Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy 5th Commandment day..

It's been a quiet and peaceful Sabbath.  Mother's day as well as a day of worship and rest.  My kind of day. 
Thanks to all my children for the beautiful things with which they gifted me.. all different and all wonderful.  Thanks to the Zombeck's for the Diana ring.. it's sooooo beautiful.. and to the Vulhops for the beautiful shirts- I needed some new ones, and these look like they will be nice and cool for summer!   and the Blair's .. thank you for the priceless canning jars.. a well thought out gift that I appreciate so very much since I've been trying to can as much as possible.  I think soup will go in these jars. .  yummy homemade soup!

Last night Wendell spotted the first ruby throated hummingbird.. so I quickly set up the feeder and hung it on the back deck.  Tonight the little rascal returned and fed himself for quite a while.  Beautiful creatures!

I've been drying foods as well as canning them.  I have dried orange zest (remains to be seen how this works in recipes), apples, mushrooms (I got a quart dried!), onions, carrots, and strawberries.  Unfortunately, the strawberries must have been too thick or maybe just too old, but I lost most of the tray to mold.. :(  That was the only loss I've had so far, so it's not that bad.  I dried about a cup of chives and have a nearly full 12 oz jar of dried oregano from the front yard patch.  Can't wait to expand this herb drying.. it's really been a hoot.
I never had time to do these things before.  I just feel a need to try things that I've never done.. and so far, so good.  It's not for everyone, you know, but for those of us who find joy and a sense of accomplishment, it's the bomb!

The best news of the day was when I hopped on the scales this morning and noted 16# of weight loss!!!! YAY for me!!!  Slow is better.  So far the pounds have come off very slowly and I haven't gained any back.  It hasn't been hard either.  I just stay on the good foods diet for my diabetes, and it just *happens*. 

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