Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Food in the pantry

Canning gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.  I think it's one of my favorite things.. Today I decided since I bought my first real water bath canner, that I would try butter and cheese.. one pint of each.. and my butter came out looking like the above photo.. I hope it works and stays sealed.  The cheese was cojack and is in a solid mass in the jar- I think it worked.. time will tell. 
Monday I found a fabulous sale on chicken- so I bought enough breasts to can , and then I got 9 thighs which I used 5 to make into soup today.. veggies and broth.. really tasty. and put some thighs in the freezer to make more later.  I have 5 pints chicken veggie broth in the pressure canner right now.  We don't care much for the dark chicken meat, so I removed it.  Tomorrow I shall tackle the breasts and get those preserved also.  It feels good to have food in the pantry.

On Monday afternoon the Zombecks went fishing.. tonite we had the 4 rainbow trout that they caught.. oh, so good.  I appreciate the fact that John guts them and takes the fins, heads, and tails off.  I don't think I could do that..
Last night we went to Keiths softball game.. we watched him cross home plate at least twice and he can really hit that ball far and away.  Trouble was, they had fielders who were really good at catching them in midair.. bummer..  great game, Keith.. it made for a special birthday for him when they won the game!!  JJ, Wendell , and I were the only spectators.. we wrapped up in blankets to stay warm and had the best seats in the house!! 

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