Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My dried strawberries were kind of a disappointment.  1/2c dried with all the time, effort and money put into that batch to lose half of them just was kind of a downer.  However, that is not discouraging enough to not try other fruits or foods dried.
The carrots I used to dry were baby carrots I had bought at the grocery store in a large bag.  I just didn't know if they would dry before rotting or not.. but they came out perfect!  I'll use them in soup this winter.  Hopefully I have them dried enough- they seem to be like little wooden sticks, so that should do it.
Now I need some shelves on which to place my beautiful canned and dried goods.  I think I 'll check Walmart for more of those black bookshelves- they seem to have the right depth.
Yesterday I got jars/rings/lids and some pots and pans from the Zombeck's basement.  I spent the entire day washing every piece individually.. I found boxes of Ball seals which I carefully unloaded from their boxes and sanitized, rinsed, dried, and put in a new box.  It feels good to have accomplished so very much.
Now to find places for all the jars- oh, boy....
There are so many little jelly jars, I think I'll have to make 'real' jelly to use some of them.  So family, name your favorite jam or jelly and I'll try to fill a few jars for you.  :)
I think I shall waste the rest of the day in mindless activity- I seem to be struggling to concentrate today.


Wendy said...

Red Raspberry....its the best!

Jane said...

The strawberry was great! Can you make sugar free raspberry? I remember the flavor of those berries was soooo good!

Jemit said...

Yes.. if we get red raspberries there will be jam/jelly made. Sugar free also..yummy!