Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It may sound like whining to YOU, but to me it is a reminder of the frailty of mankind.. when I have aches and pains, I remember how great Heaven will be with no aches, pains, no sadness, no misery!  James was right- "consider it pure joy" and rejoice!

Got my blood work done this morning.  Am praying my A1c is within normal limits.  It should be- I have been good..  I've lost 17# and that means I haven't been cheating ..........much.  

Today I was ill- nausea high on my list of complaints..and then the back pain yet.. still..   I got a call from my doctor's office to tell me I could pick up my script for pain meds .. and he increased the dosage, so hopefully this will help.  I think it has, though I'm still sore after planting 7 pepper plants and 20 shallots.  I covered one of my kiddie pools with black landscapers cloth and cut holes in it to accomodate the peppers I grew from seed.  I'm proud of my accomplishments there.  I also planted 2 more tomato plants in addition to the cherry tomato on the deck in the topsy turvy planter.  One is beefsteak tomato and the other is Amish paste tomato.  I just pray they grow.. all were again , started with seed here at our house. 
Earlier today I put my nasturtiums in a hanging basket and then put a screw hook into one of the rafters and hung it up.  Nice!  I have another basket to hang, but it's going down to the chicken run- it has sweetpeas cascading over the edges- all plants grown from my own seed here. 
So, I'm done for today.. it's been about as much as I can do to get these plants in before Memorial Day.
Supper is on.. tonite's fare is sweet sausage sandwiches with red and orange peppers and sweet onions.. yummy!

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