Friday, June 22, 2012


 Summer is a great time to be outdoors, but when it gets too hot, indoors is best.  Thank you Lord, for central air conditioning.  We are well provided for.
One of the things I like to do is read.  Wendell gave me a Nook for Christmas and I'm using it to the fullest I can.  I also have other books to read, but right now I'm reading 'Fox's Book of Martyrs' which I highly recommend to all Christians.. and non-Christians as well.  One word of warning- it's GORY and will make you  cry.
The one thing that stands out most to me is the willingness that the martyrs had to go to the gallows or to be murdered for the sake of Christ.   The book is about the inquisition, the papacy and what they did to pious non-offending populace.  The horrors are listed.. and they get worse and worse.   I pray that if I should have to endure the persecution for the sake of Christ- what I believe- the truth of the gospel, that I would be as brave as these folk were- even the youngest children who were martyred.   
My other thought is that I believed that we live in a day of the utmost evil, but I'm not so sure of that since reading this book.. or is it that I live in the comfort of the USA and am just not aware of the severe persecution of Christians around the globe.
I believe that what I consider my own persecution is nothing more than an irritation compared to what these people not so long ago had to endure..
So.. I do advise whole-heartedly that all would read this book and have your blinded eyes opened.
Do you know the details of the Inquisition?  Who were the main characters?  Why did they do what they did?  Who was the real author of the Inquisition?  Does it exist today?

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