Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have been such a busy bee today.  Yesterday I bought strawberries at Sam's Club and this morning I added 8 more jars of sugar free freezer jam.  Oh.. it's soooooo delicious!
I also bought 2 more London Broil roasts and our total is now 17 jars of beef to the pantry.
So our list is on the right hand side of this column-> but I'll still write in our totals here.
10 jars ham
5 jars kielbassi
7 jars sweet Italian sausage
19 jars chicken

I am so glad we bought that canner when the kids were small.  I love canning and wish I had more meats to continue.  I may add some cake if things get too quiet here.  :)
I have a recipe for canned butter, but it's tricky and requires a lot of stirring and watching.. and you have to buy oodles of butter to do maybe not today.  I did get extra butter buds and added that to the pantry.
I'm looking for a new/used pantry cupboard for our bathroom~  I'd like it to have large shelves and doors that can be closed. 

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