Wednesday, August 22, 2012

end of July and August 2012

It hardly seems possible that it is already near the end of August.. where has the month gone?
 The first Saturday in August is always the Imm reunion.  There weren't a lot there this year, but we enjoyed getting to know our cousins so much better.. this is Karen and Jeff who traveled all the way from Maryland to join us for this one afternoon.
 Food was terrific.  Charlie had the bonfire going and baked chicken over it, corn on the cob and hot dogs of course..
Plenty of food to go around..
 Paul and kids brought out the train again.. this time with 5 cars..
 July .. the Valentines came to visit for a few days, went to the International RP conference in Indiana and returned for a few more days with us..
 Great Aunt Jane and Isaac..
 Gayle V
 the Z's.. Amanda and John
 Elijah V
 the Three cousins.. Isaac, Daniel, and Paul
 Asher, Wendy and Cory
 Jane, Charlie, me.. we all look a bit zapped I think
 the grandkids slept in a tent in the front yard so they could spend more time together..
 Gayle is very talented...
 my grandaughters: Esther, Gayle, Joyce, and Annabelle
 my grandsons: front: Paul, Daniel, Isaac, Asher
back: David and Eli
 the whole Motley crew... love them all
 I promised them that if they took one good shot, I'd let them do their wacky thing.. and so they did..  lol
 the Blair kids brought 2 quads and their RC car..

 Asher V



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