Wednesday, June 20, 2012

 Other than the field of potatoes, this is our garden so far.  It has tomatoes in the pools, herbs on another pool.. in the black plastic are more tomatoes and lots of zucchini and peppers.. as well as flowers.   I have no helpers with this project, so don't judge me too harshly..  :(  

 For days Wendell has been watching the hummingbirds.. and was certain he knew where the nest was.. Good eye, honey.. It was exactly where you said it would be.  I took the first picture zoomed in as far as I could.. that nest is golf ball size and quite high up in the tree.
 Here is the nest cropped as far as I could with my camera...
 One of our wrens on their way to the birdhouse and a nest full of baby wrens.  Thomas tried to 'meet' them a few days ago.. was reprimanded for his rude conduct.  He never got to the babies,  but truly, that was his intention.

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