Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's garden time!!  Charlie brought about 40# potatoes to plant here as well as his favorite hot peppers.  I gave him my tomato plants to grow up at the White house.  If they all grow, we should have tons of potatoes, peppers , and tomatoes to can, dry, or freeze.. and to just eat! 
My chicken run garden is coming along beautifully despite the mini critters that have ripped out my lima beans over and over.  I don't care much for lima beans, so the remaining 8 plants should be plenty for us.  I still have more to plant.. asparagus beans for example.  The peas look great and the green beans are about 6" now.  I'll soon have to get the strings up for them to climb.  The yellow squash is up!!  No sign of the acorn squash yet, but it's not been that long.  My cukes are up too.. the animals must have missed them ;)     I noticed the dill weed I planted in a concrete block is just getting started too.. the garlic is abundant... hope my family likes garlic..
My 2 little tomato plants and the 7 sweet and red peppers I planted are looking awesome.. as well as the onions and the lettuce and radishes.. moving right along..
Tonight I planted zucchini .. and then 6 gooseberry bushes.  I hope the berries make it.  They were so very small, but the bugs seemed to be bothering them, so I put down a piece of landscaping cloth and cut holes in it to receive the plants.  Hopefully the bunnies and deer won't bother them- they are covered with cayenne pepper.. :)
And finally tonite, my dear little houseplant from Sandi and Rick got repotted in a huge pot outside.  I can't think of the name of the plant.. :(   Inside the house it kept developing yellow leaves no matter what  I did to help it along.. so we decided to give it a spot on the deck in a hanging basket.  After 24 hours on the deck railing, the dear little plant spread itself out and the leaves look happy again. 
Topsy Turvy is a dumb idea.  I spent the $10 for the bag, so I'm going to definitely do this .. but I've already lost one tomato plant in it , so we are going to change our strategy..
I'm weary tonite.. need to eat something so I can take my med for diabetes.  I'm just not hungry. 
We went for supplies today and groceries too.  I'm so longing for some strawberries.. I think we'll go to Sam's club tomorrow and see if they have some good looking fruits/veggies.
I got sausage rolls for us today and we made our own hoagies for lunch.. yummy!

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