Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Having one of 'those days' today.  No sleep last night, and feeling nauseated all day today.  I'd blame some of this on the Glucerna I drank late last evening, but also illness contributes to high blood sugar- I was 169 this morning.
I managed to take back the dolly I bought a couple of days ago.  I struggled to get it in the car after the purchase, then when I got it home, I tried to move some groceries with it, and noted it wouldn't move across the hard wood floor.. ugh!  Both wheels were flat.  I asked Paul to bring his compressor to inflate the tires, but when he looked at it, he said it was missing bearings.  Ugh! again.  So today I loaded up the dolly and got the receipt ready and headed out to the store where I bought it.  The stock boy unloaded it from the car and went to find another dolly to exchange.  They had none of the one I bought- 600# limit.. but for $5 more, I could have the 800# limit.  He checked the tires for me and they were inflated.. and then he loaded it in the car for me.  AMEN.  I had to go to Butler for one of my scripts, and as I drove down the road, I noticed the light for the back door was on.  Good grief!  So I pulled off and closed the back door securely.  I could just see me driving down the road and the back door opening and the dolly rolling back down McBride Hill all by itself!!  Acckk!
I made it to Sam's Club and got the strawberries I needed to make jam.. but before I got through the store, nausea hit and I felt so flakey, I decided to get out of there as quickly as I could and go home.
Happy to have a working dolly, I pulled it out and loaded a case of water on it along with a case of Glucerna.. and promptly dumped them both on the walkway- upside down of course. 
Like I said, it's been one of those days..

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