Friday, June 03, 2011

I really LOVE flowers.  I've got a ton of impatiens to plant.. doesn't look like I'll be making it to the cemetery in time to plant them there.. they are needing planted now desperately.
So this morning I started planting them in the holes in the concrete blocks around my 'chicken run' garden.   Then this afternoon I put the Topsy Turvy tomato plant up on the chicken coop.  It was Wendell's idea.. and I think it'll work.  I got the 2x4 up okay, but I notice it's not quite straight.  :( ugh. 
I watered the goose berry bushes this morning- they never looked better.  I'm proud of them- I planted them by seed this spring.
Lots to do, but I am not feeling the best today.. I may take a break from planting for a while and drink some raspberry ice tea with lemon.. thanks John and Amanda for the tea!  It makes very good iced tea.

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