Monday, January 28, 2013

LOVEY and me.. hehehe

 This past week I went over to Vulhops to await the arrival of their new sofa.. They have 3 kitties.. Wizzy,Crystal,and Lovey aka Kitler.  I no sooner walked in the door but Lovey made a leap from the floor onto my chest and up onto my shoulders.. AACCKKK!  

 I was trying to read my book and slipped the camera out of my pocket and began to snap some photos.. She moves around a lot looking for a comfy position..

 Wizzy sat under the Christmas tree which is shedding pine needles while awaiting planting when the ground is workable.  He looked like he was part porcupine..

 It was at this point that lovey climbed up on my chest, fanangled her way up to my neck and promptly fell over sideways into my face.  I was laughing hysterically while trying not to make any loud noises to awaken Keith who was sleeping in the next room.

The new sofa arrived.. well.. that's the BACK of the new sofa.. it's very beautiful and soft.

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