Monday, September 26, 2011

It's been a few days since my last post.. in that time, I have weighed in and lost a total of 22# - YIPPEE!
Charlie has brought me a watermelon that weighs 50#
I bought 2 bags of MacIntosh apples and have made a beautiful apple pie tonite.. YUMMEE!!!
It's raining.. looks like it's mighty heavy in Beaver Falls.. I saw a note from LS that said they could actually tube down the street!  That's a good bit of water.
Wendell is now scheduled to see the new endocrinologist on Wednesday.  They originally said there were no open appts till Jan 2012.. and then when I explained his blood sugars were dangerously high, she put him in a spot where someone cancelled.  Everything fell into place like clockwork- Thank you Lord for watching over us and providing for us yet again.
Looking forward to the Valentines visit this weekend.. spaghetti is on the menu for Friday night. 

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