Monday, January 28, 2013

Charlie's birthday

Why do I feel so behind?  I'm retired but have my fingers in so many pots, I can scarcely keep up.. I've been into making DVDs for our family.  The most recent is for my brother Charlie.. His birthday is today, so of course, I made him a movie of pictures I have in my possession.  He sure was a cute little guy..  I called the movie "Chuddy-Chuck-Charlie-my brother" .. I took it up to show him today and he seemed to enjoy it all.  I also took him a couple of sweet rolls.. filled ones with cream.  I think he liked it all.
I didn't stay long.. but we watched 2 videos and then I felt so sleepy, I decided I'd better head on home.  I have a minor cold and it makes my teeth ache.. I was starting to not feel so good.. 
It's a rainy rainy icy snowy day today.. and not bad temp wise- 45*, better than 1* of yesterday morning.

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