Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good things are happening.. we are encouraged.  When we got the call from Wendell's doctor that his diabetes was out of control, I knew there was something more than that wrong.  For he was eating everything I was eating and my blood sugars were normal and his were flying high.. ridiculously high.  So I called for a new endocrinologist .. his other one moved to Chicago.  They started out by saying that the earliest appointment would be some time in January 2012.. ugh.  I explained his dilemma to her and she agreed he needed seen sooner than that, and then gave him a cancelled appointment for today.  They told me the average time to get his old charts has been weeks..but to try to get them if we could before his visit.  So I called his PCP for records.. she called me back within an hour and told me I could pick them up, and that she'd been able to retrieve his old records from his endocrinologist also, those that were said to take weeks to obtain.  I had everything ready for today 2 hours after I'd called for the appointment.
It was such an encouraging appointment.  The one thing that the PA caught right away was that hubby was and has been giving himself his insulin in his anterior thigh multiple times per day for years, and all that tissue is scarred and useless for absorption of insulin.  
Bottom line.. split the insulin dosage into 3 equal doses per day and change the injection site.   
Lunch glucose was 113
Supper was a beautiful normal 87
Looks like it's working just fine.  AMEN and thank YOU LORD!!!!! 

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