Monday, June 27, 2011

It's been a rather busy day here.. I've still got laundry to finish, but the mowing is well underway.  Trouble is, it's so bloomin' hot out, I can only go for 10 min and then have to take a 30 min break!!
It does look better out there though.. I'm making progress.

Wendell saw 3 deer looking over our baby watermelon plants this morning.  He said he jumped up and clapped his hands, whistled, and yelled at them.. they simply looked back at him like he had lost his mind.. and slowly ambled to the edge of the woods.   I laughed, but only until one of them stood right near my chicken run with new plants all over... I did the same thing Wendell did.. with no influence whatsoever!   Now, if you want them to come near, you have to stay perfectly still and quiet.. but today, they are ignoring us like we were  a couple of paper dolls.   Accckkkk!
More later...

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