Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 June has been a wonderful month so far.. today is the 20th and is also the 14th Wedding anniversary of Cory and Wendy Valentine.  Tomorrow marks Wendell and my 43rd anniversary.. time flies when you're having fun.. 
Anyway.. here are the June photos.  The one above is a solitary wasp on my marigolds.. they are non aggressive and actually eat aphids, so they are welcome on my plants.
 Last week Amy,Annabelle, Amanda, Joyce,and I went shopping for Joyce's birthday.. She loaded up on some new duds.. and this week is off to summer camp.  This particular photo was taken at Eat N Park where we had lunch..

 Monday morning.. daybreak.. the sky was exceptionally beautiful at 6am...

 I'm having a seriously rough time with my flowers.. the deer ate this stargazer lily.. all the buds gone.. I have one remaining plant now and though I desire for it to bloom, I'm not going to sweat over it.. if the deer nip it.. so  be it.
 My little garden.. zucchini, tomato, and nasturtiums along the bricks
 An onion ball...
 I bought extra gladiolias this year.. and planted them along my little garden in the concrete blocks..

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