, 2012

 July 4 birthdays for Joyce and David... Kids brought quads..
Annabelle loved it.. she told me that at home she isn't allowed to operated the quad herself.. but here we have a lot less trees and pretty open space.
 David assured me he had a wonderful birthday.. especially when quad #2 showed up.. just his size. 
 Joyce got a cruising bicycle.. a beauty for sure
 Here comes Daniel on the quad.. he needs a helmet.
 Water battles ensued... it was sooooooo warm that day!  The water was cold and felt good as it splashed around me .. and , oh yes, the "accident" John had with the hose.. Really, John, it felt great. :)

 Joyce made her own cake from scratch this year.  It had excellent flavor and the texture was that of a scratch cake.. really excellent!
 David's cake.. super duper chocolate.. oh, yum!

 Okay, now time for flying the planes...
All in all, it was a great day.. wonderful food and the fellowship among our family was the best... lets do it again...

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