Friday, September 02, 2011

I really enjoy canning season.. though my family would probably say it's never ending for me.. but at the end of summer when all the produce comes in, it's time to hit the canner hard.  I'm so thankful we have all kinds of ways to preserve foods.
Today was a canning day and I'm so exhausted.  Wendell offered to make the trip to Long John Silverfish to get supper .. what a guy!  Or maybe he realizes he was going to get a sandwich if he didn't do something quick.. :)
Today I started with about a half bushel of tomatoes that Charlie left here 2 days ago.  Yesterday was shopping day, and they held very nicely.  9 quarts of stewed tomatoes and 4 pints.. Wendell and I want the pints, but these other tomatoes go to JJ and Keith.  Charlie says he has enough for this season, but more tomatoes are coming.  If they arrive here, I'll can juice.
I bought concord grapes yesterday at the Freedom Market near us.  This morning I made them into jelly- 10  half pints and 2 half pints of sugar free.  There was still juice left, so I made 2 pints more of the sugar free stuff.  Sure tasted good on the spoon .. mmmmmm
I also bought our 3rd half bushel of peaches yesterday.  They are just so amazingly delicious.  So I made 3 pints and 6 quarter pints of SF peach jam for us.  With so many peaches remaining, I processed 19 pints of SF peach slices and 2 quarts.  WOW!  It is no wonder my feet and back ache.
Canning is great- I highly recommend it.  In the winter, we'll not have to run to the store every week for supplies.. it's right on the pantry shelf.  I'm looking for a shelf unit, by the way- somewhere to put all the canned stuff.
I think the sense of accomplishment is the best part of canning.  I stand back and look at the bounty of delicious foods that are now safe to put on the shelves.. and smile.
Next will be more grapes and APPLES!!!!!   Apple butter, applesauce, and dried apples are fabulous!!  I want to try canning apples for pie making- SF, of course!  
Gotta take a rest....  

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