Thursday, April 21, 2011


I listened to a man today discussing the coming monetary crash in the US- it's just a matter of time he said.  It's that our currency is going to be eliminated- it's already nearly worthless.
The man made a lot of sense really.. and one of the things he suggested was to have enough food and supplies for at least 6 months.. so I hope we will not need our pantry supplies- we don't have much.
Wendell and I have talked about this on various occasions.  What would it be like to wake up tomorrow morning and have no "conveniences" of this century?  Oh, wow.. it's staggering to think about living back when our parents were children.  No running water, no electricity, no car- horse and buggy, growing your food, finding milk wherever you could.
I asked what he'd miss most~ TV- I should have known.  I chose running water and toilet tissue.  I don't cherish using newspaper or an old Sears catalog :)
All of our seed for our little garden this year are heirloom- I'm going to can as much as we can grow other than what we eat fresh.
Sure wish we had a solar generator- they are a bit expensive for us yet.

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