Monday, June 11, 2012

I am trying hard to understand this today.  I normally make the coffee the night before and in the morning I push the 'on' button and in a few minutes, have my first cup.  Not so this morning.. I discovered a pot of hot water as I had forgotten to put the coffee in the basket last night.  Ugh.  So I dumped the hot water and replaced it with cold, put the coffee in and went to check my email.. 10 min later, no coffee.. I made a mental note to be sure to push the 'on' button for coffee.
Finally I got a cup, had devotions, went for the warmup cup and stepped on the front porch only to see that my nasturtiums have little white insect eggs on them.  I got the Seven and dusted the flowers carefully.. so far so good.. till I set the can down and a cloud of Seven dust rose up and over my coffee... back for cup number 3, but have only had 1 cup so far.
Praying there is reason for all this so far today.. must get washed and dressed.. looking to a beautiful day .. and ways to serve Him better.

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