Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sister trip

What a great day Jane and I had on Tuesday.  It was a fun "sister trip" to our old home town New Kensington.  Jane needed some work done on some shoes, so we decided to expand our trip and visit the Plum Creek Cemetery and also the Hankey Church Cemetery.  Lunch was great!  Thanks, Jane, for a wonderful day.

Leila Grace Binder was my mother's sister. 
She married Edward Binder and died of colon cancer-
she was only 50 yr old when she left this world.  I don't know
where Uncle Ed is buried, but I don't think here at Plum Creek.
Right next to Aunt Gracie's marker is one for their baby daughter,
Beryl Jean who died at 1 day old.  Very heartbreaking.

This marker is also for my mother's sister, Vida Marie Leah, and
her husband, Joseph Leah. 

Ruth Hartge Menk was married to my mother's cousin,
David John Menk.

Clyde Menk was only 23 when he died.  He was a very
troubled soul and took his own life.

Ninnie Connor Menk was David and Clyde's mother,
and the sister to my grandmother Best, (my mother's mother)
And Yes, her name was Ninnie.

Clyde Menk was Aunt Ninnie's husband.

Uncle Georgie, my mother's brother was injured severely
during WW2.  He never married.

This is the marker for my maternal grandparents, Clarence and Mamie Best.

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