Friday, May 13, 2011

I finally bought 3 small hanging baskets for the back deck.  I've planted Impatiens in each of them, but have to get 2 more hooks to be able to hang them all.  I'll take photos later to share.  Once those impatiens take off, they will be dramatic.

It's a muggy day.. 77* and I can hear the thunder rumbling, though it hasn't rained yet today.  That's all right, last evening we got 2" easy.  It was so beautiful to sit on the back porch and enjoy the rain coming down in the dark..(aside from the dusk to dawn light)

Later.. we had a beautiful rainstorm this evening.. delightful!  I got one hanging basket up.. am going to have to get some hooks for the other 2.  Not a big expense unless you count the gas to go to the store to purchase them ! 
It's muggy right now and I've turned on the AC to try to get us down below 84* inside.. it's quite nice outside- cool , but still muggy.  I suppose it could be worse- snow , ice, etc.. so I'm not complaining.. just stating the facts.
I think the chicken run vertical garden is gonna be really nice!  I can hardly wait to get started.  Once the fence is done and secured, the next thing is the landscape cover.. then the seeds can go in.  I have lots of beans to plant and I think they will do well.  All our seeds are heirloom this year so we can dry them later and collect them to plant next year.  YAY!  I always wanted to try them, and as I understand, they are actually better for you than the genetically engineered hybrids. 

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