Tuesday, May 24, 2011

whining- sorry

I suppose this will be my last attempt at any kind of garden.  So sore I shake with the pain in my back.  It is agony by times.  2 hours sleep last night, I made it till a little after noon and dropped onto the bed and slept the day away.
One of the problems is that I believe the chipmunks are digging up my peas and beans.  So today I covered them for the 3rd time and then sprinkled baby powder on the rows.. hoping Jerry Baker knows what he's talking about.  Actually, he says to put it on the seed/bulb before planting them.. but this is the best I can do without replanting the whole thing yet again.  UGH.
The Topsy Turvy tomato plant is up on the deck.  Thanks to John who came over last night at the exact moment I needed help to put the screw in the roof of the deck.  I had to water it tonite.  I can't tell you how hard that was- I had to climb a ladder to get up to it's level, then stretch out with half gallon jugs of Miracle Gro water.. it strains my back.  But it's done.  Maybe by the time summer is over my muscles will be fit.  That, or I'll be in a wheelchair.
Longing for a cookout.  This is Memorial Day weekend.. feeling sad.

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