Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Saw the doctor yesterday.  I've got a UTI and now am on an antibiotic.  He thinks that's what's made me so sore and ill for the past 2 weeks.  Other than the soreness and illness (nausea mostly), I had NO other symptoms.  In fact, my urine specimen of yesterday looked clear as a bell and light yellow- who would have guessed there was a problem there?  But there was, and after coming home and taking the first doses of the meds he gave me, I took an hour nap and felt wonderful when I got up. 
He also noted with me that I needed to increase the Metformin for my diabetes- so today we start 2 500mg tabs per day- one in the AM and one in the PM.  Hope this helps.  I've lost 17# so far since February 10th, just following the diet.  My A1c was lower, but still high at 6.4- high normal is 5.8, but he says I'm still doing very  well.  As for my soreness, he says we'll deal with that when the UTI is under control and see how much soreness there is after that.  I must say, I have less soreness now, not even 24 hours since the first dose of antibiotic.
It's a very warm day today and an AQA day today.  That means I need to stay inside as much as possible, though I plan to go to Keith's game tonite.  Hopefully air quality will be in a better range for breathing by then. 
The rain of yesterday morning has made the garden so beautiful.  Thanks to the Blair kids- Joyce, Paul, and Daniel- who joined me on Monday evening to put in about 4-5 dozen pepper plants.  I never could have done what they did for me.  Thanks to you all- and Amy too for bringing them over.  They super soaked the plants for me and then the rain yesterday, a steady soaky rain, was the icing on the cake.  The zucchini is up now and looking healthy.  I just looked out back in time to see a deer directly behind the garden- I'll have to get the garlic out again to deter them... maybe plant some mint out there too. 
Repotting herbs so they can grow better before I put them in the flower garden .. maybe tomorrow if the AQ is better.
AC is running frequently- I sure hope it's as energy efficient as they claim.  The next electric bill should tell the story.  We have the temperature set at 76 which seems comfy to us. 
Lunch time here.. maybe a garden salad?  Lettuce and onions are ready..

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