Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I am so thrilled.. 12 more pts of chicken in the canner!  So far I've lost only one quart of anything I've canned and that's because I used a funky lid- it was yesterdays soup broth, and today we are having chicken veggie barley soup for lunch.  So no loss at all.
I have a bag of onions to can also- sweet onions - 10# pressure for 20 minutes in pint jars.  Yippee!!
I also bought extra potatoes and am going to try to dry them- wish me luck ;)... though I have NO belief in luck, I've never tried this before and I think it should be fun. 
I just took out a cup of dried chives, and there is a tray of fresh strawberries in the oven too.
I'm outa control!!

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