Friday, May 27, 2011

It's a humid day.. but comfortable.  This morning I checked my beans and peas.. they are UP!  About an inch up out of the ground!  My perseverence paid off.  Yesterday I lightly watered them, and last night we had a dribble of rain.. today I watered them once again.  They look beautiful.  
No sign of cucumbers yet.. I put 2 pans in the chicken run and dumped in some soil.. and some yellow squash and one with acorn squash.  I had the leaf lettuce seed and radish seed in my pocket, so I spread some of them over the bed in front of the deck.  I took a handful of potting soil and dropped it in a concrete block.. watered it, and dropped in some dill seed.  Mmmmmm.. I can almost taste those pickles already.
Wendell is at the doctor today- endocrinologist PA.  He likes her and she treats him very well.  His records were already at her new office when he made his appointment.  He's back in the donut hole with insurance again, and we got hit with a $420 bill for one month of insulin.. that doesn't cover his other meds which are nearly as expensive.   the PA will get him started on a program again where he can get his insulin free from the drug company.   Pharmaceuticals aren't all bad.

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